10 Sex Tips For Men With Big Penises

10 Sex Tips For Men With Big Penises

10 Sex Tips For Men With Big Penises – A lot of men think having a big penis allows them to be amazing in bed without any training, this is far from the truth, in fact most women prefer an average, confident guy over a man with a massive penis. It can sometimes be very painful and not fun at all having a big penis. So I’m going to give you 10 bits of advice I wish I knew about 10 years ago, these are tips that will change the way you perform in the bedroom forever, so if that sounds good to you then continue reading and get ready to transform yourself in the bedroom, you’ll never have a girl fake an orgasm with you either again. – Sharing is amazing, so please share this with others. – Comment below if you’ve got some input of your own. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Sex Tips For Men With Big Penises


#1. Don’t Forget To Learn Other Sex Tips

One of the biggest problems that men with a lot big penises face is that their shit in bed :O Sounds harsh, but it’s true. A lot of women don’t get much pleasure off the actual penis size of a man, instead they get pleasure off the rhythm, clitoral stimulation and sometimes g-spot stimulation. Without these factors sex will never be orgasmic.

Taking some time to read some other sex tips and learning to understand what a women wants is a great way to get the pleasure started and let the fun begin. You’ll be the full package and women really will go crazy for you.


#2. Rhythm Is Everything When Penetrating

You’ve got to know how to keep in rhythm and motion while having sex. Women hate men who change speeds constantly, don’t change pleasure points and are out of rhythm. Instead women get turned on by a man who can stimulate them with the same motion, a great in-out rhythm and the ability to keep things going without stops for at least ten minutes.


#3. Don’t Rush, Women And Men Need Foreplay For Great Sex

As all sexual health sites will tell you, the woman’s orgasm is usually achieved in foreplay. So just in-case she doesn’t care about your penis size you may want to get her cumming while in the foreplay stage, then once penetration starts you may get her again.


#4. Getting Deep Doesn’t Matter

Women don’t like a man who just keeps getting deeper, in-fact it hurts. Instead gradually get deeper, move up and down each time going a little deeper, until you’re finally all inside then just follow the tip above and you’ll be more than fine.


#5. You Need To Be Happy To Do Anything In Order To Get Her Off

Look women love a man who’ll openly admit that they’re happy to do anything in order to get her off. When you say that and actually mean it you’ll spark a part of your lady’s mind making her want you even more than before. So learn the art of getting her off with these simple techniques and then do what you have to, to really push her over the edge.


#6. Always Have Some Sort Of Lube

If you’ve got a really big penis you’ll find that some women won’t be able to have sex with you at all, it’s just not something that’s possible. With lube you’ll make the chances of her having a more enjoyable time higher. My favorite lube right now is this lubrication and it’s condom safe, doesn’t stain and lasts ages, it’s definitely a clear winner so be sure to treat yourself to some and just make sure you keep it near for when you’re about to have sex.


#7. Warm Up Is Absolutely Everything

Foreplay is great, but the warm up is important, use your fingers to warm her up and get her body warmed up in more ways, stimulate her nipples and outer boob, kiss her sweet sports and learn how to warm her body up for your penis.


#8. Warn A Girl Before If It’s Massive

It may sound silly but you owe it to the girl you’re with to own up about your penis size before you have sex. Don’t be big-headed, but if you’ve got a penis above 8 and a half inches you need to give a little warning because some girls just won’t want to sleep with it :O. Due to pain and discomfort, if you speak to women they often say they like the look of a big penis, more than the pleasure it gives.


#9. Get Her A Vibrator To Help Speed Up Foreplay

If you’re not great at foreplay you could always get a bullet vibrator to help speed up her climax. Once a women’s climaxed the first time it’ll be a lot easier for you to have sex with her and give her the next orgasm, so even if you’ve got to use a bullet vibrator to achieve that it’s not the end of the world at all.


#10. Don’t Trick Yourself

I often see men who tick themselves into thinking penis size is everything and course it does help with confidence, but when it comes to the kind of sex where the women if left shaking afterwards and is turned on behind be life you need to know more than just the in out motion. Take some time, learn, watch some sex tips, read sex tips, whatever you need to do to be sure that you have an orgasmic time with each other.

10 Sex Tips For Men With Big Penises

10 Sex Tips For Men With Big Penises

10 Sex Tips For Men With Big Penises – See, now you understand that every woman is different and having a big penis only matters to a small amount of women it’s time to start making a big difference with women, this will help you become amazing in bed. So get practicing and become ready for whats ahead. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below for more information about sex tips. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Sex Tips For Men With Big Penises

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