10 Reasons Why Having An Affair Is A Bad Idea

10 Reasons Why Having An Affair Is A Bad Idea

10 Reasons Why Having An Affair Is A Bad Idea – Some people let lust do the thinking for them, others plan and think about cheating for months, it can sometimes seem like a game or something that’s exciting to try to keep a secret, but today I’m here to let you into the real truth behind people who cheat and have affairs. This is my story and if you’re in an affair right now then you may want to stop reading, due to this being quite touchy and it may make you feel like the shitty person you are. These are the 10 things that get you after you’ve started the affair and it really does change the whole experience and that’s why I really recommend you reading this right now. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to share as much as possible. – Comment below for extra advice about this subject. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Reasons Why Having An Affair Is A Bad Idea


#1. Do You Really Want To Hurt Your Partner That Way

Something that I always warn people about having an affair isn’t about the pleasure, it’s actually about the pain. Some of the hardest years of life are when you’re having an affair and you’ve nw got to deal with the thought of hurting your partner. Imagine the thought of them just having a lovely day being happy and then them finding out what you’re up to. Imagine how much that would hurt.

I just imagine my partner waiting for me at home and that’s when I realize what I’m about to do is a shitty idea and isn’t worth it.

As I’ll talk about below you’ll learn that people also never let you forget the affair, it effects your life forever and everyone will find out, it just gets so much worse and unless you’re not serious about your relationship it’s very hard to emotionally pull something like this off. It’s a lot harder than you’d ever imagine.


#2. The Moment Of Pleasure For Months Of Guilt

You’ll get a little pleasure but trust me before one of you has even orgasmed, the guilt sinks in, the pleasure is never as good as your brain makes it out to be and it’s a similar feeling to wasting your money on something that breaks the next day or is a load of s**t.

That’s what it feels like and the instant guilt is so painful to deal with and even people who hate their partners owe them the respect of a break up, whether you’re a man or women you need to have more respect for your partners.


#3. It’s Never Worth It

I’ve never seen someone tell me an affair was worth it.One in a million will have a better time once they’ve cheated, but at that rate it’s not worth you trying. Your life isn’t always going to be like a movie and I’ll tell you that if you’re a little s**t it will catch up to you and you’ll get to a point where it doesn’t just sort itself out.

You don’t want to get to the point where you’re choosing lust over love, trust me the feelings are stress provoking and can even result in serious sickness.


#4. You’ll Gain Enemies And People Will Muddy Your Name

If you’ve got your own business you’ll be hit hard, yes people will actually muddy your name over this. Even if you’re single and you’re cheating on a married person, this can have seriously bad effects on your life and what you’re standing for.

Even if you feel you’re in the right people are always going to go on the side of the person you do it to and when a group of people hate someone, it’s crazy to see how far they’ll go to make your life shit, usually they’ll just keep bringing it up. You’ll never live it down.


#5. It’s Easier To End It Than Cheat

Believe me, it’s actually easier to end it than to cheat, when you end a relationship in a respectful way even though she.he may not like you and her/his friends may hate your guts, they can’t do anything to hurt you, as if you’ve cheated on them then they’ll do whatever they can to f**k with you.


#6. Wisdom Wanks Help Everyone Out

If it’s all about pleasure then just go and jerk off, clear you head, I swear it’ll help you make a real dessission that isn’t provoked by your penis.


#7. Everyone Will Find Out At One Point

Imagine the one person you don’t want finding out, they will find out and once that happens there’s no going back. Whether it’s he’s/her parents or your parents once they know they’ll know forever.


#8. It’s Nothing To Be Proud Of

There’s nothing to be proud of and once you do it and realise that your friends actually think you’re a dick, that’s when it’s to late to go back and you’ll start regretting every day. Lust isn’t enough on its own to make things worthwhile.


#9. It Sticks With You Forever And Can Effect Your Life Dramatically

Every relationship you get in there will be the same questions. With the use of Facebook people will treat you like a used car and speak to your past partners before committing I see this happening more and more and once they find out you cheated it makes the trust despair, even with the person you did it with.


#10. People Won’t Trust You

People don’t trust cheaters, once you do it you’ll understand what I mean, it takes far more of a strong person to fight against urges than it does to give in.

10 Reasons Why Having An Affair Is A Bad Idea

10 Reasons Why Having An Affair Is A Bad Idea

10 Reasons Why Having An Affair Is A Bad Idea – Can you keep it on your mind? Do you want to hurt a person you once loved? Can you really take the pressure of the friends and family of your partner once they find out about this act? Because if there’s a person that you don’t want to find out about it, maybe just one person, they will find out and it’s just a case of when. So remember that it will come out and that if you’re willing to do that to your partner then you’ve better off just breaking up. – Sharing is caring, please be amazing and share. – Comment below for more information. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Reasons Why Having An Affair Is A Bad Idea

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