10 Rules For Sending A Dick Pic To A Female

10 Rules For Sending A Dick Pic To A Female

10 Rules For Sending A Dick Pic To A Female – When a relationship gets to the point where dick pics are needed it´s time to take the action to make the dick pics as good as possible. So I´m going to take some time to show you exactly what you should look for in a dick pic, this is going to help you send a safe dick pic without future problems and hopefully get your size across. – This is going to make you like look the hung man you are, so get your camera ready and get ready to take the best dick pics ever. – Comment below and make sure that you share this post as much as possible. – We love to hear from you so make sure you ask questions and comment. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Rules For Sending A Dick Pic To A Female


1.Don´t scare her! Make sure she wants to receive the picture.

Build it up, don´t just send her an image without her wanting one, it´s usually be to wait for her to ask. If you sent a girl a dick pick and her phones on the side and her mom see´s or one of her friends it´s just going to be awkward for the both of you.
So avoid sending a dick pic when she´s not asked for one. – 10 Rules For Sending A Dick Pic To A Female.


2.Make sure your ´chap´ is looking his best, nobody wants a flaccid penis.

You´ll want to make sure you´ve got a boner, don´t ever send a flaccid penis to a women, she don´t want to see that and she won´t want a picture of it.
Make it look big and do what you can to get the lighting right to make it look as big as you physically can.


3.Make sure you trust her and she won´t show all her friends.

Women will usually show their friends and lets be honest that´s not the end of the world, but, if she decides to put it on Facebook or send it to one of her friends that´s where it becomes very dangerous.
This can make it so your nudes go viral/live so make sure you trust her and she´s not going to just send them around.


4.Try and take the picture when you are at your most erect.

Get turned on and I mean turned on. Don´t have a wank then take a picture, don´t wank for about a day or two, make sure you get the best results and make sure you put some effort into it.
If you want to be you but on a good day then you can get hold of a cheap penis pump, this will make your penis pfully erect and ready for a picture. – This is the 10 Rules For Sending A Dick Pic To A Female.


5. Mirror selfie, upwards angle and you clutching him are all great poses.

It does show your face but it´s hot and women will love it. It can be more exciting than just a dick pic and if you do it right then you could even leave boxers on and just make him hard so you have out line of your penis on the boxers.
You´ll know what she likes, even ask her what she´d like you to do, this will make it even easier to get it right.


6. The straight on picture of him will be the most unflattering so, mix it up a bit.

Don´t just take a picture of your dick, this will usually look bad and will be a bit of a gross picture, unless you´ve got a very impressive penis leave the solo penis for real life.

So just keep it in your hand and maybe add a little ab in the picture of just have yourself in the picture.


7. Perhaps consider a little male grooming?

Having a haircut down there will make you look bigger and make the picture take better.

So have a haircut and groomas well as you can, I´m not saying cut it all off, I’m just saying make t so you can see him with ease, this will make the picture a lot more interesting.

8. If you´re shy about her keeping the picture, perhaps send a snapchat that way you can keep an eye on it and you have full control.

This is one of the best ways to keep an eye on things, it will keep you in control and then if she snaps it you´ll be told and can then complain, this still isn´t intiarly safe but it´s safer than using other services. – 10 Rules For Sending A Dick Pic To A Female.


9. She probably should be willing to send you one back but, don’t force her in to it or you´ll be a creep.

I wouldn´t recommend sending a dick pic unless she´ss sending you one too, that way you´ll not end up looking silly and then you both have something to show so no one will be leaked.
If you´re really close then don´t worry to much about this step, just don´t ever expect one back.


10. If you´re body confident try and get some abs in too. Sometimes girls need a little more than just a penis to get them excited.

As I said above, showing a little ab or body is always a great way to get the picture hotter, so make sure you give it a try, it will be hotter than just a dick pic.

10 Rules For Sending A Dick Pic To A Female

10 Rules For Sending A Dick Pic To A Female

10 Rules For Sending A Dick Pic To A Female – So do you feel ready to send a dick pic, if you don´t then don´t send one, it can be risky sending a dick picture and that´s why I made this guide. You need to make sure you stay safe and that´s why following this guide will help you achieve that. Just make sure you really want to send a picture before you do. – Comment below and if you need any help at all then just ask. – Remember that sharing is caring and if you want to share then it´s really easy to so please share by hitting them buttons – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Rules For Sending A Dick Pic To A Female

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