10 Reasons Why Dating People With Kids Is A Bad Idea

10 Reasons Why Dating People With Kids Is A Bad Idea

10 Reasons Why Dating People With Kids Is A Bad Idea – Have you ever been in a situation where you really like a person, but they already have kids? In this generation, one of the worst generations for having kids at an early age it’s getting more popular to get a partner who’s already got a kid, there’s obviously some problems with this and I’m here to explain why it might be a better idea to think about dating them. This is just what you’ll need to expect from dating someone with kids, it’s the standard problems that you’ll get and it’s the reason why I usually recommend people try to stay away from partners who already have kids, it’s better suited, do  if you have kids of your own then date someone with kids and here’s exactly why I think that. – Remember to share if you enjoy. – Comment below for more advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Reasons Why Dating People With Kids Is A Bad Idea

#1. You’ll Never Be Put First

Whether you’re a man or a women the chances that you want to be second best from the beginning is very slim. When you meet someone with a kid they’ve already got the number one person in their life, with any good parent they’ll continue to put their kids first even when they’re annoyed and don’t want too and if they don’t then they’re not a good parent, meaning they’re not worth your time anyway.

The main reason why this is a problem is because you’ll have nothing to do with the kid. As when a couple has a kid together they share the feeling of putting that kid first together, you’ll not have that.


 #2. They Usually Don’t Want More Kids

If you’ve ever met a single person with one or more kids they’re usually pretty conscious about having kids again. It’ll take massive amounts of time to build trust and prove to them that a kid won’t change things for both of you. Even after doing all that there’s still a very big chance that they won’t want to.

Also there are lots of questions to answer, like the age gap between both kids, two kids from different dads/moms, etc. It’s not as easy as it all seems.


#3. If  They do Want More Kids It Can Sometimes Take The Fun Out It Being Their First Time

There’s something magical about having your first kid, everythings new, you make mistakes together and you giggle about them later. It’s exciting not knowing what’s round the corner and that makes the whole experience worthwhile, even the sleepless nights ;). But when someones already gone through that once or more, it all becomes a lot less fun and a lot more serious.

I found that usually you feel like the person with the kid is a little pushy and sometimes makes you feel silly when you make mistakes. It’s a lot harder learning on your own and a lot less fun.


#4. They Will Have A Lot Of History With The Babes Other Parent

There’s no point in lying to yourself. 9 times out of 10 if they had a kid with the person they really loved them and even if they didn’t it’s still likely that they really lusted for them at some point. This means you’ve got to share your partner with the kid and the other parent, this might sound easy, but having someone who your partner once loved in their life regularly can be extremely hard.

Even if the other parent isn’t around right now, there’s a very good chance that they will be around in the future. Can you deal with it?


 #5. Traveling Will Become Much Harder

If you’re young and are yet to travel you’ll be giving yourself a big problem. It’s not easy to travel with a partner with kids, you’ve not just got to work around your holidays you’ve also got to plan it when the kid has a holiday and doesn’t have any plans, sounds easy, but when you’ve got a kid that has their own social network you can’t just drag them away every holiday, it also makes traveling long distance a lot harder and more costly.


#6. You’ve Got To Be Prepared To Live In The Same Place For The Next 10 + Years

Once a kid starts school you’ve got to stay in that area for at least 10 years, it’s not fair to drag the kid to a new area away from all their friends and it can lead in problems with making new friends. Even if the kid wanted to go you then have to remember that you’ve got to live in the same place or near where the kids other parent is, unless you want a big lawsuit on your hands.

This is the most frustrating problem and it won’t go away until they’re old enough to move out.


#7. It’s A Lot Harder To Get Them To Commit

Someones not going to be as quick to commit after they’ve had a few bad experiences, it’s understandable really, but can be stressful for people who just want commitment.


 #8. Time Alone Is Much Harder To Get

Sex. I’ve got to bring this up, I find that the sex stops a lot quicker and becomes so much harder, if the kid is under 7 years old there’s a chance that they’ll be in your bedroom most nights and constantly awake, finding time for you both to have some fun becomes a nightmare.


#9. They May Want More Than You Can Give

PEople with a kid can’t ply games, it’s not fair on the kid to have constant people going outside their life, so usually it’s either all or nothing. This does contradict number 7, but just because you have to commit doesn’t mean they do.


 #10. They Will Always Have An Ex In Their Life

As I mentioned before, this is a problem that usually gets worse with time and the truth is that people are most likely to cheat with someone from their past, an ex lover in other words. It’s just a wreck waiting to happen.


Last bit of advice

If you’re in love then all of this really won’t matter, you’ll make it work, just be careful. Remember that it can take away the best years of your life and can add pressure that you really don’t want. If you’re yet to travel then maybe take a break and go and travel before you show any real sign of commitment. Just my two cents :).

10 Reasons Why Dating People With Kids Is A Bad Idea

10 Reasons Why Dating People With Kids Is A Bad Idea


10 Reasons Why Dating People With Kids Is A Bad Idea – This really is the truth, you’ve got to prepared for them to put their kids first and you’ve also got to be prepared to earn massive amounts of trust and be happy to know that if you want kids then they’ve already had the excitement of their first kid, so it can sometimes take the excitement out of it for you too. – Sharing is caring. – Comment if you need any advice or help. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Reasons Why Dating People With Kids Is A Bad Idea

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