10 Sexual Gifts He’ll Never Forget

10 Sexual Gifts He'll Never Forget

10 Sexual Gifts He’ll Never Forget – Are you looking to make your partner a very happy man? Well we’ve got a list of sexual favours that will completely amaze your partner to the point where he’s happy to except them as a gift. Pretty amazing right? This is a list of ten of the best sexual gifts that will literally change the way you have sex and he things about you in the bedroom. If that’s interesting for you then you should give it a try and see exactly what you think about it. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below if you want any advice on how to push these tips to the max. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Sexual Gifts He'll Never Forget

#1. A Deepthroat Blowjob 

Not many women can pull this off and the ones that can defonitly fall into the wife category. Now most women think you’re naturally gifted being able to deep throat and the truth is you can train yourself easiely, one step at a time.

One of the best ways to learn how to give a deep throat blow job is to try deep throat spray. You basically just apply it to the back of your throat. Then wait 5 minutes and you’ll be desensitized enough to be able to deep throat a penis. It’s the perfect way to get pleasure and have fun at the same time.


#2. A Full Body Massage

Every man loves a nice massage and if it turns a little x-rated even better. Start with the back and start working your way down, you can include the shoulders and lower back and then finally the thighs, at this point you can turn him over and start on his front, you’ll want to end it with a hand job and if you’re using edible massage oil you can even have some extra fun with him.

Full body massages are incredible and that’s why you need to give them a try. Just take your time and remember control is a massive turn on.


#3. Do Whatever He Says In The Bedroom 

Try play a game where he takes full control and tells you to do anything in the bedroom. This can be a real turn on for some men and some women even get a sexual kick out of being told what to do in the bedroom.

If that’s something you’re into then you should defonitly give it a try.


#4. Handcuffs, Blindfolds And Sex Toys Are Always Fun

Now things are getting really naughty. You need to grab a blindfold, some handcuffs and maybe a few sex toys.

You can either let him restrain you and pleasure you, this is hot because he’s in-control and you’ll usually get really turned on, or you can restrain him and put his trust in you till the absolute max.

I recommend these:

These are all incredible sex toys.


#5. Let Him Try A New Position

People sometimes get bored of always trying the same sex position every single day and a great way of changing that is to get the Kama Sutra and try a different sex position every week.

This is the most ideal way to do amazing things.

This can also be quite exciting for you too, so it’s worth trying out.


#6. Be More Open Minded And Try Something New In The Bedroom

Don’t be closed minded, both men and women sometimes suffer drom this trate and it’s one of the quicket ways to make sex suck. Start putting more time into slowly doing naughtier, more exciting things with your sex life.

Example: Try car sex, go camping ;), try anal play (naughty)… Just do something that’s unusualy and more naughty than normal.


#7. You Could Always Surprise Him By Letting Him Have Anal Sex With You

As I mentioned above anal sex is a fantasy that a lot of men share and by you allowing him to try it you’re going to get a massive sexual reaction.

You don’t have to go full out penis in butt, you can just try a sex toy, or a finger, just something a little naughty, but nice.


#8. Get Some Sexy Underwear And A Sex Game

Don’t you feel better when you feel sexy? Teat yourself to a naughty outfit something that makes you feel like a sexual goddess and will make him go wow. Do this and you’ll feel sexy and he’ll feel luck.

The perfect combination for great sex.


#9. Learn The Art Of Foreplay And Use It On Him

Men like foreplay too. Most men get the importance of foreplay and women drilled into them, but sometimes women forget that men need foreplay too, something as simple as giving your partner foreplay can change the way sex feels for him.


#10. Find Out His Sexual Fantasies An Make Them Come To Life

Both have the sexual fantasy chat. Sometimes there’s some really simple, easy to answer fantasies that you both share.

Some couples, never ask or tell so they never get to try what truely turns them on and makes them feel incredible.

Don’t be affraid to ask, just have a nice bottle of wine, some good food and have one of them nights where you stay up shit talking all night. That’s the best thing you can do and that ways you need to give it a try.


10 Sexual Gifts He’ll Never Forget – IT’s never been so easy to spice up your sex life. Just perform any of the things on the list and be prepared to open your partners eyes up in the bedroom. You’ll be surprised how effective this can be for couples. It’s damn right amazing and will surprise even the most toughest men. If you need any advice then please feel free to using the comments below. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below for more advice on how to have better sex. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Sexual Gifts He’ll Never Forget

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