10 Things Every Couples Should Try In The Bedroom

10 Things Every Couples Should Try In The Bedroom

10 Things Every Couples Should Try In The Bedroom – Want to try something that will spice your sex up and maybe get some of that passion in your love back? Well this post will be amazing for you. Today I’m going to teach you ten things that you’ve got to try in the bedroom, some are really naughty and some are really easy, either way it’s a most to try and will really spice your sex life up. I love trying stuff like this and I think you’ll agree with me once you’ve have a go. – Remember that if you found this helpful to leave a comment or hit the share buttons, it really helps. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

10 Things Every Couples Should Try In The Bedroom


A lot of couples will know about bondage, especially since 50 shades of grey made it a big deal, it seems more and more couples are getting involved and it just keeps on getting hotter.

What you need to do is go and by a little bondage kit and start testing, just try some handcuffs or blindfolds and see how it goes, if you enjoy it then you can move up to leg restraints and other amazing toys.

This is a good way to get the sex back to normal and it’s something that a lot of couples try, if you enjoy it then there’s no reason not to do it.


Open windows

This is a fantasy that a lot of women have and it’s normal for people to find it a big turn on, it’s basically when you leave all the windows open and have sex, you imagine that someone can see you or someone will be watching you and you see what would happen.

This can be a massive turn on for a lot of women and even men can find this very fun. It’s a great way to add to the excitement and you can really mix it up.


Bath Tub

Have you ever use the bathroom to have sex? Well if you haven’t then now’s the time. You can either use the bath (recommended) or the shower (tutorial here) either way you’ll find it really hot and it’s something that can be out of this world.

If you’ve got a big bath then do it in the bath as it will blow you mind, the girl should prooably be on top as it’s easy to keep control.

In the shower just do what feels best and make sure you have a non slip mat as you might slip over and hurt yourself. This has always been a great way to try something new and it’s always hot.


New Room 

Most couples have all there sex in one room, it’s where it all comes down and it can sometimes be a little boring. What you should do is try mixing it up by having sex in a new room, maybe the kitchen or even the living room, just anywhere it’s now and will feel a little more naughty.

I always think that’s the best way to get back into sex, so if it seems like you don’t have spicy sex any more then just change the room and see what happens I’m sure there will be something interesting.


New sex position

Is always say to couples who come and see me to try and do at least 1 new sex position per month, then after you’ve done them all, you have to start over and pick your favourite one.

This sounds hard but while doing it you’ll find new things out about  each others body and it can start things like getting more flexible and training to be able to do the next position.

There’s loads to try and you should start easy and work your way up. Make sure you only do the next position once you’ve finished the one before it.

In a car

Hot or not? Well if you want to try something really daring then take your car to a non busy place and try having sex even giving each other oral sex. This will add some extra pleasure and hopefully make the whole thing a lot more intense.

I love using cars and I think that if you want to do something new without to much risk this is the best way.



Dress up time? Well you don’t even have to go that far, maybe trying something new and different is the key. I just think trying something that will make you both turned on is always good.

You can either act out something or pretend to be someone else, either way it’s a lot of fun.



Do you have any fantasies? Well it’s time to act on them, you can really do anything you want and see where it takes you. Fantasies are a way to unlock that naughty part of your brain that makes you so turned on.

So just speak to your partner about his/her fantasies and see if there’s any you can try.


 Sex Toys

You can always try a sex toy? Sex toys are always amazing to use and all you’ve got to do is take a look at this site and see if there’s anything you like.


Take Turns

If you want to try something naughty then you should have sex nights where one of you is in control and then it changes, I always think that’s the best. Change it once a week and make sure you take full control when you’re in control.



10 Things Every Couples Should Try In The Bedroom – Did you learn something? Go away and put it to practice! See if it helps your sex life as much as it helped mine! It’s not hard to do and really doesn’t take any skill at all. Just be open minded and make sure you give it a try. – If you enjoyed this post then please leave a comment below, it really helps me out. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

10 Things Every Couples Should Try In The Bedroom

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