10 Things Women Hate Men Doing In Bed

10 Things Women Hate Men Doing In Bed

10 Things Women Hate Men Doing In Bed. – Message to all men this is some of the things you do in the bedroom that us women hate, I´m speaking for myself and I bet a lot of women will agree, you´ve got to read this if you´re a man and want to eventually be better in bed. So if you´re ready to feel bad because you do most of this stuff the continue reading this truth article, if not then just get ready to be and in bed. 😉 – If you find this funny then please share and if you want to see more articles like this then check out our blog. – Comment below the things that you hate men doing in bed. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Things Women Hate Men Doing In Bed

1.Dont talk so much. It’s a real turn off.

If you talk to much it will take the concentration off the sex and push it towards the talk you´re having. This is a massive turn off and will make the sex dry up quickly.
So don´t talk to much and make sure you know when to stop talking, I usually say once the kissing starts, the talking stops, it´s a good way to live and it will stop you talking over the sex.


2.When you’ve ´finished´ staying on top, crushing them will eventually lead to them pushing you in a huff. 

Most men will make this mistake and it can be very frustrating, if you´ve had a nice load of sex and you’ve been on top of her for a while then the last thing she wants is you putting all your weight on her and just laying there.
You’ll need to get off right away and just have a cuddle, that way she won´t get to annoyed and won’t be to hot and angry.


3. Unless she says so, don’t suck her nipples.

It´s a dangerous road to walk on, some one love nipple stimulation and it is nice for the man to have a nice gentle play, it´s just when men start sucking and being really rough with my nipples that I get annoyed and frustrated.
I think most women will relate to this, so men if you´re listening try to stop this insanity. 😉 – 10 Things Women Hate Men Doing In Bed.


4. Don’t ask for reassurance all the time, if it feels good we won’t stop you.

It´s okay to do stuff wrong, I´d rather you try to woo me and get wrong without asking, than keep asking me if you can do something and still getting it wrong.
Just go for it, don´t ask to many questions and just make sure you´re not to rough and don´t go for the butt, the butt is something you’ve always got to ask to even get close too.


5.Dont ask if you´re the best we have ever had…chances are you aren´t.

Most women don´t even know who the best they had was and most of the time it won´t be you. Even if you´re great in bed after a while you´ll probably not be the same as that one time she had someone who knew exactly what to do with her.
If you´re asking this question then you should be ready to be lied too, we don´t want to hurt your feelings and you´ll never know if you really are the best so it´s not worth asking.
If you´re the best then we will tell you.


6.If we don’t respond to your dirty talk, probably stop.

Men tend to be bad at dirty talking, so maybe don´t try. If you learn how to do it properly then you´ll be okay but the chances are your partner won´t be in the mood to hear “I want to fuck your tight pussy” so maybe leave that in your head.
It might work in porn but real women just get turned off. – 10 Things Women Hate Men Doing In Bed.


7. Our clit is sensitive, you don’t need bash it.

What is it with men tapping our clits like they´re a punch bag, be gentle, change the speed and be gentle, being gentle is really important, make sure you´re not a one hit wonder by changing your style ever now and then.


8. If we keep pulling our top down don´t keep trying to pull it back up!

Once the sex is done and I´m getting my clothes on, don´t be trying to pull my top back up for a second glance or for round two, it´s not going to make me go wow and it will just make me want to pull my top down even more.


9. Undoing our bra´s when we´ve just put them on

If I´ve just put my bra on then please don´t undo it, it´s one of the most annoying things, I know you might have just learned how to undo them, but you don´t need to show me by undoing it 30 times in awkward situations. – 10 Things Women Hate Men Doing In Bed.


10. Touching our butts

I understand that men love women´s butts, not sure why, but I don´t mind as long as you don´t try to stick a finger in there with no warning
I could swing for men who do this, it´s not just going to trick me into letting you do it, so make sure you ask before you go anywhere near.


10 Things Women Hate Men Doing In Bed

10 Things Women Hate Men Doing In Bed

10 Things Women Hate Men Doing In Bed. – Men are always going to do these things and most women won´t mind men doing them, it´s just the way love works. So don´t kick yourself if you do them, most men do them and there´s not really a way round it. All the men I´ve been with have done something from the above and annoyed me in some kinda way. – If you found this funny then please share, we love to see you sharing and it makes us happy so please do and if you have any questionsa t all then just leave them below, we love to hear from you all. Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Things Women Hate Men Doing In Bed.


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