10 Sex Tips All Couples Need To Know

10 Sex Tips All Couples Need To Know – Couples often forget how to have sex after about a year. You may wonder what I mean? Well, most the lust leaves the relationship and often a lot of the sexual things are finished and most of the time sex is much less frequent. It usually takes a further 3 years before the relationship runs dry and become less fun. So, I’ve created 10 sex tips that all couples new or old need to try out. These sex tips are going to help you advance in ways that you’ll never be able to explain. – IT takes two to tango, so always involve your partner, it makes the sex quicker to rebuild and save. – Before we start I just want to say that if you enjoy this article then please share it. – Comment below if you’ve got anything else to add or say :). – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Sex Tips All Couples Need To Know


#1. There Is A G-Spot And A P-Spot

Most couples sadly never unlock either of these incredible pleasure spots. One being the g-spot that’s located inside the vagina and usually easy to stimulate once the female has had at least one clitoral orgasm.. And the P-spot that’s located isn’t the male anus and is just the same as the g-spot, it can create multiple orgasm, different types of orgasms and even change the way you feel orgasmic sensation.

So if you’re looking for new ways to unlock different pleasure inside your body then this is going to be the best way to do so and it’s the thing I really recommend, once you have some time to stimulate either you’ll be amazed with how well it’ll go.

This is the g-spot vibrator I highly recommend

This is the prostate massagers I highly recommend.

#2. You Can Try A Threesome With Only Two People

Yes if you’re happy to invest in a few sex toys you can have an incredible threesome either MMF or FFM with just the use of your partner and a few sex toys.

For men you’ll need a male masturbator just like this and your partner and for women you can use a suction dildo, sex machine and for extra effect restraints and blindfolds. It’s not hard to see why this is so effective and well recommended.

This is the ideal way to have sex for people who’re just turned on by the idea of a threesome and with the right guide you just can’t go wrong with trying it out. It’s safer, more fun and controlled by you.


#3. Sex Is More Orgasmic When Vibrations Are Involved

It’s true, even if you’re having couple sex you need to introduce a vibrator. Get yourself a bullet vibrator and start maximizing your sexual intensity today you’ll not regret it. It’s easier than ever to make the female have multiple orgasm and if you’re an open-minded person then you can use this vibrator and just pleasure your partner without any problems.


#4. Couples Sex Toys Are Out Of This World

IF you want something that’ll give you both loads of pleasure then this couple of toy is what you’re after. It gets inserted into the females vagina and then it’ll stimulate both the clitoris and the g-spot and then the male’s penis can stimulate her deepness, while also enjoying the orgasmic vibrations.

It’s the perfect sex toy for women you want to have lots of stimulation all at once, it’s really amazing and a lot of fun to try out.


#5. You Can Change Your Sex Life With New Positions

By getting something as simple as the Kama Sutra you can completely change your sex life, so it’s not a bad idea to treat yourself to something like the Kama Sutra and see what positions you can master with your partner. I usually recommend people to try doing one sex position per week.


#6. Be Open With Each other You Achieve More

You’ll always get more stimulation and pleasure from your partner if you listen to them, some people hate people who ask questions, but they need to understand that in order for you to give that amazing pleasure, you’ve got to have a nice amount of guidance and to get guidance you’ve got to ask questions.


#7. Mix Things Up, Don’t Always Do One Thing

Never become a sex zombie, always look for new ways to spice things up. It’s not hard to do you just have to research articles like this and then put what you learn into action.


#8. Change The Room You Have Sex In

If you have sex in the same room every single day then there’s no wonder that sex may have got boring for you. Change the room you have sex in and you’ll be able to get the sexual tension back up to a decent present. So many relationships fall into this trap, especially the ones with kids.


#9. Have Sex More Often

Look it’s all good and well saying you’re not in the mood, but if you always went for that then you’d never have sex. You need to start having more sex, making it more orgasmic and then you’ll want more sex for your partner, it’s that simple. Just give it a try.


#10. Your Diet Can Effect Your Sex Life

IF you’ve got a really bad/unnatural diet then it can have really bad effects on your sex life. So to avoid that you should try your best to eat health, natural products that give you extra energy, it’ll help you achieve more in your sex life than the foods filled of fat, sugar and salt. Trust me when I say this.

10 Sex Tips All Couples Need To Know

10 Sex Tips All Couples Need To Know

10 Sex Tips All Couples Need To Know – Sexy sex tips right? Are you ready to add that extra lust to your relationship? You should be, this really will change the way you think about yourself and your partner. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to share. – Comment below for a chat, advice or to add you input. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Sex Tips All Couples Need To Know

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