10 Foreplay Tips Gay Men Need To Try

10 Foreplay Tips Gay Men Need To Try

10 Foreplay Tips Gay Men Need To Try – The build-up is always more intense than the actual sexual pleasure. That’s why you need to learn how to give incredibly hot foreplay that’ll leave your partner moaning for more. If you need that little extra push just to get the sex really going then you’ve found the right place. Today I’m going to show you everything you need to know to become a sexual beast in the bedroom. This really is all you need to know in order to have amazing sex. – Sharing is caring, so if you enjoy this article then please share. – Comment below for more advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys.

10 Foreplay Tips Gay Men Need To Try


#1. Get Some Deep Throat Spray

Deep-throating a penis can sometimes be hard, it can be awkward and isn’t as easy as people may think. I recently invested in some deep throat spray and it was incredible to use. You just spray it on the back of your throat, wait a few minutes and it just desensitizes that part of your both. It makes it easy to deep throat and takes away the gag reflex.

I use this deep throat spray as it works the best for me and tastes the nicest, but you can use whatever brand/make suits you best.


#2. Don’t Forget The Massage Oil And Lube

There’s nothing quite like a good massage, who agrees? I do!! Have a slow build-up of a nice back, lower back, thigh and butt massage is something that I can’t deny my love for.

If you’re looking for a few foreplay tips then you can’t go wrong with an x rated massage.

You can also treat yourself to some nice lube, so you can make the massage just that much more naughty with the power of a cheeky finger ;).

I use this anal lube and so far I’ve seen it works amazing for me.


#3. Sex Toys Can Change the Foreplay Process In A Great Way

We all love a little sex don’t we? If you’re a little bit kinky like most of us then you’ll love sex toys. I really make the most out of sex toys and as a foreplay increases I really recommend one of these sex toys:

Getting any one of the above is a great way to improve your sexual pleasure while in the foreplay stages.


#4. Build Up Is Everything, Try Tease, Pleasure And Stimulate Your Partner With As Much Build Up As Possible

Try being a tease with your partner and do your best to pleasure and stimulate your partner in loads of different ways.

I love to take full control and tell my partner to allow me to do anything on their body, then I use my mouth, hands and fingertips to drive him crazy.


#5. Learn To Use One Tool On Your Body Perfect

Look, you’ve got four tools on your body and you need to learn to use one perfectly. This could be your hands, mouth, penis or butt. You only need to perfect one of these sexual organs to be incredible in bed.

Once you work out what’s more important than have some fun while you learn how to use it like never before.


#6. Watch Porn Together

Have you ever tried taking turns picking porn and watching it together? This is something I had a lot of fun with a few years ago. If you’ve got a sexually open partner then it’s a fantastic way to open up a new part of your relationship. It’s hot to sit and masturbate with someone and watching porn actually makes the mood and energy just right.


#7. Try New Positions And Try And Find One That Works Best For You

Get your hands on a gay Kama Sutra and start practicing some new sex positions. Doggy style is fun, but after awhile we all love a change. Give a new sex position a try to start seeing what you can achieve with the sex you’re already having.

I have a game where I pick one sex position that looks fun and then I and my partner don’t get to do another sexual position till they’ve been on it.


#8. Create Some Sexual Challenges

I love sexual challenges, things like trying to have sex 5 times in one week or making little challenges and beating them. Like, learn a new sex position, have sex 20 times this month, do oral sex 5 times this week, etc.


#9. Plan A Night Of Pleasure

This isn’t something that you’ve got to do every day, but once a month it’s a wonderful idea to plan the sex you’re going to have. IE, have everything from a bath together, a dinner prepared, the massage oil on the side, the lube and sex toys and even the sexual positions you’re going to try. IT’s fun to have a plan and take action it also takes off all the pressure. You can just go with the flow and enjoy the sex you’re about to have.


#10. Take Turns Taking Control Of The Pleasure

Take turns taking full control of the other person. Get a blindfold, a restraint and just take some time learning how to take full control of your partner. This is orgasmic and if he does it to you too then you’ll have a great time together. Just give it a try to see what you think for yourself.

The only way to make your foreplay orgasmic is to take action, start taking action today.


10 Foreplay Tips Gay Men Need To Try – What do you think? Are you ready to open the door to these incredible sex tips? If you are then be sure to just put these sex tips into practice. I guarantee better, more enjoyable sex for people who try it. It’s all about building things up trust me when I say that. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to share this article. – Comment below for more advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Foreplay Tips Gay Men Need To Try

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