10 Things All Men Should Know About Sex

10 Things All Men Should Know About Sex

10 Things All Men Should Know About Sex – 10 funny things that all men should but don’t know about sex, these are just some of them things that you sometimes hear but never know are true. Like does pineapple really make your cum taste good? Well I will teach you all today in this cool sex education article. You’ll hopefully learn something new and you’ll probably make you and your partner start a fruit diet after you read this. – If you enjoy then please hit the share buttons below. – Comment if you’ve got any more interesting facts to add.

10 Things All Men Should Know About Sex


Pineapple Makes You Taste Better

Yes it’s true, if you eat more pineapple your cum will taste better, this is something that’s good if you like receiving blow jobs! (Every man goes and buys pineapple to see the effect it has on the taste of his sperm.

Well before you worry about the taste of your sperm I’ve got another cool thing about pineapple, it also changes the taste of how women taste :O Yes, I know it’s very big news!

So if you want your partner to have a better tasting pussy just secretly feed her Pineapple, same goes to the women who’re reading this.


If You Eat Loads More Fruit And Honey Your Sex Drive Will Rise

Another thing that really will make your sex a lot more fun is fruit, yes fruit seems to hold the key to loads of sexual things, the main one being sex drive.

Eating lots of fruit and honey will make you want sex and if your partner joins you on a fruit detox then you’ll both be able to go at it like rabbits, this is good to get a sex drive boost and it’s also great for your body and stamina.

So not only will you want to go like rabbits this will give you the energy to go like rabbits.


Another cool fact.

Running will also make you want more sex, it’s told that 2 hours running a week will give you more energy and raise your sex drive, so if you do the above and also do a run with your partner you’ll end up having more and more sex. Wooooo… Get them running shoes on!

Sex Is As Good As You Make It

This couldn’t be truer, everyone usually has high expectations of sex and they can sometimes be shattered because the person has been unrealistic.

Sex really is as good as you make it, get yourself ready and if you expect it to be good it will be, the biggest part of giving a girl an orgasm is through her mind, so make sure you make her think it’s going to be amazing too, that way it really will be amazing.


Another tip.

The key to good sex is the girl, girls have the power to make sex great and really all you’ve got to do is rock their world, if you do that they’ll rock your’s it’s really that simple. – 10 Things All Men Should Know About Sex.


Being A Player Who Has A Lot Of Sex Is All About Location

When you hear about these guys that have sex with 10 women a week while you’re sat there thinking where’s mine? Well it’s all because of location, if you’re in the right place you’ll be able to get as many girls as you like.

If you’re in a small town then you’re going to have little to know hope, unless that small town is in Whales and called the valleys then I’d get out of there.

So really you need to be a in a city or a clubbing area, places like Benidorm, Ibiza, magaluf, Sunny beach (Bulgaria) , Any of them places you’re guaranteed to get a girl, it might not be the kind of girl I’d recommend or you could bring home but it would be a girl.

So, it really is all about where you are.


Tight Boxers Will Kill Sperm

This is another thing they didn’t teach me in school, tight boxers can kill sperm, usually only the load that you’ve to shot, but still that’s pretty crazy.

So make sure you wear loose boxers and non tight jeans if you want to get a girl pregnant. – Tell us what you think of 10 Things All Men Should Know About Sex.


Girls Can Get Pregnant On Their Period

Despite what your friends tell you a girl really can get pregnant on her period, there’s really not a time that a girl can’t get pregnant and if you’re told there is it’s rubbish, there is times where it’s easier and there’s time where it’s harder, but you should always wear protection to stop it happening.


Wanking/Watching To Much Porn Can Give you Temporary Erectile Dysfunction

:O What? Yes it’s true if you masturbate too much and watch porn all the time it can really de sensitive your penis and mind, this can give you short time lose of boner.

That’s usually why when we start watching too much porn the quality keeps going down, we get to used to normal sex so we change to more hardcore or naughty and then that keeps happening till getting a boner is hard.

So try to limit porn 🙁 Kills me to say it. It also means you’ve got to be careful while strategy wanking.


Sex Can Help You Live Longer

If you have sex a few times a week it really can make you live longer, it makes your mind more active and gives you a little exercises. Everything you need to get the stress away and clear your mind, it really is a must have for a long happy life.  – This is 10 Things All Men Should Know About Sex hope you’re enjoying.


Not Cutting Your Nails And Having Sharp Bits Is The Quickest Way To Not Get To Have Sex.

One tip that I will pass on to you as its a common problem, you need to remember to cut and fill your nails, you’ll otherwise be scratching and hurting the girls pussy.

This tip isn’t something you can skip, it really will lose you out of sex, this especially goes out to people who bit their nails.


The Idea Of Sex If Always Better Than The Sex Itself

A lot of men and women will agree when they say that the idea of sex is always better than sex, this really is something that you’ve got to tell yourself if you feel yourself slipping out of a relationship or not getting loads of sex.

Sex really is better with someone you love, you’ll be more confident and able to try new things.


10 Things All Men Should Know About Sex

10 Things All Men Should Know About Sex – Yes fruit is awesome not only does it make you taste better but her too, and it makes you more horny! We really were meant to eat more fruit so get eating and get that sex driver higher than ever before. Is there any facts that you enjoyed? If there is then tell us in the comments below, I love to see what you people think. – Remember sharing is caring so please share as much as you feel like. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

10 Things All Men Should Know About Sex

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