10 Foolproof Ways To Meet A Girl

10 Foolproof Ways To Meet A Girl

10 Foolproof Ways To Meet A Girl

Want to know how to meet a girl and start a relationship? Well I have written down 1- foolproof ways to get a date from a girl, this should help you meet and get a date with the women of your dreams or close, these are just the ways I know and I’m sure they will be even more if you go looking, these really are great ways though and I do recommend doing them. If you need any more help then just send a message or comment and I will try to help you out. – Sharing is caring so remember to hit the share button below. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog

10 Foolproof Ways To Meet A Girl

Date site/s

A dating site is probably one of the best ways to meet someone, it’s quick and easy and doesn’t take to much work, you’ll know what you’re getting into and it’s less awkward than some of the other options that we have.

All you have to do is use a site like POF which is free and you’ll be able to start meeting people, this will make life easier on you and it will take some of the pressure away from meeting someone in a bar.

Go and check our tutorial on dating profiles here

That will tell you have to make the perfect dating profile. – 10 Foolproof Ways To Meet A Girl.


This is one of the best free ways to meet a girl online, just go to a forum that you enjoy and find a girl with similar interests, make sure you skype before you meet just because you might end up meeting a weirdo.

Be careful and make sure that you always meet in a good area, this is a good way but does have some dangers, it’s the same as using something like craigslist to meet someone.

You’ve got to take your chances.


This is one of the more common and normal places to meet a girl, you’ll see that most of them are very chilled out and as long as they are not in a relationship it will be quite easy to meet them and have a chat.

There not always going to like you and that’s just the way it is. This is the kind of place you go with mates in mind and then maybe end up having some fun with a girl. The girls you meet in clubs might not be the best to go out with and might end up doing you wrong.


You can always have a chat with a girl in a bar. It’s a little easier to talk and it won’t be as bad as a night club. You’ll be able to have nice chats and maybe try your moves a little better.

This is usually a good place to bring a girl after you know her to meet properly, it’s more normal and it will help you out with getting to know her. This is the 10 Foolproof Ways To Meet A Girl and hopefully it will teach you something.

Blind Date

A blind date is always an amazing way to meet someone, it’s a little awkward and I wouldn’t recommend it for finding the one, but if you just want some fun and want to try your luck then it will be a good idea.


Facebook is the number 1 dating site for young people right now, it really is where it’s happening and as more people use it to date it’s getting even better. Take a look through mutual friends without partners and maybe add some of them, explain who you are and see how it goes, it’s not hard. You can even go through your friends and see if there’s anyone you like the look of, if there is then try them and see if they are your cup of tea.

Remember talking to 10 girls on facebook will end badly and cause problems.


One of the best ways to get a girl who will be into the same stuff as you is to get a hobby, go and try an activity like dancing or gym class, anything that you can see girls going too.

Take up a few, maybe 3/4 and then when you find one with women you can stop the others, this will make sense and help you enjoy yourself while having a nice time.


A party is a great way to meet someone and have some fun, and meet some people. Most relationships happen through party’s and it’s because you get to meet new people, in a non awkward place, and can talk without loud music, it’s all the winning keys and can really help you meet someone.

You do need to put on your best outfit and make sure you’re ready to have a laugh and not be up tight.

Singles night

Places like bars, clubs, and restaurants sometimes hold singles nights, there a great place to meet someone and have a laugh. If you bring another friend and just chat up some people, you’ll soon realise that it’s a really good non scary vibe.

You should definitely bring a friend though.

Friend of a friend

Asking a friend is a really good idea when it comes to meeting someone, ask around and you never know they might have a friend that’s perfect for you this is probably one of the easiest ways to get set up and have a girl. Just be confident and try your best.

10 Foolproof Ways To Meet A Girl – See it’s a little easier right? Well doing this really will help you meet a girl in record amount of time and it will stop there from being a a problem. Just do the one that suits you best and you can always configure it to make it work even better. It’s a really win, win. – Sharing is amazing so please remember to share as much as possible. – Comment below if you’ve got anything to add.

10 Foolproof Ways To Meet A Girl

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