10 Reasons Why Men Like Sex More Than Women

10 Reasons Why Men Like Sex More Than Women

10 Reasons Why Men Like Sex More Than Women – It’s no hidden fact that women don’t like sex as much as men, this doesn’t go for all women but a majority of women don’t need sex as much as men. So why is this? Well I took it apon myself to find out why and then tell all you people in an article, This will hopefully help you get more sex and I do have to say that this doesn’t go for all women, some women have extremely high sex drives. – Sharing is caring so if you want to share then you can hit them share buttons and make us happy. – Comments are below if you’ve got anything to add to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Reasons Why Men Like Sex More Than Women 

 Men have a quicker cool down time

A man can usually go again after 30 minutes, women can go instantly after, but usually once women call down completely and have to start again it takes longer for them to get horney, when a man cums if he sees a hot pictures or video it’s possible that 5 minutes later he will be ready to do the same thing again, you really just have to look at it from both ways.

Women can go as long and as much as men, it’s just a lot more rare.


A mans sex drive is a lot stronger in he’s teens 

It’s true that men have a higher sex drive in their teen years, there sex drive never gets higher than when they’re 18 to 24 a women peaks at around 32, so really if you’re 20 and with a 32 year old you’re in the perfect sexual relationship and you will probably have a lot more sex than the average couple.


Men find women more attractive 

A women could literally do nothing and a man would find her attractive and once he’s turned on there’s not going to be much that will stop him from going for it, women on the other hand won’t just go for it because it’s there and often a small thing can be a turn off, things like to much boob touching.


 It’s easier to turn a man on

A man is a lot easier to turn on than a women, men can turn themselves on almost instantly, it doesn’t take hardly any effort and they can do it just by imagining a hot girl, women find it a lot harder to get turned on and to stay turned on.


Men masturbate more

If you masturbate more you’ll find it easier to have more sex, it’s just the way it goes, the more someone masturbators the more it becomes easy for them to have sex, so if you want more sex just up the amount you masturbator and you’ll be grand. There’s loads of ways to do this and most of them involve a male or female sex toy.


Men always finish

Usually when a man has sex he will cum that makes it more exciting, a man has an end and he starts sex knowing that, women in the other hand have a much harder time to orgasm, so if you’re starting sex with a lower chance of you cuming you’re not going to be as happy to have sex.


It takes longer for women to get into it and ready

It will usually take a girl a lot longer to get herself wanting sex and get herself ready for sex, a man has it instantly, the erection comes and then shortly so does he. It’s really that simple. So if you want to get your girl to have sex quicker then lube can always be a good investment, I still recommend warming up though, it’s really worth it in my opinion.


Build up is everything for women

A lot of women will admit that the build up is one of the most important things to them, it’s key to great sex, men don’t have to build up at all, as women’s only chance of an orgasm is some type of orgasm, so make sure you if you want to get her having sex more you’ll want to build up more and get better at making her orgasm.


Sex matters more to most women

Sex matters, it’s not something that women want to do with anyone, that’s usually subconsciously in their mind, so when you’re having sex it’s not just something that they want to do, women do sometimes want candles, slow sex, movie and a nice meal, that’s what most women love so make sure you give it to them.


It’s more than just sex

It really is more than just sex, like I said before, there’s a lot of things that go though the bodies mind while having sex, it’s fun and there’s a chance you’l have a sex and then there’s a very good chance that making love needs to happen too. So if you’re unsure about which is which you need to learn to focus more on the loving side of the sex.

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10 Reasons Why Men Like Sex More Than Women

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