10 Sex Tips You´ll Always Use

10 Sex Tips You´ll Always Use

10 Sex Tips You´ll Always Use – Recently I´ve been asked a few times for an update on our sex tip advice, You guys wanted to know a little more about giving oral sex and how to really make your partner scream with pleasure. So I´ve spent the last week writing up 10 of the best sex tips that I´ve ever seen and now I´m going to pass them on to you. I´ll start with some basics and they will get more affective as you go down the page. – If you enjoy then please remember to hit the share buttons it really helps e out and if you want to have any more advice then please just use the comments below. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Sex Tips You´ll Always Use

How to lick your partner’s pussy

If you´ve gone down on your partner a few times then you might want to spice things up by trying something different.

Now oral sex can unlock new and magical things if you do it right and women find it easier to cum from oral sex than any other sexual activity you can perform.
One of the main things you need to remember while giving oral sex is to be gentle and start really slow.
I recommend starting with a big tongue and gently licking her with big strokes, Really cover her whole pussy.
Then as she starts to enjoy it come you can start alternating it, try doing circles with your tongue pushed gentle against her clit, maybe use your tongue slowly in a wind screen wiper motion.
This will really make her go wow if she´s not felt anything like it before. You can also stick a cheeky finger in there and see if she enjoys it and if she cums then as a tip always leave oral sex and return to using your fingers inside her vagina while her clit is sensitive. – 10 Sex Tips You´ll Always Use.

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Doggy style

Doddy style is one of the best positions for orgasmic sex, it really does make sex a whole lot easier, you have access to her whole body and it´s all in-front of you which will make it easier for you to have a play.
You can start by going slow, keep her back straight, this way you´ll go deeper inside her and it will make you feel a lot bigger. If you can see that you´re going to deep then let her arch her back as it will make the penis not go as far and will stop any discomfort.
You can reach around and see if she enjoys clitoral stimulation jouring sex and if she does then just choose a motion that you can keep up with while having sex.


Different rooms

It´s always good to try having sex in different rooms, it can make us feel more naughty which will then make the sex more orgasmic. Maybe go and try sex in the kitchen or in the bathroom and add a little more spice to it. This is the 10 sex tips you’ll always use.



Okay, you will need to find her clit to be able to make her cum and once you find the clit there´s just a few rules that you´ve got to follow.

  • Don´t be rough
  • Take your time
  • Foreplay

The clit can really get stimulation from anyway you touch it aslong as the girl is horny and in the mood. So make sure you get her really wet by having lots of good foreplay and then just take your time, the more into it she gets, the easier it will be to make her cum.

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Being rough

Some girls love it when a man takes control, depending on what type of girl you´re dating this can always be different.
So be a little rough and just see what she likes, you can try using a blindfold or handcuffs and you can even tell her off and put her where you want her.
This will really turn your partner on and help her climax.



It´s all about keeping up with the same speed, you don´t want to start and stop, never. Women don´t have as much control over there orgasms as men, so the last thing you want to do is stop touching her while she´s near to cumming, this will just make it a lot harder for her to cum in the future.
So keep your rhythm strong and make sure she´s enjoying it, once you know she is, just remember what you´re doing. – 10 Sex Tips You´ll Always Use.


Shave, cut your nails and fill

It´s always good to give your face a shave before giving oral sex, if you have stubble it can sometimes irritate the girls vagina.
Your nails need to be cut and not pointy so make sure you have a nail fill and cut them before you have sex, this way you´ll not hurt your partner.



Wetness is something that makes sex a whole lot more fun, if she´s really wet then the orgasms will just keep coming, so make sure you take the time to feel her in all the right places, this way you´ll find it a lot easier to get her pleasure and the pleasure will be a lot more enjoyable for her.


Missionary – Deep position

Missionary is a brilliant position because it allows you to get really deep if you do it right, you just have to spread her legs in different ways to really get deep, this will make it feel like you´re penis is bigger and it will help her gain more feeling from each thrust, so make sure you get her to either rap her legs around your back or spread them wide for added pleasure.



Make sure you kiss her loads, it´s good for making her feel better and it will really help you get her wet, kiss her on her lips and around her sweet spots just to get her worked up, you don´t want to be over the top but just every not and then make sure you have a kissing session while touching her body in all the right places.
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10 Sex Tips You´ll Always Use – See them sex tips really are the best of the best, they aren´t like any other sex tips and they´re great fro really getting your partner excited. You´ve got to remember to try these out as it will really help you get your partner to cum more often. – If you enjoy then please remember to share because it really helps Mr Male Sex Toys out. – Comment if you want more advice or help. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Sex Tips You´ll Always Use

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