10 Reasons Why Cheating Is Bad For Your Health

10 Reasons Why Cheating Is Bad For Your Health

10 Reasons Why Cheating Is Bad For Your Health – Are you thinking about cheating? Maybe on a long-term partner? If this sounds like something you’ve thought about then you might want to read this. I’m going to explain what’s involved in having an affair and why it ages you and can completely ruin your life and even affect your health massively. It’s really not as it seems and that’s why it’s time to look at the things that go around. I’m going to use my experience and a few of my life time friends in order to give you a real look at why you should avoid cheating at every cost. – If this helps you please remember to share this article. – Comment below if you need any advice, we’re always here to talk. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Reasons Why Cheating Is Bad For Your Health


#1. Stress Like You’ve Never Felt It

If you’ve been in your first relationship a few years then you’ll have connected emotionally to your partner, this will make you feel guilt and stress while doing something that you fear will hurt them.

It’s like watching porn, sounds silly, but at the start it seems like an amazing idea, then after you’ve come and you’re laying there the stress, worry and pain that you’ve got starts kicking in, for that moment of pleasure you’ll literally age yourself, hurt yourself and change the way your life is going.

Plus, keeping everyone happy while you do something like that is extremely hard.


#2. Guilt Will Hurt Your Mind And Your Physical Health

Are you a guilty person? Well if you are then the guilt of doing something that will never be able to be undone is horrible.

Once you cheat/start and affair you can never have a normal relationship with the part you were once with, even if you decide to work things out, she’ll hate you at heart and really not get on with you in any way shape or form.

There will always be worry and she’ll/he’ll never be content with what you’ve done.


#3. The Price Of Cheating Is One That Doesn’t Just Affect Your Bank

Your bank will be hit really hard when you start cheating, things like hotels, presents and lifestyle for both people costs an absolute fortune.

But the real pain comes when it’s all said and done, you’ll be sat there and you’ll feel what can only be described as loneliness and it’s scary, because you’ll have to start making decisions like: Who you’re going to choose, how you’re going to break it off, what you’re going to do if it goes wrong, etc.


#4. The Pressure Is On

It will be on-line never before, you’ve never really felt the pressure of what your life will be like when you’re trying to balance this. It’s like running 2 business while having a kid that you’ve got to raise on your own.

You’ll have two partners, two social networks, people you can’t meet while you’re out, things to hide, money being spent, not to mention your own job to hold onto, etc.


#5. Can You Satisfy Two People At Once

Emotionally you’ll never be able to be their for two people at once, this is usually the biggest red flag when someone starts cheating.

Their emotions won’t let them satisfy two people at once and very soon you’ll start resenting your partner because she’ll be connected to the quilt, stress and sadness that you’re feeling.

This is a very horrible moment and when you find this out it’s a real killer.


#6. Lose everything You’ve Worked For

I’ve been around a lot of people who’ve lost everything in their whole life, all but their memories, just because of 5 minutes of quick pleasure.

You’re talking child support, 50% of your business that they decide to sell to your competitors, even kids, house and pets gone.

You’ll never be the same and it’ll be all don’t to one mistake, if that doesn’t age you, what will?


#7. When People Stop Trusting You It Gets Really Hard

There’s nothing worse than when you get into a new relationship and they just continue to find out about your past and what you’ve done, this is something that stops people having trust in your for ages.


#8. If You’ve Got Kids It’s Emotionally Heart Breaking Getting Put Through It

Kids go through it worse than you, so if you’ve got kids then think before you ruin their lives too. You’re an adult, you have responsibilities and you’ll not know pain like when your kids get a new dad/mum that they like more than you.

That s**t hurts more than most of the lifes kicks.


#9. Everyone Will Find Out

Everyone, even the one person you don’t want to know will find out. You can’t escape it. News spreads and all it takes is for people to see you with someone that’s not your partner being a little touchy.


#10. Someone Always Wants More Than The Other

If you start having an affair you’ll notice that one of you want’s the other more, if it’s you then you’ll leave your partner and then they’ll leave you and you’ll have nothing or if it’s the other way round they’ll start trying to get involved in your life, making it very hard for your partner to remain out of the picture.

That’s why you need to never risk it all for just one moment of forgettable lust.

10 Reasons Why Cheating Is Bad For Your Health

10 Reasons Why Cheating Is Bad For Your Health


10 Reasons Why Cheating Is Bad For Your Health – Keeping it on your mind and hurting someone you love is never worth the quick and meaningless fun that may occur for a few weeks, sometimes months. That’s why I take the time needed to help you understand what’s really involved in cheating and why no matter what anyone sees you should avoid it. – Sharing is caring, so please be sure to share. – If you need any advice then be sure to use the comments below. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Reasons Why Cheating Is Bad For Your Health

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