10 of the biggest sex drive killers

10 of the biggest sex drive killers

10 of the biggest sex drive killers

10 of the biggest sex drive killers.

10 of the biggest sex drive killers. – Want to know what you should blame for lack of sex or no sex? Well we’ve got the biggest sex drive killers some are when you’re about to have sex and others are before it’s even started but all of these in some way can kill the sex drive of a person. – Share this around so everybody know and also because it makes us smile 😀 – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog



A little thing called stress is one of the biggest sex drive killers there is, if you’re stressed out one of the last things on your mind will be sex and that’s usually bad because sex is one of the things proven to calm both men and women down, so if you feel stressed try to have a nice meal maybe a candle or two and even just a cuddle this is both for men and women as it will still give you that connection and you’ll hopefully de stress a little, remember never having sex is the reason you could be stressed. – 10 of the biggest sex drive killers.


Yes, believe it or not eating has a massive effect on your sex drive, if you’re eating all the wrong food it’s most likely you’ll end up having bad sex or less sex than ever before. When eating bad food try to keep it down to a few days a week and then eat the rest healthy, things like nuts, fruit, vegetables, chicken, honey, green tea will all help you get a better more active sex life and that goes for boys and girls so get eating them veggies.


Another thing that shocks a lot of people is smell, if you smell dirty and don’t wash it can leave you feeling insecure and make your partner turned off too, it’s good to wash and keep clean as you’ll feel better about you and so will your partner too. – 10 of the biggest sex drive killers.


A few of you might already know this alcohol doesn’t just kill the erection but it can lower your sex drive while it’s in your system, so if you drink often/daily it could be the reason for bad sex or no sex.


This is one that is very hard to cure without some good sleep, anger can cause sex to just not happen, it sometimes doesn’t even matter if the anger is something completely different there’s a chance that it will lower the sex drive and make it really hard for either of you to get it started. – 10 of the biggest sex drive killers.


Sometimes just the fact of getting old can sometimes play a huge part in the sex drive process as sad as it is our sex drives do start to die down once you hit 40 so really it could just be that you’re getting old, fear not though as long as you add a little spice to the bedroom and try something new you should be good to go and not have to worry too much about not getting sex.


This one it’s more girls than guys and can be as simple as the pill (contraceptives) These often have an effect and either higher the sex drive or lower it. Sometimes it will only last for a few months the effect and other times it will be for longer if it goes past 3 months then make sure you go and tell your doctor (maybe even sooner). – 10 of the biggest sex drive killers.


If you’re feeling a little down and things are getting on top of you just like stress depression can get you down to the point where sex isn’t an option. This happens to a lot of both men and women and the best thing you can do is change something in your life, find what’s making you so sad and alter it that way you’ll become happier quicker and things will hopefully get their self back on track.


Most men and women will know this but if you masturbate too much for a long period of time it can make your sex drive dip down for a few weeks even months so be careful how much porn you watch and don’t over do it on the day’s you’re meant to have sex. This doesn’t effect everyone but most people it will. – 10 of the biggest sex drive killers.

Lack of exercise. 

Going on a run a few times a week will lift your sex drive and give you the ability to go longer in bed and higher that sex drive, sometimes if you’re putting on weight and don’t feel all you it can be hard to enjoy sex and get excited enough to have it, so make sure you do a little training here and there as it will make you feel better about you and higher that sex drive through the roof!

10 of the biggest sex drive killers

10 of the biggest sex drive killers. – Weird right? All of these were given by boys and girls who had to answer what their biggest turn off and sex dive killer was. This is great to know just to stop it from happening and to stop it from being a regular problem and to make you have better longer lasting sexual intercourse. /if you want any more tips or even some great sex tips just go and check out the rest of the site you may find something that changes your sex life forever. – Sharing is caring so remember to share. – Comment below if you’ve got any questions or want to add your own turn offs. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog

10 of the biggest sex drive killers.

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