10 Quick Ways To Make Anal Sex Feel More Enjoyable

10 Quick Ways To Make Anal Sex Feel More Enjoyable

10 Quick Ways To Make Anal Sex Feel More Enjoyable – If you’ve ever had anal sex you’ll probably know that sometimes it feels amazing and other times it feels uncomfortable and not right. To stop this happening to you all the time I’ve created 10 sex tips that’ll change the way you have anal sex forever, these tips aren’t normal and they really will make your sex life so much more enjoyable. – Remember that the comments are always welcome, so feel free to comment below for more help or if you want to add your own advice. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to share as much as possible. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Quick Ways To Make Anal Sex Feel More Enjoyable


#1. The Best Anal Lube

Most people just settle for the anal lube that they have on them, this is a big mistake unless you have the best anal lube on the market there’s always room to improve. I had the same lube for the first two years of anal play and then I started upgrading it and my god sex god better. After a few years I’ve started using this anal lube as it’s the best money can buy. It doesn’t stain, it’s condom safe, slippy as possible and makes things so much more fun.


#2. Try A Butt Plug

Butt plugs come in all different shapes and sized, some large and some small. But the really special ones vibrate, they vibrate to high heaven and stimulate the anus in ways you never knew possible. Mixing this vibrating butt plug with the lube above always results in an explosive orgasm, so treat yourself to a vibrating butt plug, the one mentioned above is my favorite so far and I’m sure if you give it a try it’ll be just as amazing to you too.


#3. Remember You Need Foreplay For Great Anal Sex

Just because you don’t have to have foreplay doesn’t mean you should skip it. The hornier you are the easier the anal sex will be. If you get the pleasure up to a good level and then go for it you’ll really achieve anal sex. I usually have a rule of at least firty minutes of great foreplay before anal play, that way I’m in the mood and really want it, instead of rushing and doing it for the sake of it.


#4. Try Ass Licking

Have you ever tossed someones salad? Let me tell you if you’re complete clean then it’s a very enjoyable experience. For the person getting liked it’s amazing, women usually get really stimulated by this pleasure and if done right it really does do the trick, mix it with some clitoral stimulation and you’ll have her screaming of pleasure in no time.


#5. If You’re Tight Get Desensitization Lube

I once got introduced to desensitization lube, it changed the way I got pleasure and made anal sex a lot more pleasurable. Usually if you don’t have any anal pleasure for a while then you get tight, this helps you get back to normal without the pain, it just makes it feel like normal and takes away some of the nerve feeling. The best lube to use for this in my opinion is this desensitization lube. 


#6. Beginners Should Stat Play In The Shower

It’s the cleanest and easiest place to get anal sex started, you’ll be nice and clean, hot and steamy and in the right position to try a little anal play, you can try licking your partner as it’s a really clean place to do it and you can eve start with fingers and take things low what ever suits you and makes you feel happy. The shower is my personal favorite place for any type of sex to happen.


#7. Females Should Have An Orgasm Before

If you’re doing it with a women then it’s a good idea to give her a clitoral vibrator before, this will just help extender her orgasm making the pleasure more out of this world. Women sometimes need that first orgasm to get in the mood for other pleasure. So by giving them that orgasm you’ll open their mind up to things that you never knew possible.


#8. Give Your Partner An ‘X’ Rated Massage

Relaxation is an important factor to anal pleasure, by giving your partner an x rated massage you’ll make them relaxed and get the ready for the pleasure, you can also have a little anal lube near by and slipt a finger in while you’re doing the massage, just give them warning and take your time, nothing should be rushed when it comes to anal sex, you really don’t want that.


#9. Pick The Perfect Sex Position

There’s more than a few anal sex positions and depending on the size of the penis that’s involved you may need to choose different ones. There’s the spooning position and doggy style that most couples usually try out. It seems to be the most recommend sex position for both people and I completely understand why.


#10. Book The Day Of Fun

Have a nasty day where you just have a day of sex, don’t rush plan the whole day and have as much fun as you can. Start by normal sex in the morning and then move down to fingers and just add the kinkiness as the day goes on. It sure is a fun way to get naughty with a partner and is something that I always recommend for people looking for ways to make anal sex more exciting.

10 Quick Ways To Make Anal Sex Feel More Enjoyable

10 Quick Ways To Make Anal Sex Feel More Enjoyable

10 Quick Ways To Make Anal Sex Feel More Enjoyable – Mmmm, when all these tips just come together it creates the most orgasmic, fun sex ever, you just can’t beat it. I love to try this stuff out, it’s just so orgasmic. – Remember to share this article as much as possible, it helps keep us smile. – Comments are also great, if you want a chat then just comment below, it really does make us happy. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Quick Ways To Make Anal Sex Feel More Enjoyable

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