10 Things To Say While Talking Dirty To A Girl.

10 Things To Say While Talking Dirty To A Girl.

10 Things To Say While Talking Dirty To A Girl. – If you´ve never talked dirty to a girl then now´s the time to learn how to do it right. The power of talking dirty is out of this world and if the girl is really hot for you then it will blow her mind completely. Words have more power than men think and said the right way they can really open up the mind and make normal sex great. This is the reason why I´ve decided to put some time into teaching you men exactly how to give your partner an amazing orgasm through words alone. One word of advice before we start: These 10 dirty talking tips are going to work differently on ever girl so make sure you change then to suit your partner and what she´ll like. – Remember to share this post as much as you can, it really does make us happy and helps us keep writing. Comment if you want to have any more advice or ask any questions. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Things To Say While Talking Dirty To A Girl.


Bringing up memories of when you had explosive sex is always a good way to get a girl really horny, just tell ask if she remembers the time when you had sex (insert sex memory here) and it was really hot.
If you don´t have any sex memories then you can always use moments where you really wanted to have sex.

Say you got with a girl who you´ve wanted to date for ages, she feels the same and you get together, you then talk about the times when you saw each other and really wanted to do something, maybe start by saying you wanted to kiss her and then move that up to you wanted to fuck her later.

This can really work wonders with girls and is always a good idea to try while talking dirty. You just want to unlock her sexual mind and once you do she won´t be able to stop thinking about it. – 10 Things To Say While Talking Dirty To A Girl.



Asking her questions

Asking her hot questions is another way to really get her going, try asking what she likes in bed or what her fantasies are, some girls will lie and not really tell you there fantasies, but if she tells you then start acting on them.
You know if it´s her fantasy then she´s probably going to enjoy talking about it happening or acting it out. Either of these methods will help you unlock that dirty talking mode, once you start this kind of dirty talking it really does get hard to stop.

Telling her what to do

Most people in this world love to be to do what to do, it makes life a lot easier and it means that everyone knows what they’re getting.
Just tell her what you like, tell her how to suck your dick and what you like her to do in sex, say it with confidence and make sure she´s listening, this is music to any girls ears and if it´s done right it can do crazy things for a women.
This type of dirty talking is usually best saved for when she´s giving you a blow job. Tell her to go quicker, to get deeper and show you´re enjoying it.

Say fuck a lot

Saying fuck is a great tool while having sex and talking dirty, women love hearing the please and will always love hearing a fuck….. Coming from a man, you can whisper it in many different ways and even just saying it can really turn a girl on. – This is the 10 things to say while talking dirty to a girl comment if it helped.

Explain how she makes you feel when you´re horny

While talking before sex, lower your voice and explain to her what she does to you when you´re horny. Women love hearing the effect they have over men and will never tire of hearing how you lose your mind when you´re horny.
So make sure you explain in detail what she does to you and what it makes you want to do to her.

Explain what´s going through your head

Another great way to talk dirty in the right way is to just explain whats going through your head. I will admit that this is usually left to the more experienced users and is that way because it can sometimes put a girl off if she´s never heard you talk dirty before.
If you´re both quite close then this will easy for you to do and it will help if she also talks dirty too, this can unlock a naughty side of both of you and get you both really hot and sweaty. – 10 Things To Say While Talking Dirty To A Girl.

Play a game with words

This is something that I teach a lot of couples who need help improving their sex life and communication skills. You can play this game in two ways.


You do exactly what they say, you can´t talk and you just let them guide you, this works great with oral sex, let her pick the speed, the motion and the pressure.
Let her change it loads and you both have to remember to change it as much as possible and really interact and get what you want.


You both have to talk dirty, take it in turns, just say what´s going through your head when you´re having sex and whisper it, you both have to whisper at least one thing and then it´s the other persons turn.
This helps you understand what they want to hear from you.

Moan and grown

Just like men, women love to hear that the other half is enjoying it, make sure you sure how good it feels, talk, grown, and be loud, this will really get her going.



Whisper “I want to fuck you”

There is a certain power in whispering “I want to fuck you” you a girl, It´s hard to mess this one up and it´s one of the best.

Explain how bad you want her

It won´t hurt to explain how much you want to be inside her and what you´re going to do to her later when you get her alone.

10 Things To Say While Talking Dirty To A Girl.

10 Things To Say While Talking Dirty To A Girl.


10 Things To Say While Talking Dirty To A Girl. – See it´s not as hard as you´d thing, you just need to say it in the right way and make sure that she´s horny enough to take it in the right way. Remember to really make her wet and then whisper things like this to her, she´ll lose her mind for you. – Remember sharing is caring, so please share. – Comment´s are awesome so please comment. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Things To Say While Talking Dirty To A Girl.

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