10 Things You Should Let Your Partner Try In The Bedroom

10 Things You Should Let Your Partner Try In The Bedroom

10 Things You Should Let Your Partner Try In The Bedroom – Have you been looking for something great to do in the bedroom? Something that’ll spark the lust you have for your partner? If that sounds good to you then I’m going to let you in on some naughty things that you should do with your partner and let them try on you. This is a little more kinky than our usual stuff, but it feels even better, so I really do recommend giving all of these wonderful things a try in the bedroom. – If you enjoy this article then please be sure to share it using the buttons at the bottom of the article. – Comments are always welcome, so be sure to comment as much as possible. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Things You Should Let Your Partner Try In The Bedroom


#1. Taking Full Control (Trust Game)

Whether you’re a man or women you may get a huge kick out of playing the trust game. This is involves a restraint, can be handcuffs or four-way restraint and then a blindfold.

You then let your partner have full control, you allow them to pleasure you and you give them the control to try anything.

This is certainly a turn on for some people and opens your sex life up to lots of sexual pleasure.


#2. A Vibrating Cock Ring (Ohhh The Pleasure)

Ohhhh, this is a sex toy that I always recommend to couples, I’m like a vibrating cock ring sales man.

Cock rings allow the male to maintain an erection, harder and bigger and last longer in bed. While the vibrations on the cock ring higher the chances of the female cumming while you’re having sex.

This all mixed together is a truly orgasmic experience and that’s why all couples have to give this a try.


#3. New Positions, Maybe Reverse Cow Girl 

Sex can get boring when you just continue with the same-sex positions all the time. If you want a change then you should get your hands on a copy of the Kama Sutra and try to learn some new sexual positions.

I usually recommend couples try to learn one new sex position every week/other week. You can only have sex in the position you’re learning, this will allow you to master it.

I’ve had a lot of fun doing this in the past and I really recommend it to all couples.


#4. Anal Play (Seriously Not As Bad As It Seems)

If you’re a little more kinky than most couples then you should give anal play a try. Now I’m not talking about getting your partners penis and trying to put it in your butt… That’s just not going to happen. I’m talking about allowing anal sex toys into your relationship.

Butt plugs are orgasmic, anal beads are incredible and the cheeky finger isn’t as bad as people make out.

This is something that everyone should be open-minded too try at least once or twice. Give it take, see how it goes and have fun.


#5. Mutual Masturbation

There’s something quite sexual about masturbating with your partner next to you. Try both masturbating while either looking at each other (awkward at first, get’s easier) or while watching porn.

This sounds awkward, but trust me it’s something that’s really worth trying. IT’s quite sexual to get yourself off with a person and it usually leads to amazing sex straight after.


#6. Role Play, Here Come The Sexy Outfits

Okay ladies and gents, have you ever had a fantasy? Maybe a nurse? or business man? Maybe even a something more specific? Have a talk with your other half. Workout the ins and outs, have some fun and start per paring your role play fantasy.

If you do this once per month, I guarantee your sex life will start to change dramatically.


#7. BDSM

If you like the idea of having rough sex with less control them BDSM will be for you. Get yourself a few restraints, a blindfold and a sex toy and tease your partner to the point of an explosive orgasm. If done right you can ope a girl up to the most incredible orgasm of her life.

Remember to never judge things from the outside, give BDSM a try to see how you like it for yourself.


#8. Play Out A Fantasy (Just Meeting)

Have you get any sexual fantasies? If you do then you need to start playing them out. You can try the first date fantasy, or the best friend fantasy, even the one night stand fun.

Find what turns you out then go into the real world and start making it happen.

#9. A 69 Is Standard

When was the last time you 69? Was it years ago? Weeks? Months? Well it should never be more than a month a way and that’s why you need to try it next time you have sex.

69 is one of the best sexual positions of all time, it allows you to both give a certain amount of pleasure and it turns normal sex into a threesome of fun pretty quickly.


#10. The Sexual Bucket List

If you’re still a little new to the sexual world then you can try something like the sexual bucket list, it’s a book that’ll walk you through all the ins and outs of sexual fantasies and challenges. It’s the perfect places for all couples to start.

10 Things You Should Let Your Partner Try In The Bedroom

10 Things You Should Let Your Partner Try In The Bedroom

10 Things You Should Let Your Partner Try In The Bedroom – Woo….. Anal is so naughty! You do need to be careful about how quick you try all of this stuff and that’s why I recommend taking things slow and enjoying it. If you’re in love with your partner and know your solid then there’s no reason to not try something like this in the bedroom. – Sharing is caring, so please be sure to share as much as possible. – Comment below if you’ve got anything to add to this article. Comments are always welcomed. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Things You Should Let Your Partner Try In The Bedroom

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