10 Sex Activities That Change your Sex Life Forever

10 Sex Activities That Change your Sex Life Forever

10 Sex Activities That Change your Sex Life Forever – Do you need to try something new in the sexual sense? Well I’ve put together a list of the 10 sexual activities that will literally change the way you have sex, these activities are really easy to follow and should make you want loads more sex, they’re easy to follow and really can change everything you feel about sex. – If you enjoy this post then please make sure you hit the share buttons and share it with all your friends. Remember to check out our other posts for more amazing sex toys and sex tips, we have tons on the list.  – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

10 Sex Activities That Change your Sex Life Forever


A nice way to have some sexual fun is to try stripping for your partner, now usually this will end up in a few giggles and a little banter but it’s really good for building confidence and changing the way you have sex.

Stripping is easy once you get the hand of it and as long as you want to do it you’ll have a blast. I will always recommend that both the man and the women strip for each other, it’s sometimes not even that attractive but it is a great way to build confidence and start having better more intense sex.

You’ll be surprised about have amazing this really is and if you want to spice things up it’s a great place you you to start. You can even get some sex underwear to make it even hotter. For men I recommend Calvin Klein’s and for women just get a nice matching bra and knickers maybe in red or black depending on your partners preference.


Bath/Shower sex

If you’ve never tried having sex in a shower then you’re really missing out. Bath sex is fantastic if you do it right and get the water temp and height perfect. With shower sex I recommend getting a none slip shower mat (a big one) and making sure you don’t slip over, this is how I made shower sex more fun.

The reason why shower sex is amazing is because you can have it before work in the morning and it will really help wake up up you can also have it after a long day at work, either way it really works out well.


Anal play

Are you a little naughty? Well if you’re a naughty couple then you can try anal play, I always think anal play is a great way to spice up the bedroom, you just get butt plugs or anal beads and then start experimenting, you can have a lot of fun and maybe even build up to full anal sex, once that happens your sex life will really begin to change and it will completely change your way of thinking.

It’s also exciting to try something like anal play because it’s completely different to most of the things that you would’ve tried before.


Connection Sex

I’m not sure what the real name of this kind of sex is but I know it’s orgasmic. It’s where you don’t focus on the end orgasm you just focus on making every thrust, lick, touch, feel amazing. This is for the couples who know each others body and like taking things really slow. It really will help you achieve greatness.


Sex Games

You can buy sex board games that will give you a challenge every day and make your sex life a lot more interensting. These games are great if you’ve got some friends you want to get hot with and they’re even better if you’rre a coupe and want to just play them together. Either way it’s seriously orgasmic and I highly recommend trying it out.


Car Sex

Car sex really is out of this world amazing and if you’ve never tried it then you need to. It’s exhilarating and will really change your view of the person you’re having sex with.

It’s exciting to have sex while in a car because its naughty, outside, and usually has to be done quickly. Women usually have a soft spot for car sex and you can’t go to wrong with it.

While having car sex make sure you park somewhere quiet where there’s not loads of people, maybe a beach or a secret road, as you can get in trouble if people see you.



I don’t recommend this for couples as it can also screw a relationship up but, it’s an effective way to get the fire back in your sex. If you take it in turns having sex with the other sex then it works out to be quite hot.

But, for the girl to want to have sex with another girl and a man you’ll have to be willing to do it with a man. I think in this situation the girl wins a lot more and that’s just because girls like women’s bodies more than men like men’s bodies.


Porno Making

Have you ever filmed a porno? Well if you’ve not then it might be a good time try! You can have a lot of fun and it can be filmed over a month or two and then you can put it all together. This makes sex more possible and is definitely worth trying.


Ticking box’s

Okay if you both write a fantasy list with 10 to 20 things on it and then both work to tick them off. These things ccan be try a new position, car sex, bath sex, all things like that.

Just get writing and then twice a month tick something off both off your lists.


Swapping partners (swinging.)

IF threesome is a little to risky for you then you can always try couples sex, I’m not against this but I think you’ve got to be a certain type of person to really understand it and a lot of the people who read this site are very much into couple sharing and threesomes. So I love to help you make them easier to have.

So if you’ve got a hot couple that you both like who’re in your league you could always ask them if they wanted to do a swap.


10 Sex Activities That Change your Sex Life Forever – So did you enjoy? Did you learn something from these sex tips/activities? Well we hope you did and we hope that it will change your sex life the same way it changes ours. – If you enjoy  this post then please make sure you leave a comment below and share as much as possible it really makes us happy and changes our day for the better. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

10 Sex Activities That Change your Sex Life Forever

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