10 Sex Tips By Men For Women

10 Sex Tips By Men For Women

10 Sex Tips By Men For Women – It’s all good and well having other women tell you what a man wants in the bedroom, but sadly most women get it wrong. A man doesn’t want a screaming women, who lets us have quick sex, no we want a foreplay goddess, who wants sex, but at the same time builds it up and gets us ready, we want someone who’ll really give it a try. That’s why today I’m going to tell you the exact advice that you need in order to have great sex and completely blow the mind of your partner. – Sharing is caring, comment below if you want more advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Sex Tips By Men For Women


#1. A Women Who’s Confident In Bed Is A Sexual Goddess

Confidence is the key, having the ability to try stuff without being nervous is something that’s going to give you the edge on other women, men love a women who’s confident and happy to take control. It doesn’t matter what you look like rock what you’ve got and show your man who that’s what’s happening, there’s something thrilling about a women who’s happy with what she’s got and uses it to pleasure.

I often see women who’re conscious about their body and want to have sex with the lights off, etc. Well I’ve got some news, if he’s with you and is a nice guy then he knows what you look like, the only person you’re kidding is yourself, so work with what you’ve got, enjoy the sex and don’t be scared to leave the light on ever now and again.


#2. Hot Nightwear Makes The Mood

Get a pair of stockings, some sexy underwear and maybe a naughty outfit. Rocking what you got just became even more exciting. You’ve just go tot grab this stuff and pop it on get yourself feeling sexy and then play that role and show your man. He will be lustful like never before. He’ll want to rip it off, but make him be patience, let him enjoy what you’ve got.


#3. Guidance Is The Key With Men

Men also like giving you pleasure so if you want him to be better in bed then guide him, find out what you enjoy then let him try it on you. It’s the only way you’re going to be able to cum multiple times. So learn yourself and then guide your man, there’s a certain enjoyment from sex where you’re both left full pleasured.


#4. You Want To Learn To Build Him Up Then Let Him Down 

As I mention all the time, the secret to a powerful male orgasm is build up. You need to build him up, drop him down and repeat till the point he can’t take no more. Do this for twenty minutes and the pleasure he’ll get once he releases will be un-machable. You won’t be able to beat the pleasure that you can give him with this. You can even ask him to tell you when he’s about to cum so you can stop.


#5. Get On Top

Some women don’t like to get out of the machinery position and I’m here to tell you that position just won’t do, it’s not going to be exciting every time, so if you want to make him go wow try riding him, put a lot of energy in it and really go for it. You want to be in control and get yourself off. The thought of you getting yourself off using him is a big turn on and will only fuel the hot sex even more.


#6. Try Something New 

When was the last time you tried something new in the bedroom? If it was longer than a month ago then you’re doing something wrong. Start getting the lust back into your life by trying something new, orgasmic and fun in the bedroom, you don’t have to rush, just make a point of trying something new at least once per month, it can be a sex to, a new position, maybe a fantasy, even a role play scenario.


#7. Tell Him What Turns You On

Instead of dirty talking try telling him what makes you wet, keep it simple and use hot words like f*ck to explain what makes you wet and turned on, explain in detail if he seems interested and do all this while you’re pleasuring him in some way.


#8. Men Enjoy Foreplay Too

No shocker here, men need and enjoy foreplay just as much as women. Yes a man can enjoy sex without foreplay unlike most women, but for him to have an orgasmic experience worth remembering he’s going to need some sort of stimulation.


#9. Most Men Love Pleasuring Women

As I mentioned above, most men get a kick of pleasuring their partner, so let him in, give him a chance, show him what you want and see if he’s good enough to make it happen. Communication is going to be important so make sure you keep talking to him and tell him if it feels good, great or out of this world.


#10. Get Some Sex Toys

Sex toy time. You need to update your sex toy collection, starting with a bullet vibrator that will help you figure out what pleasure you enjoy, then a vibrating cock ring to add size and strength to his erection and stimulation to your clip, then you can end it with some great lube.

10 Sex Tips By Men For Women

10 Sex Tips By Men For Women

10 Sex Tips By Men For Women – See, it’s really that simple, just remember that men enjoy foreplay just as much as women, so be sure to give it a try and build up is everything, the more you build him up the better he’ll explode when he finally climaxes, trust me I’m a man I know this will work. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to share. – Comments are a great way to help me out, so please use the comments and ask for help. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Sex Tips By Men For Women

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