10 Fantasies You Need To Try Tonight

10 Fantasies You Need To Try Tonight

10 Fantasies You Need To Try Tonight – Are you a kinky person? Well Fantasies are always the best way to kink up your sex and with the right fantasies you can literally change the way you have sex tonight. I’m going to give you 10 of the best fantasies that will make tonight’s sex purely orgasmic. You’ll need to read all of these fantasies in order to find out which one turns you on and makes you feel naughty about your partner. I love number #5 and #7, tell me in the comments below, what your favorite fantasy on the list is. – Sharing is caring, be sure to share this article after you’re finished reading it. – Comment below if you’ve got anything to ask or say. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Fantasies You Need To Try Tonight

#1. Taking Work Into The Bedroom With An Office Romance Role Play Scenario

There’s nothing more hot than getting a sexy little number like this and then having the man dressing in a nice suit, even a casual suit with a nice pair of jeans and a shirt. Decide who’s going to be the boss and then make the fantasy come to life. It’s as simple as that. You’ve just got to work out what you find hot and go for it. I personally enjoy, being the boss and having my partner dress up as a secretary, nothing to naughty, I like it to be real, this adds extra heat to the fantasy.

Tip: Do each fantasy twice, the first time can be what the women wants from the fantasy and then the second can be the man’s turn. That way you get the most out of each fantasy.


#2. The Fake threesome Can Be Extremely Exciting

Woo, there’s something about having a fake threesome that’s orgasmic. You can either get a suction dildo or a sex machine to add another cock to your sex life, just let your partner take the dildo while she takes you in her mouth. Or you can get a male masturbator and have your partner sit on your face while using the toy on your length. Either of these is orgasmic, you can play with them as much as you want, it’s the perfect way to experiment with a threesome without actually having one.


#3. Shhhh, We’ve Got To Have Sex As Quiet As Possible

There’s definitely a turn on to having sex as quiet as possible. Act like there are people in the room next to you and you’ve got to both get yourself off as quiet as possible. Have sex in the spooning position, that way you’ll be able to pretend you’re cuddling if anyone comes in and be sure to believe the situation yourself.


#4. It’s Time For Her To Take Control

A lot of men secretly want women to take full control of the situation. I mean do all the work ,decide the positions and be in full control, there’s something about a woman who takes control and does what she wants to get herself off. I always think it’s extremely hot when a girls on top trying to get herself off. Even if she’s not caring about my pleasure. This can go both ways, the female might want you to take full control of the sex.


#5. Anal Sex… It Had To Be On This List

Easily #1 fantasy/fetish for the majority of the dudes out there. It can be thrilling to play out this fantasy. If you don’t mind trying something a little different then this can be the perfect way to go. You can ether start with a sex toy like a butt plug and then build up to beads and finally the penis or you can just try fingers and then the penis. I personally recommend the butt plug.

Once you allow your man to try anal stimulation you’ll open up a load of fantasies that can be tried.


#6. Lets Go For A Walk With My Butterfly Vibrator

Wow… This feels AMAZING! Get yourself a butterfly vibrator and go for a walk or a car drive. This isn’t really a fantasy, but it does allow you to answer fantasies like sex outside, the feeling of being naughty and having no one else around you know and just the fun of orgasming while on a car ride.


#7. Role Play Having Sex For The First Time (Condom On)

Go back to the start and role play being a new couple. You just need to look at the guide to roleplaying cheating, it will teach you exactly how to make sex feel new and naughty. Go and take a look and see what you think about it yourself.


#8.The Bigger The Better, Try A big Sex Toy

Get a big dildo and try something that will really fill you up. You can even try the new man fantasy with a penis extender. Get your partner to buy a vixen penis extender, this will add inches in size to length and girth and it’ll also reshape his penis making it a lot more orgasmic for you. It’s just like having sex with a new man, if you’ve got an imagination it can be a very fulfilling experience.


#9. Bondage Can Be Extremely Naughty

Get yourself a bondage kit like this one and let yourself into the world of Fifty Shades of Grey sex! Exciting, fun and definitely different from what you’ve tried before. With the Fifty Shades of Grey movie about to release it’s safe to say that this fantasy will definitely be making its way into the bedrooms of a lot of lovers.


#10. How Many Times Can You Have Sex In One Night Challenge

Are you as young as you used to be? Can you do it more than 2 times in one night? Well it seems that the more you have sex in one night the more intense, messy and naughty it’ll get. Most couples give up after the first lay, play out the fantasy of being young again and having sex multiple times in one sitting. ;).

How To Have The Best Wank Of Your Whole Life

How To Have The Best Wank Of Your Whole Life

10 Fantasies You Need To Try Tonight – Wooo… Are you ready for some great sex tonight? You really should be! Some of these fantasies may be a little hardcore for some people, but still amazing. Just be open-minded and be sure to give them a try, it really will change your sex life. – Sharing is caring, be sure to hit them lovely share buttons. Comment below if you want to say or ask anything. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Fantasies You Need To Try Tonight

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