10 Sex Tips That Other People Will Never Tell You

10 Sex Tips That Other People Will Never Tell You

10 Sex Tips That Other People Will Never Tell You – There’s a lot of people who put out rubbish sex tips just to make men worse in bed. I’ve seen this to many times so now it’s time to do something about it and have a little stand, these are 10 sex tips that will either get you more sex or have you giving your partner an amazing orgasm. These sex tips aren’t for everyone but if you really want to know how to please a women then you’ll follow them to the best you can and after this you’ll be able to please her in so many more ways. If you want to see more articles like this then please make sure you hit the share buttons and if you want to have any more advice or ask some questions then just use the comments below. – Mr Male Sex Toys blog.

Want it

One of the best sex tips I ever got when I was yonger was from an older friend who said that you’ve got to want it, girls feel bad making you do  something for ages and unless they can see that you’re really enjoying it they’ll probably make you stop, so act like you’re loving it and make sure you put the time in, that way she won’t feel bad if it’s taking her a while.

Don’t be annoying by keep saying you’re enjoying it but just act like you love it which most of you do. This is a real must try to it will take more than once or twice to get right, after a  while she’ll just think you really love it and she’ll start enjoying it more and more, till the point where she finds having an orgasm a lot easier.

You can also offer a lot more and explain how much you love doing it, just anything that will really make her want you. – 10 Sex Tips That Other People Will Never Tell You.

10 Sex Tips That Other People Will Never Tell You

Don’t pleasure her unless she wants it just as much as you

It’s not impossible but it can be hard to make a girl orgasm when she only wants a quicky and just wants you to have sex and it be over with, which sounds harsh but sometimes girls just want a release and to make the man happy. In the situations it will be very hard to make her orgasm and you’ll have to really pull something out of the bag to make it worth while.

Sometimes it’s best to just leave it in this situation and then see how it plays out,

I just recommend leaving sex until another time if this is the case, it will usually only take 30 minutes to an hour and then the girl will start coming onto you and it will usually be a little more lustful, which is what you need.


Always try to make her orgasm first

Now this is something that can’t always be possible but you should always set out to do, so make sure you make her orgasm first and then after that you can then be as long or as quick as you like. This makes the sex a lot more fun and will make you better in bed. So just follow the tips below to make her orgasm first and then after that you should be grand and be able to keep her pleasure with ease. – This is the 10 Sex Tips That Other People Will Never Tell You hope you’re enjoying.


Be gentle

There’s a time and a place for being gentle and rough and usually as the start of sex you’ll want to be a little gentle and take your time a little more. Once the sex is going then you can start putting a little pressure on and then that will hopefully make it even more orgasmic which is what you want from your sex.


Focus on her clit

Okay now most of you guys will know this and I’m just saying it so you remember. All the fun is one the clit and unless you stimulate that clit it will be very hard to make her orgasm. Now many women can orgasm without clitoral stimulation so you really need to focus on it and just have some fun with it. This way it will make your life a lot easier and it will make her’s a lot more fun.


Don’t worry too much about penetration 

A lot of men try to stick their fingers in and then there penis and expect that will make her orgasm, the truth is, is that if anything this slows down the orgasm and stops it from happening, so if you just stay with the clit and then after the pleasure has really got going maybe tease her a little with your fingers and see if she enjoys it.


Cut your nails

Just  make sure that your nails are cut and not spiky, a spiky nail can literally ruin the chances of you making her have a good time and that will usually just make sex a lot less fun. – This is 10 Sex Tips That Other People Will Never Tell You.


Oral sex – Light tongue

Using the light tongue technique is a great way to get a girl to orgasm, you just start off really gentle and just pleasure everywhere as much as possible, you just have to go really slow and just flick your tongue around her clit, this will stimulate her and make sex more fun.


Be patient 

Take your time and be ready to stay down there for a while, some girls take 10 minutes and some take an hour + so just be ready to wait and keep your skills up.



Don’t keep changing speeds, it can mess a girls orgasm up and stop her from enjoying the pleasure, you need to keep the same speed and do it for a while.

10 Sex Tips That Other People Will Never Tell You

10 Sex Tips That Other People Will Never Tell You


10 Sex Tips That Other People Will Never Tell You – So what do you think? You ready to start sexually exploring your partners body? You really can’t go wrong with these sex tips and you’ll be surprised at what you achieve when you do them right. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Sex Tips That Other People Will Never Tell You

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