10 Crazy Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

10 Crazy Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

10 Crazy Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life – Are you just a little bit more crazy than your average couple? If you are and want to open up new amazing doors of pleasure then it’s time to learn these 10 ways to make your sex more intense. I’m going to show you everything you need to know about building up sex to the point where you’re both left fully satisfied and wanting more. This is unreal and will amaze most people who try it. – Remember that sharing is caring. – Comment if you need any more advice or have any more questions after you read this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Crazy Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life


#1. Start By Getting Some Couples Sex Toys

There’s some absolutely amazing couple sex toys out there and if you open your minds up to them you can completely change the way you have sex. Most men let their fear of being replaced get in the way of trying new sex acts/toys and this same fear is what stops you from being the best she’s ever had.

If you’re clever you’ll get yourself a few sex toys that just improve the sex you’re having just like these sex toys below:

These three sex toys are all any couple needs in order to feel amazing. You’ll be so surprised with what you can achieve by using sex toys just like the ones above.


#2. Answer Some Of The Naughty Fantasies

Take a second to workout what some of yours and your partners sexual fantasies are and once you find them give them a try. Some people have a fantasy about car sex, others love the idea of sex outside, some want to try a big sex toy and some people even enjoy anal sex.

Find out what your partners sexual fantasy is and then give it a try. You can both take turns trying them out and making sex more kinky.


#3. There’s Always Time For Sex, Even A Ten Minute Shower Is Enough To Have Orgasmic Sex

People often use the excuse that there’s no time for sex and I beg to differ, there’s always time for sex, whether you quickly jump in the shower together and have a quick 10 minute thing or whether you have some fun right before bed. Either way you should always make sometime for the sexual part of your love.


#4. Be More Naughty With Sex Toys

You don’t just have to stick with couple sex toys. You could always try an anal sex toy? :O Maybe something like a butt plug? These are really orgasmic and make sex much more enjoyable.

I’ve never met a person who used a butt plug properly who didn’t enjoy it. Just get yourself a beginner sex toy that’s a little bit naughtiest than normal and see how it affects your sex lives.


#5. Try Anal Play, You Never Know You Might Enjoy It

I’ve brung up anal play a lot this article and it’s because a lot of couples never unlock this enjoyable experience.

If you’re open-minded looking for something enjoyable to try then anal play is the way to go. You don’t have to go straight in with a penis, but the occasional finger is going to heighten the pleasure you’re having.


#6. BDSM Can Sometimes Change A Relationship

IF you like the idea of being controlled or being in control then you’ll love BDSM. It’s the perfect way to give your partner stimulation and have fun.

You can start with light restraints, then add a blindfold then maybe a light whip or some bondage tape, then add things at your own will.


#7. Experiment With A Sex Position Book

Aren’t you sick of doing the same-sex positions every time you have sex? For some long I was bored. Then I got myself a book called the Kama Sutra ;). This book changed everything. I picked one sex position every other week and we’d just master it and we wouldn’t move onto another position till we finished learning that one.


#8. Make Yourself Want Sex More

You have control over how much sex you have and you can start wanting it more by having it more. Start teasing, stimulating and pleasuring your partner more often, what you get back from doing this will be so worth every second.


#9. Create A Sex Bucket List

You can either buy the sexual bucket list or you can create your own sexual bucket list with your partner and have fun with it. See what it’s like. Just add 50 – 100 things that turn you and you want to try. Then spend the next few months trying to tick off the list, you’ll usually spend a few years ticking away, that’s how you know you created a good list of naughty things.


#10. Sex Challenges To Put Your Sex Life To The Test

I often tell people to create their own sexual challenges, ie: Have sex as many times as we can this month (keep track), then see if you can beat your own personal best.

You’d be surprised how much fun this is, you can try having sex 5 times in one week, then try 6 times and keep going up til you’ve reached your limits.

See, what your score is and remember to have loads of fun while doing it, you’ll be amazed at how much it can change your sex life.


10 Crazy Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life – Sex is something that can completely cloudy our judgment, it’s similar to the emotion anger, but a lot harder to live with. Believe it or not but people have a harder time being lustful than being angry, so just be sure you’re great in the bed, that way you can be a dick or an anger producing person without ever losing someone you love. – Sharing is caring. – Be sure to share. – Comment below if you’re got anything to add to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.
10 Crazy Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

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