10 Things Women Really Want In The Bedroom

10 Things Women Really Want In The Bedroom

10 Things Women Really Want In The Bedroom – It’s no secret that women can sometimes be hard to please in the bedroom, but it’s time to make a difference. I’ve sat down with a few women and we’ve come up with the best things that men can do in the bedroom, so using my sex experience and the help of 4 very sexually experienced women I’ve written these 10 amazing tips that you’ll not be able to forget. These 10 tips really do amazing and will wow your partner in the bedroom tonight. – Sharing is amazing, so if you want to do an amazing then feel free to share this as much as possible. – Comment below if you’ve got anything to add to this article. – Comments are always welcome. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Things Women Really Want In The Bedroom


#1. Compliments Are Always Nice

No, I don’t mean you telling them they’re hot every five minutes. I mean compliment them sexually, tell them how much they turn you on and make sure they know you’re telling the truth. Women love being complemented on their bodies, their smell, hair.

You can even complement a female on her taste, most women are a little conscious about that so it’s good to get that advice down to a ‘T’ then you can learn exactly what she wants to hear.

You need to forget about over complimenting though, women don’t like it to be too easy, just give subtle compliments that mean more to her. You need this in order to have fun with each other.


#2. Attention Is Always Nice.

You can really win a women over in the bedroom with attention. One of the best sex tips I could give would be to just try a few methods and then use her body language to tell whats going on. Pay that extra attention to her body and allow yourself to get in the same place has her.

Mix this with the compliment side of things and you’ll find that you’ll cover the emotional side of sex that women need covered. After that she’ll trust you more with her body. So it’s worth the time you put in.


#3. For You To Take Control

Nine times out of ten women love a man who takes control, knows what he’s doing and puts them where he wants them. The truth is, most women aren’t to amazing in bed, it’s not as important for them to be. So for that reason they don’t really know what to do, so by having a man take all the control it show’s hes confidence and skills while also taking the pressure away from them. IT’s a pure win, win.


#4. Show Them You Know What You’re Doing Then Take Your Time

Look all women are different, some get stimulation of slow little taps to their clitoris, others get stimulation from constant light stimulation to their clit, others like penetration and some even like anal stimulation. Now once you learn how to rock a girls bed in the bedroom you’ll be able to do one or two moves that’ll just rock every females mind. Usually the “circle” technique, the “come here” technique, or the “flicking” technique. These are the first three sex methods every man learns and they can usually cause orgasms when done right.

So what you should do, is try these out, get her warmed up, show her you know what you’re doing and then tell her to relax because you want to try something. You can then try new sexual methods with less pressure on it working. It just shows her that when you’re avoiding the clit you’re doing it on peruse and not because you don’t know where it is.


#5. They Want You To Avoid The Clitoris At The Beginning

Its’s true, avoiding the clitoris is a great tip for stimulation. You can stimulate near the clit, but due to it being quite a sensitive place you’ll not want to go straight in for the kill.


#6. Women Love Sex Toys

If you’re a man with an open mind and don’t mind using a sex toy then you’re going to have a better time with women, it might sound like a joke but it’s true.


#7. Constant Rhythm That Doesn’t Stop And Start

Women hate men that go out of rhythm, you need to get yourself in time, learn a good rhythm and work with that. Don’t ever stop/start and when women are near her orgasm you never go quicker or even change the motion, it’ll ruin the orgasm instantly.


#8. To Try New Things

Everyone likes to try new things in the bedroom, but everyone is a little afraid to. Don’t be, get online, learn some new sex postions o something fun you want to try and give it a go. You’ll be amazed at the results.


#9. Change Rooms 

Having sex in the same place, doing the same moves and just being yourself is going to get boring, you need to change the main room you have sex in. Start getting used to a new place with a different promotion. This is what everyone is always wanting to do and as someone who wants to make you better in bed I recommend moving to the living room or to somewhere you can have privacy and some fun, maybe the shower.


#10. A Man Who Never Ask For Sex But Seduces

A man needs to seduce a women and never ask for sex. Women hate being asked for sex and in-fact when you ask them they actually think it’s more of a choir, something they have to do than something they wasn’t. But when you seduce them, it’s a whole different story.

10 Things Women Really Want In The Bedroom

10 Things Women Really Want In The Bedroom

10 Things Women Really Want In The Bedroom – There’s something about being in control that makes the mans job a lot more easy, so if you allow it and enjoy it then you’ll have a much easier time impressing you partner. Give these a try to see what you think for yourself. – Sharing is out of this world so please share as much as possible. – Comment below for more information on sex.- Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Things Women Really Want In The Bedroom

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