10 Things You Partner Want You To Do In Bed Tonight

10 Things You Partner Want You To Do In Bed Tonight – Do you ever get a bit lost with what a girl really wants? Well I think a lot of men will be behind you there. It’s great that you’ve made the first step in understanding and it means you’re a gent who’s going to be pretty amazing with the partner after. So really what you’ll learn in this article is some easy to use sex tips and sex advice that will make your partner’s sex a lot more fun. – Remember that sharing is amazing and we love to see you people share so please share. – If you’ve got anything to ask/add then just use the comments below. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Things You Partner Want You To Do In Bed Tonight


 Try something new

Most women hate it when men just do the same thing every time and it’s the reason why women get bored with sex. It’s really a no win situation because if you try something new and she hates it then you’re in the wrong, if you don’t try something new then you’re in the wrong.

Also if you’re a guy and you try something new without telling her she’ll usually look at you like you’re crazy and you’ll usually end up killing the vibe.

You need to look online for the best sex tips and just examine them, pay attention and try them in bed tonight. Make sure you write down which ones work and if you and you never want to use one for to long if she doesn’t enjoy it.


Take control

Most women would love their man to take control in the bedroom and try things without being asked.

Women love it when me come ad be dominant and if there’s one place where a man should be dominant it’s in the bedroom.

So make sure you take control and don’t let her decide what she wants just do it and if she doesn’t like it then change. This works even better now women have read fifty shades of grey and that’s why I recommend it even more.


Be spontaneous

Being different and just surprising her is always a great way to woo her in the bedroom, women love being surprised in and out of the bedroom so just do something different and really surprise her, give no warning and hopefully it will pay off.

You do have to use common sense when using this format and you won’t want to just surprisingly try anal sex because she’ll probably punch you. (word of warning)


Really enjoy yourself

Women are the same as men in the sense they don’t want you to be bored and they don’t want to have sex with you just to have sex. You’ve really got to want it once it’s happening. Before it happens don’t seem to bothered and then once it’s happening act like it’s the first time you’ve ever done it and you just want to try it all and love it.

It will make her feel like she isn’t forcing you and that will make it easier for her to let you let her orgasm.


Take thing slow

Don’t rush things and ruin it, sometimes after men have sex a few times they really stop forgetting about foreplay and they just jump straight into the sex. For a women she could just have foreplay and be happy, so make sure you don’t skip out on it. You need to take your time and make sure that you try your be with taking it slow.

It wouldn’t hurt to even have a little fun throughout the day and then really go for it at night.


Be romantic

Most men forget that romance is what gets us to have sex with you in the first place so if you don’t use it any more or be romantic it will usually make us want you less.

Even a man who just does the dinner and then washes up afterwards will literally make me drop my underwear for him. It’s just nice for someone to be thoughtful and really think about how we feel, make sure that happens and really give it a try, you won’t regret it.


Bring Sex Toys To The bedroom

You can try sex toys in the bedroom, the ones I recommend are vibrating cock rings, bullet vibrators, massage vibrators, couples sex toys, and bondage.

All of that will add a lot of spice to the bedroom and if you get and sneak a bullet vibrator into the bedroom you’ll be surprised at how much effect that will have on her.


Try something different with your fingers

Look at some great sex tips and learn something new with your finger. See what she links and even ask her what she wants you to do. It really will help you out. So just get your fingering techniques up to scratch and you’ll be grand and hopefully be able to please her with ease.


Be confident

Being confident is a massive turn on for most women. Even men who act like they know what they’re doing and don’t are extremely hot, so just play the part and go down there and try your best. be confident, try new things and just follow what you think will work.


Be gentle 

Being gentle is another great sex tip and it’s something that you’ll always have to follow while having sex or using your tongue/fingers so keep that if you mind and make sure your practice loads.

10 Things You Partner Want You To Do In Bed Tonight

10 Things You Partner Want You To Do In Bed Tonight

10 Things You Partner Want You To Do In Bed Tonight – So how does your sex life feel now? Use some of these tips and see just how much your sex life changes after 30 days this really will amaze you the power of this list and how well it works, it’s better than anything ever before. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Things You Partner Want You To Do In Bed Tonight

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