10 Reasons Why You Suck In Bed

10 Reasons Why You Suck In Bed

10 Reasons Why You Suck In Bed – Sex boring? Is it more of a choir? Well it´s all down to you and how you make sex better! This is why you´re having boring sex that you just wish would be over. These are 10 reasons why you suck in bed and your sex won´t change. If you take these tips and act then you still have a chance to eventually become a sex god/goddess, so take your time and become someone women/men all talk about and want to be with. You´ll b surprised with the power of this article so make sure you pay attention. – Comment below if you want to add something interesting to the article or ask any questions. – If you want to say thanks and make us happy then please hit the share buttons, it really makes this worthwhile. – Mr Male Sex Toys blog.

10 Reasons Why You Suck In Bed

You don´t let each other try anything new

If you don´t try anything new in bed then course your sex will suck, if you stick to the same routine then it´s always going to be the same, you need to mix it up and try new things, you won´t always get it right but that´s okay, you’ll eventually find a new move that makes your partner go crazy.
So do something amazing and really get your partner going, you can use this blog to find loads of new ways to make your sex more exciting and you can even use Google to come up with some new ideas for your sex life.


You let past relationships stop you from trying new things

Some people let past relationships stop their current ones, don´t not try something because you once did it with someone else, this will stop the sex improving and will leave one of you annoyed, so make sure you stay well always from this.
If there´s something that you did with someone else then just do it bigger and better and then after you’ve done it a few times the pleasure will be so good that you won´t even remember about your other partner you tried it with.
This works really well and it can make your sex suck so make sure you change it up.


You don’t have enough trust

If you don´t have trust in each other then how will you stay close? IT´s just not going to happen, you need to both trust each other, work on gaining trust, tell her/him they look hot and make sure you tell them how you feel, get trust and don´t break it.
This is another reason why a lot of people have shit sex, it´s just down to trust and wanting each other to do certain things, if she doesn’t trust you she´ll never tell you what she enjoys and what she wants you to do.


You don´t make the effort

If you want great sex then you really need to put in the effort, make your partner feel like the only one in the world and really go for it, what you give them you´ll get back, that´s always the way it is and that´s the way it needs to be.


You´re not willing to learn how to be a better lover

IF you never take time to look at advice online and try new things then it´s going to be obvious why you suck in bed.
You´ve got the internet so use it, see what you can learn and study it for a while, don´t worry about things going wrong, if they do you can both laugh about it and you´ll need the bad sexual times to get to the good, so don´t always be worried about sex being fantastic.


You expect your partner to do all the work

If you expect someone to do all the wok in bed then you´re going to suck in bed, it´s not up to your partner to make you orgasm, it´s down to you both. Give what you get and maybe a bit extra, that´s the way sex has got to work to be great, if you get yours and then go to sleep then you´re worse than a bad lover, you´re uncaring.


You´re not open-minded when it comes to sex toys and fantasies

It´s always good to like sex toys, girls love them and men love them if they give them a chance, try a few of these sex toys, they´re for couple sex and will really help you out.

This will make it so easy for you to give your partner an orgasm


You don´t know yourself sexually

If you don´t know what turns you on then it´s going to be hard for your partner to know what to do, take time to learn yourself and make your partner do the same.


You rush everything and don´t enjoy it

You need to have a beginning, middle and end when it comes to good sex

So many men and women just want their partner to orgasm, if you only care about the orgasm then get a sex toy, you really need to build it up and think about the journey.


You make your partner feel bad in anyway

Don’t ever make your partner feel bad for not being great in bed or doing something silly, this will make them feel bad and it really isn´t a good idea.  It will break trust and make sex boring.

10 Reasons Why You Suck In Bed

10 Reasons Why You Suck In Bed

10 Reasons Why You Suck In Bed – Start acting on your sex life today and things will become so much better, you´re the only person who´s got the power to really make your sex worthwhile so take the time and make sure you go for it. You´ll be able to change your relationship once you put good sex into your life. – If you´ve got something to add then just comment below, I love to hear what you’ve got to say and I´d love to know what you think. – Sharing is caring. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Reasons Why You Suck In Bed

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