10 Things That Lower The Chance Of Your Partner Cheating

10 Things That Lower The Chance Of Your Partner Cheating

10 Things That Lower The Chance Of Your Partner Cheating – It would be great if we lived in a world where cheating didn’t happen, but sadly it does and no matter how strong you are now it could be you who has the next big heart-break. So I’m going to show you 10 things I’ve learnt that help keep a relationship strong. It’s not all about sex and it’s not all about understanding or even listening. Not even about changing, this is about changing and I’m going to help you grow, but grow with your partner in ways like never before. This will open your mind to new things and help you in ways like never before. – If you find this helpful then please remember to share this as much as possible. – Comment below for more information, I love to have a good chat. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Things That Lower The Chance Of Your Partner Cheating


#1. Have More Frequent Sex

Sex isn’t everything when it comes to a relationship, but it does help grow connection between both the people in the relationship. A lot of relationships stop sex or have it once a month and then wonder why their partner goes looking for sex someone else. We’re very sexual creatures so, we need regular sex, this doesn’t mean you’ve got to do it every day, but it means that the sex you do have has to be wanted and not a job and you must go to your partner for sex more.

This is why there’s a spike in how many people cheat after marriage which is a shame. It’s just because people let themselves go, they let work get in the way and they don’t communicate with each other.

So by simply just having sex once a week you can lower the chances of cheating by a huge amount, if it’s boring just find new ways to spice it up and go for it.


#2. Don’t Let Each Other Go After Marriage 

Look, it’s easy to let yourself go after marriage and we all have times in our life where we’ll let ourselves go, but you should always pick yourself up after you do fall down. You don’t want to let yourself go and then keep it that way. You want to let yourself go and then start getting back in shape that way you’ll keep the other grounded. This goes for both the man and women.


#3. Groom And Look After Yourself

IT doesn’t hurt to have a shave and groom men and for women it doesn’t hurt to do the same. It’s something that a lot of men enjoy and there’s no harm in both people trying something new and having a good groom and sorting out the hair on their body. It just makes a lot of sense and that’s why you should be doing it.


#4. Talk, Communicate, Be Best Friends

You need to be able to talk to each other. No relationships worth being in if you never talk and open up to each other. You need to tell each other your worries and whats been going on in your life, that way you’ll know what’s going on in their life and what they’re going through. Both listen to each other and be sure you can go to the other. It helps if you’re not always shouting because if one of you always shouts the other is going to go somewhere else for company.


#5. Remember Romance Is Important

Don’t forget the romance, you should once per month have a date night with candles, take away or a nice cooked meal, a bath and even a nice movie, it doesn’t have to involve sex, it just has to be a really romantic night and that’s why you should give it a try.


#6. Have A Date Night

I reminded myself about the date night above, it’s the perfect romantic gesture. So get the candles out have a music playlist ready and don’t forget to have some massage oil at the ready ;).


#7. Be Involved In Each Others Social Circles

Even though your friends might hate each other it’s always fun to socialize with each others friends. It’s good for the relationship and it can help you both stay more connected. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have time apart though.


#8. Go Out Together Instead Of Alone

A lot of relationships stop going out together, they actually start craving alone time, this can be fixed by going to a nice restaurant or by just taking some time a part in a none argument way, something like a weekend away with the lads or girls. Anything to just have a breather.


#9. Don’t Cut Off Your Own Power

You shouldn’t never give them your power, in a relationship you both have power and you never want to give your partner any of that power. That’s how they get bored and start walking all over you. Gain that power back.


#10. Ask Them If They’re Okay

As simple as just asking them if they’re okay, is enough to stop someone cheating, you can show someone you care by simply mentioning how they are and if there’s anything you can do for them.

If you’re not okay then ask them whats wrong and try to fix it together, there’s always a way. It’s just a good idea to ask when things are going good, not only when they’re bad and it’s obvious. It’s always a nice way of showing that they care.

10 Things That Lower The Chance Of Your Partner Cheating

10 Things That Lower The Chance Of Your Partner Cheating

10 Things That Lower The Chance Of Your Partner Cheating – There are loads of things that happen in a relationship. The main thing you need to understand is to not stop growing together, the second you get distant from someone, the second things go bad. You need to experience similar things and new debate new things. Keep strong and feel free to message me below, I always try my best to help you out. – Sharing is caring, so please share. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Things That Lower The Chance Of Your Partner Cheating 

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