10 Sexy Surprises For Your Husband

10 Sexy Surprises For Your Husband

10 Sexy Surprises For Your Husband – Do you want to make your man go crazy for you in the bedroom? Well its time to get your sexy time in order and ready to amaze. Today I’m going to explain to you exactly what you need to do in order to amaze your partner in every way possible. If a women done any of this to me I would never forget it and always look back at it. – So if you’re looking to seriously spice up your love life then this is the way to do it. – Sharing is caring, so if you enjoy then please share. – Comment below for more advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Sexy Surprises For Your Husband


#1. Up Your Oral Sex Game

It’s not hard to give an incredible blow job, you’ve just got to get some deep throat spray, apply some lip balm to your lips and be ready to swallow. If you do them three things you’ll give your man the best blow job of his entire life. The deep throat spray allows you to deep throat his penis without gagging or feeling discomfort, the lip balm creates extra friction around the lips and penis and swallowing drives men crazy.

You could also add some flavored lube if you want to have a better tasting man, I recommend this strawberry lube, it’s great as normal lube and oral lube.


#2. Get Some Sexy Underwear

As I always say, a way to get a man’s attentio is to wear just enough clothes to provoke his imagination. If you really want to get your man amazed then go and buy a night outfit like that and some underwear like this. Team them both up and you’ll have a very sexy outfit that he won’t forget about. You also want to feel sexy, as when women feel sexy they’re more likely to enjoy sex.


#3. Play A Sexual Game

Have you ver played a sex game with your partner? You can either go online and find some ideas to create your own or you can go and buyy one for the best results. They basically show you the ideal foreplay making the pleasure exactly what most people need to get off. It’s a great way to gain trust with your partner ad it’s a lot of fun to play with.

My favourite sex game recently has been this one, it’s a lot of fun and just ticks all the right boxes for a sexy night in with your partner.


#4. Lights Low, Let The Hands Wander

Low lights make people more comfortable with themselves, so make it completely dark with a few candles on in the background and let your hands roam around your partners body, get them in the mood and just say nothings off limits while the lights are off. It’s a great idea to get clean and feel sexy while trying this one and it works even better with a little pre foreplay.


#5. Play A Game With Your Sex Life

Don’t just settle for bored games, get The Sexual Bucket List and start making you actual sex live a challenge, you’ve just got to get that book and start completing the challenges it gives you, doing that will give you everything you need to get the lust started in the relationship.

People often get caught in a routine cycle making it hard to get excited about sex. By adding this to the mix you’ll open your partners mind up and add some fun competition to your sex life.


#6. Role Play A Sexy Situation

Have you ever tried acting with your partner? Well if not start by simulating the first time you had sex or ever meet, then pretend to be different people and just see what happens. You just need to pick a fantasy and start role-playing it, it’s the easiest way to live two lives and try different sexual experiences without ever having another person in your relationship.


#7. Give A Sex Token

Create sex checks, it’s not something that’s going to completely change your sex life but it is a lot of fun having little checks for blow jobs and other sexual favors, you do have to live up to them and allow each other to cash them in whenever you want.


#8. Try Watching Erotica Together

Have you ever wondered what type of porn your partner is into? Well if you’re open-minded you could always try watching some erotica together. Just test the water and see how it goes, you never know you may enjoy it and have some fun with each other.


#9. Get A Bullet Vibrator

The best bullet vibrator is right here, it’s ideal for learning what type of sex you enjoy and it’s the best couple sex toy money can buy, you’ll not get better tan using a sex toy like this. It’s exciting and a completely different type of pleasure for those who’ve never tried a sex toy.


#10. Plan The Perfect Sex Night

Take the time to get everything perfect so you can have the perfect sex night with each other. It’s a little price to pay and it isn’t hard. You run them a bath, get the sex prepared, maybe do dinner and then when they’re out you take them to the room where to music starts and the sex begins.

Doesn’t sound to bad does it?

10 Sexy Surprises For Your Husband

10 Sexy Surprises For Your Husband 

10 Sexy Surprises For Your Husband – Wooo…. It’s time to really surprise your man in the bedroom I think! Just follow the advice above and you’ll be able to do just that. All this advice is tested and let me tell you it really will amaze him ;). Remember that you get what you put in, so the more effort you put in, the more he will have too. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to share. – Comment if you’ve got any questions or anything to add. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Sexy Surprises For Your Husband

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