10 risky places to have sex

10 risky places to have sex

10 risky places to have sex

Every wondered what the riskiest places are to have sex? We went and took a look at some of the places that take pure skill or a lot of nervous to have sex on/there. We spoke to a few people and also got their fantasies so this is mixed with people’s fantasies so this is like risky and hot so if that’s what you’re into then this will be ideal for you. – Remember to always be safe and we do have to say these are risky and please don’t try 😉 – Sharing is caring so hit them share buttons above. – Comment below if you’ve got any places you want to add. – Mr male sex toy blog.

10 risky places to have sex

 On a balcony

This is a very fun place to have sex and involves an element of risk that people will see you, it’s one of the most popular places for people who like to be watched having sex. If you want to enjoy balcony sex then a top floor hotel or a high hotel is the best place to do it.

If you’ve not got time to go to a hotel you can always open your window and blinds and have the feeling of being watched in your own home. Sounds pretty fun I have to admit.

 In a plane

This has been know to be a very popular spot for a lot of people. It’s called joining the mile high club and is pretty risky and intense, it takes big balls to do this and a long flight! Just make sure that you’re sitting far away from the toilets you use as it might be a bit embarrassing when you leave. 😉 Return to seat, and just sit with your head down for the rest of the flight.

This does take a certain amount of skill to pull off, you’ve got to be quiet and don’t cause too much attention as you may get a knock to ask if everything is okay.

On the beach

This is a very popular one, you’d be surprised how many people take to the beach to have sex! This is one of the most common places that people do it out outside, so get ready for some fun outside. This does involve some risk and even the most quiet places usually have people walking around. Make sure you do it in a place where you know it’s quiet and no one goes.

Still be ready for people to come, You can use one of them little tents which pop up if you want to have sex without being caught on the beach.

In a car

This is a pretty fun place, if you’ve got a car and want to have sex on it/in it then just go somewhere quiet, out the way and give it a go. You can always start with easy things like blow jobs and hand jobs, just make sure you do it while the car is stopped.

You’d be surprised with how much fun you can have in a car.

A friend’s house

If you’ve got a friend and they have a get together or you stay round, you can always try having sex in their house. It’s a great way to get a thrill and usually you can get away with it as long as they don’t catch you.

Maybe not a good idea to tell them what you’re going to do.

A toilet at a party

If you go to a party and there’s a nice toilet you could always have some fun on it and see how it goes! there’s always some fun in having sex while there’s other people close and it’s a little easier to not get caught! Especially if you’ve locked the door before hand ;).

Changing rooms

I wouldn’t recommend this and you’ll have to take this into your own hands if you want to try it! It’s very risky and takes a lot of balls, using a changing room for sex is one of the most thrilling things you can do, it does take extra ball as really you’ll be surprised how small and quiet most changing rooms are.  – 10 risky places to have sex.

In an office

If you work in an office and have your own room it’s always fun to invite your partner up and have a little mid day fun.

You really can’t go wrong with it and as it’s your office you can be naughty and not worry too much. Make sure you’ve got a lock and maybe keep the noise down.

At the movies

This is really reserved for younger people and we wouldn’t recommend it. There are people who do a little more than kissing on the back row seats watching the movie, this again is a lot of fun, but can get you in a lot of trouble so be careful.

It’s good to maybe bring a jacket so you can do it underneath and be more discreet.

In the sea or pool

If you’re feeling really risky you can do it in the sea! This is a great way to have sex in public without being caught! I’ve seen people in plain sight having sex in the sea, it’s funny really. Just make sure she’s ready for the friction. The pool is sometimes a little better for sex and if you do it right and look at some tips you’ll probably have more luck with it.

10 risky places to have sex

10 risky places to have sex

risky places to have sex – Takes big balls or boobs to have sex in these places right? Some look really fun though I have to admit. I would love to try some more of these places and make I do like a bit of risk. – If you enjoyed this post them please share and make sure you comment below, it really helps support us and makes us feel good. Mr Male Sex Toys blog.

10 risky places to have sex

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