10 Sexting Tips All Long Distance Couples Should Know

10 Sexting Tips All Long Distance Couples Should Know

10 Sexting Tips All Long Distance Couples Should Know – A great way to spice up sex in a relationship is to start sexting, it’s amazing, it really does add something to the sex and if you’re into building up your sex then it’s a great way to do it. But there is rules, very clear and good rules. I’m going to teach you the 10 sexting tips that’ll stop you getting you texts/pictures leaked, or even just make you look as hot as possible. – This is something that anyone who sexts needs to read, you’ll get so much from this ;). – So once you get these awesome tips please remember to share this article. It really does help me out. – Comments are also amazing, so if you want any more advice just comment. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Sexting Tips All Long Distance Couples Should Know


#1. When Sending Sexy Pictures Take It Slow

Look a lot of couples get it confused and ether send a sexy picture to quick and risk it getting leaked or blow the big substance. I’d say if you’ve just started dating a someone then you can be sure they’re going to show your picture to their friends and that’s not something you want, as if you’re getting more familiar and know each other well then they’ll like you, fancy you and want you more and not do anything with the image down to being jealous.

Then you jus just need to remember to start with a little bra picture for girls and body picture for men and then just slowly build up from there. You never want to go in straight with the vagina or straight with the penis, it’s just not worth it and it’s something you’ll really not want to do.


#2. Get Sex And Make Every Picture Count

IF you’re not feeling up to a picture then don’t send one, you’ll want to make every hot picture count. You want to do it in the right light and learn that it’s not about the picture it’s about the emotion behind it, things like a little show of what you’ve got, leaving it to the imagination, then a little low light and the right scene going on behind you. Things like that really do matter.


#3. Write Erotica To Each Other

IT doesn’t hurt to write erotica to your partner, something that really steams things up in a relationship is erotica. So send your partner erotica and really get her going. Start by writing out a little story about what you want to do with her and then turn that story into a world of pleasure, make sure you write it in detail and then after you’ve done that a few times you can start writing fictional stories about times you have sex in the future. Both take turns making it as hot and as sexy as possible.


#4. Don’t Show Everything Off At Once

As I mentioned before you’ll really want to avoid showing everything at once, it’s just not a good way of doing things. You want to take things slow and do it right.

Get a nice bra or a nice pair of boxers, the penis on camera doesn’t look to hot, no matter what pose you do, it’s just way it is. So avoid taking a picture of the penis alone, always take a picture of your penis hard but in boxers.


#5. If You’re New To Dating Keep Faces Out Of It

If you’ve not met in real life you’ll always want to keep your face out of any naughty pictures. IT’s not worth the problems you’ll get from someone leaking them and trust me I’ve seen women’s and mens nudes get leaked over Facebook on many occasions, so avoid this from happening to you today and just keep your face out of it.


#6. Try Getting On Skype

Skype is fun and it makes sexting a lot better, seeing someone while you write to each other is a much better way of interacting. IT’s still risky and remember they can still take pictures of you so if you don’t trust them then don’t show your face or get naked on skype.


#7. Play Games While Sexting

You can play little sex games while sexing, ask sexual questions, find out what they’d like to try in the future, learn about their fantasies and fetishes. Just talk naughty and learn as much sexual things about them as possible. You’ve also got to remember there’s a time and a place to get sexual and you’ve got to make sure you’re not always being sexual with them.


#8. Start Slow

Remember no matter how close they are to you, you always want to hold something back. Don’t rush anything. Take things slow and do it properly. There’s no point in rushing it, it’ll never get you anywhere.


#9. Remember To Always Check That They Have Their Phone

Look you don’t want to be texting them naughty pictures while they’re at a friend’s house or on a night out, people will grab the phone and look, I’ve seen this happen on so many occasions.


#10. Put A Password On Your Phone

It’s key to put a good password on your phone, one that people aren’t going to just guess, that’s not worth it. You’ll want to make sure people can’t just guess it, because the first place anyone goes in a phone is to the pictures, so you could also do yourself a favor by deleting the pictures you take after you take them and never save them to Icloud just to be safe ;).

10 Sexting Tips All Long Distance Couples Should Know

10 Sexting Tips All Long Distance Couples Should Know

10 Sexting Tips All Long Distance Couples Should Know – Now you know how to keep it secret, while keeping the pleasure hot. It’s simple, you’ve just got to go for it and be sure to add a lock to both your phones and maybe even remove the texts after, to stop things getting out and about. – Sharing is caring, so please share. – Comment if you’ve got any questions or have any extra advice for this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Sexting Tips All Long Distance Couples Should Know

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