10 Shocking Facts About Your Penis

10 Shocking Facts About Your Penis

10 Shocking Facts About Your Penis – If you have a penis you need to know these 10 shocking, but funny facts about the male penis. This is truly amazing and funny. I took some time this weekend to do some penis research, what I found was amazing and that’s why I just had to post it here. – If you want to know how to get a bigger penis you can go here, I teach you how I added size to my penis in a matter of weeks. – Sharing is amazing, if you’re feeling kind then please hit the share buttons. – Comment below if you’ve got anything to add to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Shocking Facts About Your Penis


Training at the gym can make your penis shrink 

Yes, this really is crazy but it’s true. If you train at the gym more than a few times a week you can battle with penile shrinkage. The blood goes to your muscles and leaves your penis, it’s not permanent but if you’re trying 3 to 4 times per week then it will seem permanent. This especially goes for the people who lift every day. People have lost inches in penis size and girth by doing this.

There’s one way to start it happening and that involves using this amazing tool. This tool also gives you a bigger penis.


Smoking Shortens the length of your penis 

Blood flow is key to having a big, healthy erection. Smoking makes your blood flow decrease. So, if you smoke a few cigarettes per day then it’s possible that you’ll permanently lose up to a centimeter to your penis size. It can also make it a lot harder to achieve an erection, this is why I recommend that you stop smoking or never starting.


An average male orgasm lasts 6 seconds while women last 24

This is unfair on a high level. If you’re a man you’ll have an orgasm for around 3 to 6 seconds and women usually orgasm 24 seconds + Some women can even go longer. Women also have mini orgasms while building up to their full orgasm. It’s amazing right? Also slightly unfair on us men. We do make the most out of our 6 seconds by having at least 3 orgasms per day 😉


You can add inches of size to your penis using a Bathmate

Most men don’t know this but you can actually add size to your penis. So many people get told that adding inches to your penis is impossible, but it turns out that it’s not, in fact it’s easy and involves 15 minutes every night 5 days per week. If you can put in the time then within 6 weeks you’ll get permanent length gains and you’ll add 2 to 3 inches in length and 1 inch in girth.

The Bathmate hydromax x30 is incredible and it’s what I used to gain size to my penis. Go and check it out, it even comes with a 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Penis exercises is a thing

Another way to add size to your penis is by exercising it. Yes, it’s a thing and lots of people do it. This website has a workout plan with videos that show you exactly how to exercise your penis to a bigger, harder and easier to maintain state. So if you’re after the ultimate training then you need to try this out.


 Eating sweet fruit can change the taste of your cum

It’s true! Eating pineapple and fruits they’re sweat will change the taste of your cum, so if you enjoy girls swallowing then you’ll need to get used to eating loads of fruit to make it taste better. It doesn’t just change the taste a little bit, it will really change the taste, give it a try to see exactly what I’m talking about.


Worlds largest penis is 13.5 inches long, that’s almost the size of a bottle of wine

If you feel like you’ve got a big penis then I’m about to burst your bubble. There’s a man in the world that has a penis that’s almost the same size as a bottle of wine. 13.5 inches, that’s over 2 times the size of a normal mans penis. It’s almost 2 7 inch penises put together. Think of how big that is.

The man he this penis belongs to got stopped in the airport because they thought he was carrying a weapon in his pants.


You can have a grower or a shower

Some men have penises that are small and then grow loads in size when they get an erection, some men also have showers, these are penises that are the same size when they’re not erect. You can gain a shower if you use the Bathmate so that’s another really great reason to give one a try.


King Fatefehi of Tongo supposedly deflowered 37,000 + women

According to history there was a kind that used to only sleep with virgins and it’s said that he slept with over 37 thousand women, think about that for a second.

Living the dream? I think it’s safe to say that he most of had nothing to do in his day.


 Man usually last 2.50 minutes in sex

The average man lasts around 2.5 minutes in bed. The funny and unusual thing about this is that women perceive the time longer than the man, so a women usually feels like a man lasts 5 minutes even when it’s only 3.

You can last longer in bed by using delay spray, this is the ultimate way to make your penis better in bed give it a try to see for yourself how amazing it is.

10 Shocking Facts About Your Penis

10 Shocking Facts About Your Penis

10 Shocking Facts About Your Penis – Did you know your penis well? I was shocked, god that guy with the biggest penis in the world, god. If you’ve ever googled it you’ll be very amazed with it. It’s as big as a bottle of wine, that’s crazy right. – Sharing is caring, comment below if you want a chat or to ask any questions. The comments are always welcomed, so feel free. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Shocking Facts About Your Penis

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