10 Sexy Surprises For Your Wife

10 Sexy Surprises For Your Wife

10 Sexy Surprises For Your Wife – Are you looking to make your wife a happy woman? Well look no further, these sexy surprises will change the way she looks and has sex with you. So, if you’re looking to spice things up like never before then you need to try some of these sexy ideas. I love nothing more than when a man does this stuff to me, it literally makes me go crazy. Be sure to have a paper and pen with you, just so you can write them down and remember to try them. – You don’t want to be forgetful when it comes to having sex with your partner. – Sharing is caring, if you enjoy this article then please share. – Be sure to comment below for more information. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Sexy Surprises For Your Wife


#1. Take Her Stress Away

Put a nice bath on with all the nicest smelling products you have. Make sure it’s nice and warm and get a her a glass of wine ready for while she’s in their. This is the perfect thing to do just as she comes in from somewhere, you can then sit in the bathroom with her just talking about her day, asking questions, getting her nice and related.


#2. Clean Bedding

Put new bedding on the bed, there’s nothing better than clean bedding and it’s such a nice surprise for when she gets out of the bath. It’ll make her feel amazing, so change it and get the old bedding in the washing bin or wash it and get it ready to be dried. It doesn’t take a lot to do something like this, but it’s really thoughtful and will make your partner really happy with you.


#3.  Have A Wash, Get New Underwear

Make sure you’re washed and all clean, you want to clean the places in between just so you feel good about yourself and can relax. I often get new underwear too as a treat depending on the occasion, if it’s just to have amazing sex then just your best clean pair of boxers will do. Calvin Klein are my boxers of choice.

You can also add some nice body spray and deodorant to make sure you smell as good as possible.


#4. Warn Her So She Can Get Ready

It’s always great to put a special night label when you’re about to do something like this, for great sex women like to get ready, simple things like making sure she’s got new sexy underwear will be something that she wants to do, so make sure you give her a little warning just so she can get ready and doesn’t feel like she’s got to improve.


#5. Flowers Never Go A Miss

A dozen roses or a bunch of followers, doesn’t have to be expensive just has to look nice, surprise her with them maybe even add a nice card saying how much you love her. Doing something nice like this is all you’ll need to do to make her happy with you.


#6. Sexy Massages Are Intense

A message that ends up getting naughty is a great place, just make sure you get some oil so you can do it properly and look at a few videos on YouTube just so you get the message right. It’s not hard to give your partner an orgasmic message, it just may take some time to get it complexly right.


#7. Get A Vibrator, You Can’t Go Wrong

You can’t go wrong with a simple vibrator. If your partner doesn’t have many sex toys then surprise her with this Bullet Vibrator and just watch the night of sex un-wide, it’s waterproof so you could even surprise her with it in the bath. Sex toys are always the perfect way to get more sex out of you r partner.


#8. Cook Her A Nice Meal

Being a gentleman and cooking her a nice meal (not a take out), is lovely and when you serve it just as she gets out the bath you’ll see a big smile on her face. And its going to complete the night so for the few minutes it takes to complete it’s definitely worth the time. Trust me on this.


#9. Try Learning Some New Sex Tips

We all get used to the same old sex especially if you’re using the same-sex tips every single time you have sex, to stop this from bring the case check out some of our ex tips and just get your body used to them. You want to get a few new tricks up your sleeve so you can surprise her next time you have sex.


#10. Unlock Your Naughty Sides

There’s nothing wrong to getting kinky with your partner. Don’t be scared to unlock that naughty side of yourself with you partner, allow her to enjoy the pleasure, while maybe even providing a fantasy or two at the same time.

10 Sexy Surprises For Your Wife

10 Sexy Surprises For Your Wife

10 Sexy Surprises For Your Wife -Are you ready to surprise your partner in the best possible way? Well it’s time to put all the advice above into practice and really amaze her in the bedroom, this is by far the easiest way to make her feel incredible and to make her want you more than ever. – Sharing is caring, if you enjoyed the advice then please share. – Comment below for more advice, comments are always welcome. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Sexy Surprises For Your Wife

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