10 Penis Enhancements Every Man Needs

10 Penis Enhancements Every Man Needs

10 Penis Enhancements Every Man Needs – Even if you’ve got a massive penis you need these enhancements. These are for every man, they improve penis size, make your penis hard and even help you last a lot longer in bed. So if you’re looking to turn yourself into a really good lay then this is exactly the place you need to start. I’m going to ive you the best 10 toys that you need in order to completely change your penis with hardly no physical work, sound good? Well if it does then you’re going to learn a lot. – Once you find an awesome enhancement please remember to share as much as possible. – Comment if you’ve got anything to add, I love reading the comments and answering them. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Penis Enhancements Every Man Needs


#1. Delay Spray, Last Longer In Bed Today

One of my favorite enhancements for the penis has to be delay spray, with just a few sprays of delay spray you can literally add ten, twenty minutes to your sexual stamina. Not bad right? I’m all for lasting long in bed and using delay spray is just the way forward, with just a few applications you can literally be like the porn star you’ve always wanted to be.

Now when it comes to delay spray you always want to use a delay spray like this one, this is my favorite delay spray. It’s easy to apply, doesn’t have any side effects and it just does it’s job. You can’t miss something like this it’s quick to use and as delay spray goes it’s the best you’ll be able to get.


#2. Penis Sleeve, Works Like A Condom But Makes Your Penis Bigger

If you want a bigger penis then penis sleeves are the way to go. You apply it to your penis, it’s like a thick condom and then you can have sex with the added size to your penis. It can make your penis really hung and it’s perfect for men who want to show their partner what a really big penis is like, something like this just helps fulfill fantasies and become a more sexual happy person.

You can get one like the Vixen which is seriously realistic and then if you want something even better than you can use this one, it’s cheaper, but still does the job just as well, in fact it’s more popular. So give it a look and see if it’s for you.


#3. Vibrating Cock ring (Orgasmic Pleasure) 

It’s easy to use and will help you in many ways, it makes you last longer in bed, makes you have a harder, easier to maintain erection and most importantly it’ll help you give your partner an orgasm through penetration sex. What more could you want? I’m really not sure you can beat this cock ring, it’s just one of the best and that’s why you should get yourself one.

This Vibrating Cock Ring is the best I’ve ever used and it’s the ultimate couples sex toy, so if you’re looking for something that’ll make you a real sex stuff in the bedroom then this is going to be it.


#4. Lubrication (Stimulation, Easy To Get Started, Makes Sex Better)

You need lube, this isn’t so much a penis enhancer but it will enhance your penis making it feel much better during penetration, something that’s really good for you all. It just speeds up foreplay, makes the actual sex much more fun for both of you and really just does the job.

This is my favorite lube it leaves you feeling soft and it lasts ages, is also condom safe. You’ll also want to think about flavored lube. Lube is amazing and flavored lube is incredible so if you want to make oral sex better than give this lube a try it tastes amazing.


#5. Penis Pumps, Bigger Penis Here I Come

It had to be on the list, you can get a bigger penis by simply using a penis pump, it’s simple, easy and a great way to get a big penis. You just get a penis pump like this one. Use it once per day for 10 minutes and within no time you’ll start seeing it grow bigger and bigger, it’ll also look a lot bigger when it’s down.


#6. Orgasm Balm, All You Need

It won’t hurt getting some orgasm balm, you just apply it to her clitoris and it’ll make every touch you give her amazing. So if you want to give her even more pleasure while trying the things on the list give this orgasm balm a try.


#7. Penis Extension, Seriously Add Size To Your Penis

A penis extension is the same as a sleeve, but it’s more about being strapped on, if you really want to surprise your partner then get this penis extensions it sure is big 🙂


#8. Go On A Run

Losing weight can work as a great penis enhancer. Just go on a run for about ten minutes per day, maybe twenty if you have time and you’ll slowly start seeing the benefits.


#9. Eat Healthy Food

Eating the right foods that get you horny is amazing. Just go looking for the foods that help maximise your sex drive. That way you penis will get harder which will make it bigger and help you maintain an erection.


#10. Couple Sex Toy (Wooooo….)

Get a We-Vibe they’re amazing, you insert them into your partner and it’ll make you feel massive, while stimulating her clit and her g-spot give her an amazing body shacking orgasm next time you have sex with a We-Vibe.

10 Penis Enhancements Every Man Needs

10 Penis Enhancements Every Man Needs

10 Penis Enhancements Every Man Needs – You’re now getting yourself ready to be a complete sex god, does that sound good to you? If it does then you’re in the right place. This is going to blow your mind is more ways than one. Just get one of these enhancements and you’ll be ready to change your sex life. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to share as much as possible. – Comment if you’ve got anything you need to add to this article. I also love a good chat. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Penis Enhancements Every Man Needs

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