10 Reasons Why You Need A Sex Toy Right Now

10 Reasons Why You Need A Sex Toy Right Now

10 Reasons Why You Need A Sex Toy Right Now – So is your love life or lack of getting you down? Well you’ve found the right article where we will explain why you need to have a sex toy in your life, this guide will tell you exactly why sex toys are amazing and exactly why you need to buy one right away. You can’t go wrong with sex toys and that’s why I wanted to make this post, it should just point you in the right way of pleasure and hopefully unlock some of your narrow-minded people’s minds. It’s always something that I love to see grow and make sure to check out our store if you enjoy this article. – Remember that sharing is caring and we love to see everyone share, also make sure you use the comments below and tell us what you think. – Mr Male Sex Toys.

10 Reasons Why You Need A Sex Toy Right Now

 It changes your sex life

If you use a sex toy in the right way it can completely change your sex life. It will make you want sex more and can even make it a lot more enjoyable. This is all down to different sensations and different types of pleasure being available. I know so many people who have used sex toys and its change the way they have sex and the way they even try new things. That’s why I wanted to do this article just to show everyone that sex toys can really make sex more fun.

Lets face it we all need more fun in the bedroom and if you don’t then it’s usually because you’re doing something really naughty already. So instead of moaning about your sex life it’s really time to do something about it and try something new and explosive in the bedroom.


Makes anal sex more enjoyable

Okay now I know a lot of you men and women will never try anal sex and in my own personal experiences I can say you’re really missing out. Men can get so much extra stimulation through the prostate and women can also get loads of stimulation, it’s intense and by using sex toys like butt plugs and prostate massages you can really liven up sex.

All you need to do is try inserting a butt plug while having a walk and it will literally make you want to rip the other persons clothes off and have sex with them right there and then.

This is something that I find it hard to explain to someone who hasn’t tried it.


Unlocks new sexual pleasures

Okay if you want to find out new things about your body then sex toys in always the frist thing you need to try. For a man you’ll find out about prostate stimulation which can lead to multiple orgasms, full body orgasms and loads more. For women you can learn about love eggs, the g-spot, the power of a bullet vibrator and what a really big penis feels like.

Now we can all kid our-self and pretend that we wouldn’t want that pleasure but let’s be honest, that pleasure sounds bloody amazing right? Well it really does so you should be embracing it, not worried about it.

So if you want to unlock something new then sex toys a really are the place to go, you’ll find out stuff you didn’t even know about yourself.


Makes sex more exciting

It really will make everything much more exciting, with the power of couple sex toys you’ll literally enter a world where anything is possible from simulating a threesome to having intense bondage sex. All of these things that normal people will miss out on, now come on you don’t want that for yourself now do you?

The answer is no! So go on, try a vibrating cock ring, a bullet vibrator, a couples sex toy and even a butt plug or two. You’ll be amazed at what it feels like and you really can’t judge something until you’ve tried it.


Can make you try new things

Okay once you try a few sex toys then your mind will become more open which will make you try new things like different sex positions, new sex toys, even anal sex. Now please tell me whats bad about that? The answer is nothing at all.


Makes porn more interesting

If you’ve ever had a male masturbator then you’ll completely understand that it changes the way you masturbate, it makes masturbation so much more fun and with the design of celebrity/porn star fleshlighs you can now enjoy the pleasure of watching your favorite pron star while you’re inside her fake pussy.

So really this does change porn forever.


Helps sexual performance

If you’re a man or women you might want to make yourself better in bed well with sex toys that tighten a girls vagina up and with things like penis pumps and delay spray you’ll always be able to get a bigger penis and last longer in bed if you’re a man.


Makes sex positions more fun

If you use a little bullet vibrator while in doggy you’ll see how easy it is to make a girl cum twice in a row.


Make change cleaning and house work forever

If you use a butterfly vibrator you can walk around the house cleaning and you’ll be able to enjoy the amazing vibrations that will literally make you go wild. IT’s something that made cleaning and going on walks much more bearable and exciting. I wear then just before my partner comes home and then surprise him with how wet I am.

If you’ve never tried these you’re really missing out on such a high level.

10 Reasons Why You Need A Sex Toy Right Now

10 Reasons Why You Need A Sex Toy Right Now

10 Reasons Why You Need A Sex Toy Right Now – So what do you think? Ready to try a sex toy? Hopefully we’ve changed your view and you can start enjoying more intense sex right now. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Reasons Why You Need A Sex Toy Right Now

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