10 Rules For Unforgettable Foreplay

10 Rules For Unforgettable Foreplay

10 Rules For Unforgettable Foreplay – Foreplay sometimes sucks, it sometimes sucks hard! So it’s safe to same that for great foreplay we need to create great rules, this makes it easy for the sex to be more enjoyable. You don’t need to change anything or even try anything new, just be ready to learn and pay attention to each rule and start putting these rules to action. I usually recommend you and your partner read this in order to both understand the role play tips, that way you can try them one at a time and start perfecting them. – Sharing is caring. – IF you want more advice be sure to use the comments below – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Rules For Unforgettable Foreplay


#1. Subspence Is Everything

You can completely change the sex you’re having by adding subspence to the mix. Try being slow, taking your time and do your best to leave your partner surprised and unsure of what you’re about to do.

You can achieve this by restraining your parnter and giving them a blindfold. This makes them trust you and helps you achieve more subspence than ever before.


#2. Take Your Time, Tease, Pleasure And Slowly Stimulate

Whether you’re a man or women you’ll be amazed at how fun it is to slowly stimulate, pleasure and tease your partner. While trying to make your partner wet/hard, just build them up, use your mouth, kiss their sensitive places and use your finger tips to run/make patters over their body.


#3. Handcuffs And Blindfolds Are Great For Foreplay

If you’ve never used some handcuffs/4 way restraints and a blindfold then in my opinion you’ve never had truly orgasmic sex.

You can litrally change the whole sexual game by adding these two things. It’s all about using the mind and by adding omething that takes away one sense and makes the other restrained is something that makes sex completely different.


#4. Massages Get The Blood Flowing In All The Right Places

You can also try starting sex with a massage that might get a little x rated. This is something that doesn’t take much skill. Just get some massage oil, lay them on their belly and massage their back, shoulders, lower back, thighs and butt, you can make this as orgasmic as you fancy.

This gets rid of stress, makes the orgasm easier to achieve and opens him/her up to new things sexually.

Something that’s ideal for the more insucure people you’re having sex with.


#5. Touch The None Sexual Spots Of There Body

Don’t focus on their main sexual organs, you can have just as much fun by using your hadns to touch places that aren’t as sexual. This is a simple, but easy way to build a female up sexually.

You can learn a lot by just touching different parts of your parnters body, you can also learn that they actually get more turned on by you avoiding the places that usually turn them on.


#6. Whispering Can Do Crazy Things To A Person

A light whisper can send shivers down someones spin. This works amazingly well, but it’s good to do it in small doses. You only need a whisper once to change the sex. For example whispering “I want to f**k you” lightly can send shivers and sexual energy all over their body.

Try whispering, just don’t over do it, it’s never a good idea to do soo.


#7. Dinner, Bath, Wine, Then Bed

You don’t need to over complicate the evening. Try making them a nice dinner, having a run bath and a nice glass of wine waiting for them, then rush to the bedroom and start the night.

It’s all you need to do. People sometimes have an art to over complicate sex, it’s as simple as keeping your energy, making a little plan and following it.


#8. Oral Sex Needs To Be Done Properly 

If you can make your oral sex game better then you’ll find your partner cums a lot more. Whether you’re a man or women, oral sex is something that really does make a difference while having sex.

If you’re a women then try deep throat spray and if you’re a man then get some flavored lube.


#9. Talking About The Past Times You’ve Had Sex

How many times have you had orgasmic sex? Hopefully more than a few times. Give it a try. Talk baout the times you really went for it in the bedroom. You’ll be so surprised at how they react to you.

This is the easiest way to get a female turned on, so if you’re ever having a little trouble getting your partner warmed up give this a try and see how it goes.


#10. Don’t Be Scared To Take Control

Whether you’re man or women then try taking full control of the sex you’re having. Don’t let or make your parner make one dessission. Some people react really well to this type of sex and if your partner does then you’ll usually find that they like sex a little rough, so don’t get things soppy, have fun and show your dominance ;).


10 Rules For Unforgettable Foreplay – Sex doesn’t have to be hard, especially not when you use these amazing sex tips, just remember that the build up is the most powerful tool you’ll ever have. People want to be left wanting more and more, the build up will allow you to do just that. – Remember that sharing is amazing of you, so please hit the share buttons. – Comment below if you want to add or ask anything about this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Rules For Unforgettable Foreplay

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