10 Things You Need For Better Anal Sex

10 Things You Need For Better Anal Sex

10 Things You Need For Better Anal Sex – Want to have more pleasure while having anal sex? Well these anal sex toys will give you all the pleasure you need and more. This is just a list of things that I use in order to give me some great anal stimulation. Once you start having anal sex you’ll see that it can be really fun but it’s even better if you try certain things and do things properly. So I’m going to show you how to do things properly and how to make it so you really do have the best anal sex of your life. – Disclosure: The links that are used in this post are to affiliate sites where we get commission at no cost to you. – Remember that sharing is caring so please share and if you’ve got any questions then just leave them in the comments below. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Things You Need For Better Anal Sex


I’ve talked about anal sex a few times in the last few months and as more and more people keep asking me what you need, now I always think the main thing you need to start with for great anal sex is a good lube, now I use this lube and it’s just because it really does work and doesn’t wear off, stain sheets, or smell bad, it’s a really safe lube that just feels great.

Now I always recommend using lube on the penis and around the anus, just because if you don’t then it might be a lot bit of a painful journey. Now if you’re really new to anal sex then you can always try the desensitiser which will take all the pain to the first time you try anal sex or a big toy, now in honesty if you use a good lube there will be no pain, but sometimes if your partner has a big penis then it will end up being a little uncomfortable, so that’s always an option if you’re a worried about the size.

So make sure you get loads of lube and if you need to then even wear a condom as it will make it even easier to slip inside, it’s also cleaner and a little easier to use, so make sure you think about using protection.


Good setting

There is such a thing as a good setting when it comes to anal sex and if you have a good setting it will seriously make the anal sex a lot easier on you both. I always say that a nice low light room with a little bit of quiet music on is the best, it’s going to be easier to manage and it really does make life funnier.

So always pick the right setting, make sure its’ something that relaxes you, so I always put on nice music and just try to chill out, make sure you do the same and you’ll be grand.



Anal douches are what you need to be able to have clean anal sex, you just use them about 30 minutes before you have anal sex and it will clean you so there’s no chance of a mess, I always recommend having an anal douche before you have anal sex and if you don’t have time to get one you can always use your finger and just have a little check yourself.



You have to make sure that you clean you ass and have a nice shower before, so not only use the douche also make sure you’re all clean and fresh, I recommend really spending some time with soap if you’ve never had anal sex before, Other wise it won’t smell nice and it will take away from the fun.

I usually have two showers before, one about an hour before with the douche and then another right before with my partner and he will usually have a play and get me worked up.


Dark sheets

Never try anal sex with which sheets/bedding, it’s just not a good idea, this is always something that I try to tell people, even though there’s a very little chance something will go wrong, there’s still a chance and to avoid that happening to use just make sure you use dark sheets and have low lighting, that way all the problems are solved and you can both just enjoy sex.

Anal toys

If you really want it to be a lot of fun then make sure you use anal sex toys, I always have a few anal toys lay in around before I really go for the real thing, it will just help you warm up and get you in the mood. That’s why you need to try it out and give it a go.


Anal vibrator

I always recommend a slim line anal vibrator, it will make the sex a little more manageable and it will make things a little more fun, they’re not hard to get hold of and I always recommend them to people who really want to do anal sex right.


Butt plugs

Butt plugs are brilliant and I will always stick by them and say that they’re really worth trying out, you can always use them and see what you think, they’re the toy that most people start with and they’re the toy everyone enjoys.



A little tip is to get some waxing strips and make sure you have a little wax, now this might hurt a lot but if you don’t clean that hair then it might be a turn of for your man, it’s always a good idea to try to I highly recommend it.


Under the covers

Another little tip is to keep your bodies under the cover, it stops their being any insecurities or any problems.

10 Things You Need For Better Anal Sex

10 Things You Need For Better Anal Sex

10 Things You Need For Better Anal Sex – So anal sex, you ready to make it better? Well just treat yourself to some of that stuff on the list. – Remember to hit the share buttons and if you need any advice just use the comments. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Things You Need For Better Anal Sex


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