10 Perks To Being In A Relationship

10 Perks To Being In A Relationship

10 Perks To Being In A Relationship – So we’ve all heard the story about the perks of not being in a relationship and the truth is I don’t think people really think about being in a relationship and the perks, so this is my take on the perks of being in a relationship, it’s not something that I’d usually write but I’d like to show you exactly what I mean and how I feel. So let’s not waste any time, lets start this. – One second, if you enjoy then please remember to comment and share using the buttons and the comment area below, it really helps us out and will make it easier for us to help you. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Perks To Being In A Relationship

 You get more sex

People in a relationship will agree that you usually get a lot more sex, if you’re not in a relationship you’d have to sleep with 3 girls a week to add up to the same amount the average new couple has sex, that would be an amazing 156 women/men a year, lets be real, sleeping with that many women would lead to a problem with your penis or vagina. So it’s not always bad and even if you don’t have sex that much, most people still have sex once a week, so that’s usually more than a single person by once a week.


You can try things with the other partner

If you’re just into one nighters you’ll never be able to experience a partner properly, this is a really bad thing, it’s just not good for sex. If you’re in a relationship you get to try new things, this means more experimenting while having sex and more enjoyment from sex, so if you’re into good sex then a relationship might not be the worse idea.


You have someone to sleep with

One of the big pluses of a relationship is that you have someone to sleep with, some people don’t like this and some people love it, it really depends what kind of relationship you have. Most people love the feeling of cuddling up to their partner after a horror movie and that’s a lovely idea, so if you’re a cuddly person a relationship might not be the worse idea.


You get inside jokes

If you’ve got someone then you’ll most likely have some inside jokes that will make the day more funny, these happen after time and all relationships are different, see if you think it works and see what your type of relationship is.


You have better sex than any one night stand

You do have much better sex than a one nighter (most of the time) look one nighters are usually awkward, not fun and often a little weird afterwards, this is usual and that’s I think it’s sometimes easier to avoid it, you don’t want to be switching numbers after you’ve just slept with someone you don’t even know the name of.


You learn what another person enjoys

It’s always nice to learn what another human being enjoys in life, that’s why being with someone is sometimes nice, if you always moved home then you’d not know where your home is, the same as if you always jumped through partners, it happens like that and that’s why you should take your time and learn something about the people you’re with, you never know, you may learn something that will help you in the future.


You have someone you can take and go places

It sucks when you’ve got to go out by yourself or have no one to take when you want to go to a party or an event, well with a partner you have just that, you have someone to share moments with and enjoy things together, this is amazing for people who have shared loves and both like the same things, in reality most couples prefer eating pizza and watching movies.


You can focus on more important things

If you’ve got a busy job then sometimes work will take over, being in a relationship will help you stay focused and have one less worry, if you’re a person who has a passion then a relationship will just make it even better, also you’ll learn how to have focus on more than one task, this is always a useful thing.


You learn a lot from the person you’re with

If you’ve ever been with someone for a long time you’ll start understand things that no one else does. You’ll learn some amazing things and I think you learn to feel different feelings, learning is something that more people should praise and enjoy and sometimes you can learn without even knowing when you’ve got a good partner.


 You meet loads of new people 

If she’s got a group of friends and so do you then your groups will usually colid, that will make you have a lot more friends and it will also make her have more friends, it’s like sharing friends, this can also be a problem if you stop dating and one of your friends tries something, so always be a little careful.

Look don’t get me wrong it’s far from sunshine and roses and I really don’t want people who’re not in a relationship feel bad, you people are awesome and the right person will hopefully find you. I just wanted to show the perks :).

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10 Perks To Being In A Relationship – Comment your view down below, I love to hear what other people think about this topic and see if we share any of the same views, also feel free to add your own advice and tips, I really welcome it. – Sharing is caring so if you enjoy then please share and if you liked this then you’ll love out other stuff. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Perks To Being In A Relationship

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