10 Things Girls Love Men Doing In Bed

10 Things Girls Love Men Doing In Bed

10 Things Girls Love Men Doing In Bed – Do you want to make your girlfriend a happy women tonight? Well if you do then this is the perfect place to start, I’m going to show you exactly how to make your partner cum over and over again. This should teach you exactly what you need to do to make sex and love so much more fun and real. These tips really will help you make your partner happy. I love tips like this and it´s just my personal experience so it should be really valuable for you newbies and sex experts. If you´ve got any more questions for me then just leave them in the comments. – Make sure you check our other articles, we love to show you some amazing sexual advice. – Sharing is caring so if you want to say thank you and be amazing then please share this post. – Mr Make Sex Toys Blog.

10 Things Girls Love Men Doing In Bed

Don´t be scared to take control and make us feel like we´re safe

No girl will complain about feeling safe and being took control of. I love it when my man makes me feel like a women but makes me feel like I don´t have to make any discussions.


Let her feel that you’re in control in a non aggressive way

You can do this by letting her lay back and you just doing the work, kiss her and let her relax, tell her to close her eyes and just let you do the work.
This will leave her thinking about what you´re doing, this will make her more sensitive and create a better setting, you can always turn the lights low so it´s no awkward while you’re working around her body.


Show us that your know what you’re doing and then take your time

A lot of men take time to build us up and it can sometimes make us feel like you don´t know what you´re doing, to stop this being the case you should show us you know what you´re doing down there and then take your time and build us up.
Even explain what your plan is, this will just keep our mind open and stop us from thinking “what is he doing”


Kiss our sensitive spots like, necks, inner thighs, ribs, boobs, we love it

I love a kiss, nothing to sloppy, just a lip kiss over my sensitive spots is enough to drive me crazy.

So gently kiss her neck and more to her boobs, don´t like or suck just kiss, lightly kiss.
You can go over the top with this step so make sure you just take your time and don’t´t over do it, you don´t want her to be wet from the spit, let´s just put it that way.


Be romantic and make us a meal, run us a bath, take some time to make us feel special

Romance isn’t dead and you need to show her that, a lot of women don´t orgasm through the sex, like if you gave us a person who was great in bed but we didn´t like him, we´d find it hard to even come close to an orgasm.
So get in our mind and make us go wow, not just because of the sex but because of how we feel towards you.
So run a nice bath, kiss us, and cuddle loads, maybe make a nice meal because women also like food.


Try sex toys and don´t tell us that they will replace you

I´ve had a few partners that wouldn’t let me have a sex toy because they thought it would replace them, the truth is it makes us want sex more and if you start using it on us then it will become a way to make us orgasm easily. So treat sex toys like friends and treat us to a sex toy like this, it works great and will blow our mind.


Use your mouth carefully when giving oral sex, don´t bit, suck or put pressure on our sensitive areas

I really dislike when a man bits any part and I hate when men suck my clit, it´s lot a lollipop and it won’t react well to that.
If you´re gentle and do it right it can be hot but if you don´t know how to then maybe stick to them circles and up and down rhythm.


Foreplay is the way to a girls heart, take some tips off lesbians and practice foreplay over sex

Take time with the foreplay, I love it when I get laid down and my man takes complete control, let the me the case, take your time and really unlock her hotness.
It´s not all about the orgasm, it´s about the journey there, so make sure you take that journey slow and really make the end worthwhile.


Be happy and understand that sometimes we find it hard to orgasm even when sex is great

Sometimes I don´t feel like cumming and that´s just the way it is, don´t be upset if I tell you to stop or I just can´t. It´s better me telling you that I can´t instead of letting you stay down there for ages with no results.


Don´t be too soppy with us, we like a man and not a boy when it comes to having sex

I love a man who´s a little soppy when it makes sense to be but if you start being soppy while having sex it´s just a turn off.
Use your hands, touch us all around our bodies and not just on our pussy.
Make sure you pleasure our whole bodies, we sometimes get a little bored of the same old pussy play so try to mix it up.


10 Things Girls Love Men Doing In Bed

10 Things Girls Love Men Doing In Bed

10 Things Girls Love Men Doing In Bed – Are you ready for better sex, just do more of what she loves and less of what she hates, I will always tell me to be open minded and use sex toys, theý´re a great way to make yourself amazing in bed without any skill. – Sharing is caring so if you´ve enjoyed this article then make sure you share, it´s the best way for you to say thank you. – Comment below if you´ve got questions. Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Things Girls Love Men Doing In Bed


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