10 Sex Tips For Men With Big Dicks

10 Sex Tips For Men With Big Dicks

10 Sex Tips For Men With Big Dicks – This is for the few men who have a big penis and want to know how to use it better. A lot of sex tips are aimed to men with small penis and the probable with this is that the penis isn´t orgasmic at all if it´s not used right, so I´m going to teach you exactly how to use that penis and really excite women, it´s all about position, speed and deepness, I´ll teach you all the advice that you need to blow any girls world. Remember just because your penis is big doesn’t mean you´re great in bed, it´s just the start. – Comment if you want to ask any questions after the article and feel free to add your own advice there. – Sharing is caring, so please share if you enjoy this post. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Sex Tips For Men With Big Dicks

Keep her legs wide apart

When you’ve got a big tool you really need to keep her legs wide, if she puts them round your back it will make her even tighter, this will most likely hurt her.
So keep her legs wide apart and really spread them out, you don´t want to make them tight and you don´t want them close, this will make you go deeper, so make sure you´re careful and don´t thrust to deep unless you looks like she´s enjoying it. – This is the 10 Sex Tips For Men With Big Dicks.


Don´t thrust to deep

Be careful when frusting, when you first go inside her try not to thrust as deep as you can, women don´t like it, they sometimes want a deep thrust after sex has been going on for a while but if it´s just begun then it´s a little risky in my opinion.
So start really slow, don´t push to deep, build her up, and slowly go a little deeper with every thrust, but don´t ever just go from 0 to fully in, you´ll make her go crazy and not in the good way.


Take your time while entering

Like I said above you need to take your time.
Make sure she´s really wet and then lightly push yourself in and just let her body tell you what to do, once you´re in you´ll find it easier to pleasure her.
So keep in mind getting fully inside her but don´t rush it, sometimes women don´t want a big penis so it´s not always a great idea, you really do need to be careful


Lube up as much as you can

Don´t be cheap with lube, you need to use plenty of it, it´s what makes the sex a lot more fun for her. I recommend buying some of this lube it works really well and will stop you from hurting her.
I usually recommend lubing yourself up and then just lubing her vagina with your fingers, make sure she has lube inside and then just go nuts, this will speed up the intercourse and it will make the intercourse a lot more safe and better with your penis.


Foreplay is your friend

Take as much time as you can, even though you’ve got lube make sure you take your time while in foreplay. Depending on how big your penis is you will need to do more, I usually recommend about 20 minutes of foreplay, try to make her orgasm before you have sex, this will make her vagina get a little less loss and it will help you get inside.
This works especially well if she´s tight and you need some extra help to push through, so give her oral sex, use your fingers, touch her sweet stops and drive her crazy with pleasure.


Don´t be afraid to use your hands and tongue

A lot of men with big penises think that they´re going to be amazing in bed and in honesty it´s usually the opposite, most of the men with big penises usually suck in bed because they leave all the work to the girl and that sucks.
Most of them won’t give oral sex and some won´t even take the time to make a girl bad. In honesty the penis is fun but it´s not going to make a girl orgasm on it´s own, so make sure you get great at oral sex and even better at using your fingers, this will help you out in so many ways.


Stay away from doggystyle and reverse cow girl

These two positions will get you to deep and if she´s not had a big penis before it will most likely hurt her so stay well away from doggy style for at least the first few months and same with reverse cow girl, you don’t need to rush these two.


Go slow and let her take control of the speed

Don´t go mental, you´ll probably want to but if you go in and out super quick you may end up hurting her.
Take your time with the speed and make sure that you build her up.


Let her go on top first just so she can take control

Letting your partner go on top is probably one of the best ways to get sex, it´s going to help you get inside and have move fun.
A girl can pick the speed and can also pick how far you go inside, this takes the pressure off you.


Keep the rhythm going and keep the speed the same

Make sure you keep your speed and rhythm in the same league, you don´t want to be going off peace and stopping/starting.

10 Sex Tips For Men With Big Dicks

10 Sex Tips For Men With Big Dicks

10 Sex Tips For Men With Big Dicks – Are you ready to put your big dick to use, it´s really easy to use once you’ve put a lot of this into practice, you need to remember that a big penis isn’t everything, you need passion and heat to real make it a good tool. – Comment below if you want to help anyone with your own advice or be helped. – Sharing is caring so please remember to share as much as possible, I love to read what you say. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Sex Tips For Men With Big Dicks

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