10 Easy But Effective Ways To Increase The Chance Of Getting Laid

10 Easy But Effective Ways To Increase The Chance Of Getting Laid

10 Easy But Effective Ways To Increase The Chance Of Getting Laid – We all know that having sex is sometimes a task that feels like it might never happen again, sometimes you hit dye spells that just leave you update and annoyed with everyone bad everything. I’m here to show you how to make 10 changes that will result in getting you laid in a really quick amount of time. These 10 ways are tried and tested, so as long as you follow exactly what I tell you you’ll be able to do amazing things. As long as you give it a try to are open-minded you’ll be well on your way to getting laid a lot more. – Sharing is out of this world, so once you’ve got the help please share. – Comment below for more advice on sex and sex tips. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Easy But Effective Ways To Increase The Chance Of Getting Laid


#1. Dress Sexy, Feel Sexy

If you feel great, people around you will see you’re great. If you want to get laid more you need to wear clothes you feel awesome in, get a new outfit, where everything is how you want it to be.

The better you feel, the more chances you’ll bag a women. I always tell men that it’s what they feel the best in, that’s what makes them pull women.

For example: If you wore something Russel Brand does then you’d probably feel out of your comfort zone and a little silly, but if you wore something of he’s and loved it, you’d look and feel incredible.

You do have to have a little style, but after that point it’s all how you feel in yourself.


#2. Go To The Right Places

Location is important, if you’re a good pick up artist you can work your way around any location, but most men aren’t this skilled and are usually trapped inside their own head. So, instead you can place yourself in the right location, these are great for confidence building, for example party holidays are a great location, everyone’s there to have fun and is out of their social environments and day-to-day lives.

This makes it much easier for them to shut their minds off and do things they wouldn’t normally do. These party locations are the best place for men, with low confidence to start.


#3. Treat Like Advertising: Online Dating

If you had a product that you were trying to sell, how would you sell it without telling one lie? Get on online dating and sell yourself.

Most men go, yuk… Online dating! There’s no way I’m going to do that… Well if you really want to get laid every night then online dating is a must, you need to jump on sites like OkCupid, Plenty Of Fish and Match.com.

Then sell yourself like a product, you’ll be getting dates left, right and center. This sounds crazy, but it gives you a massive advantage, because if you’re a young lad, then you’ll attract hotter women who’re not able to get out and into a new social environment.


#4. Get On Social Media

Social media is the biggest dating network in the world. More people meet people on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr than anywhere these days.

Get on social media and start having some fun, don’t take anything to seriously and always have more than one women on at a time, this way you won’t get connected to any outcome, with any one women. This is how you stay one step ahead of the game.


#5. Offer People for Coffee

One of the best ways to get a date is to go for coffee, going for a coffee date is easy to arrange, non threatening and a lot of fun.

You don’t have to worry about other guys making a move on your girl and you actually give yourself an opportunity to gain her trust, if you’re clever and confident you can move this to sex.

To do that you’ll need confidence and to show her your exact intentions. Meaning if you’re just having a laugh, talking and treating her like a mate then she’ll start acting like a mate.

This is never going to get you laid, instead go in for a kiss, flirt, touch and keep moving closer, gauge her comfort zone and react accordingly.


#6. Be Confident And Honest

As I keep saying “Be confident” women need a confident man, you’re never going to pull a girl with kindness, unless it’s out of pity. Instead you need to have the confidence to show her a good time.

Honesty is the second best act. When you’re honest she’ll meet you with honesty. I find that when I’m honest and answer the questions she has then she opens up and becomes more trusting of me.

This doesn’t mean that you should tell her everything, if she asks if she’s a one time thing then never say yes or no, just make her feel like she’ll have to wait and see.


#7. Get More Same Sex Friends

You need to go out more, the more you go out and approach women the more pleasure you’ll have. All you need to do is go and have great fun with your mates, women get massively turned on at this and will happily open you, if done right.


#8. People In A Relationship Get Laid More

If you really want lots of sex then you may be better of getting into a relationship, people who’re in new relationships usually bang a lot, like you can bust 10 nuts per week, if you’re close and find each other sexually attractive.

This is way more than you’ll get on the streets, picking up women.


#9. Go To Conventions

Going to events is a great way to meet same minded people who’re in an environment they feel safe inside, this is perfect for newbies and people looking to get a date with someone they really find attractive.



You need to be approaching as many women as you see, the more the better. Whether they’re hot or not you need to be speaking and interacting with everyone, this will boost your confidence a massive amount.

10 Easy But Effective Ways To Increase The Chance Of Getting Laid

10 Easy But Effective Ways To Increase The Chance Of Getting Laid

10 Easy But Effective Ways To Increase The Chance Of Getting Laid – IT’s not hard to get laid time and time again. You’ve just got to get what you want written down and start working for it. Most men are just happy to get sex, you need to not be, want more for yourself and you’ll get it. – Sharing is caring. – Comments are always welcomed so be sure to comment below if you’ve got any advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Easy But Effective Ways To Increase The Chance Of Getting Laid

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