10 Tips For Texting Your Crush

10 Tips For Texting Your Crush

10 Tips For Texting Your Crush – Texting a person you have a crush on can be a really big deal, so if you’ve got a crush on anyone then you should go ahead and read this. I’m going to teach you how to talk to your crush in a way they’ll find irrasistible, nothing to soppy and you can use this on all social media platforms, so it’s not just for real texts. I’ve put some time into this and it’s just my advice form over the last few years. – If you enjoyed this post then please be sure to leave a comment or if you’re extra nice then please hit the share buttons, remember that we love to hear how you’re doing. – Mr Male Sex Toys blog.

10 Tips For Texting Your Crush

Straight to the point

Don’t go off note, if you get asked a question try to be direct and not add fluff, people usually only read the important bits you write, so it’s better if you only add the important bits, conversations like, hey, – hey, – How’re you? – Good, you?. Just don’t cut it, be direct and make a point. Example:

You – Hello, how you doing? God I just saw this crazy article on 10 tips for texting a crush. Think I’m going to try some on you…..

Them – Omg no way, really? Can I see? Maybe I’ll do the same.

This conversation has a motive and is more enjoyable than the one above, if your conversations start going like the first example, make sure you ask a question about something thought provoking like ghosts or religion.


Hold back

Hold back information, it’s not good to tell them everything about your life in the first 10 minutes, keep stuff back for the next few weeks, when stuff gets boring, ask them to ask you a certain thing, then tell them. This is just to add to the conversation and give them time to process the information properly and talk about it with 100% of their mind, as opposed to if you tell them 10 things in one message they’re only going to give 10% to each thing and the conversation will stop in no time.


Keep something back for later

As I said above you need to hold stuff back, but don’t just do it with stuff that’s about you, do it with everything. You can hold back things you want to say, stories, memories, anything, just write it down so you don’t forget. This is a great way to make people more interested in you. It also make you more mysteries.


Ask the questions

Get questions and ask them, find some great questions to ask them and then play off them, this is a really awesome way to get what you want from people and to find out something about them, you want it to be about you, but you also want them to feel included, you just want them to leave the conversation going “their so cool, I just wish I made myself look as cool”


Don’t agree with everything they say

You need to provoke conversation and if you agree with everything they say then you won’t be able to do that, so pick little problems, not with them, but with where there from or with who they hang round with, just make it a joke, try not to agree with everything, don’t be moody, but just be a little unusual to what they usually get.


If you run out of things to talk about be random

Ask random things, not boring stuff, but if you’ve seen a program on something that’s interesting then start talking about it, send funny videos and make a difference to each other. Don’t just keep sending the same old how are you messages, really try to move it up.


Don’t be too lovey

If you’re send xxxxxxxxxx this many kisses to them, then they may get the wrong idea, the more you do this the worse it is. So try to send them every now and then, but really play it cool, if you try to put to much love into it then you’ll most likely come across a little clingy and even though they might say they want that, they usually don’t.


Show you’re keen in them, but make them do the work. 

You don’t want to be so cool that they move on because they don’t think you like them, so make sure you show them they you think they’re good looking, but make them feel like they’re not your usual type. This creates a little bit of a chase for them and makes it easier for you to get them to like you.


Don’t reply instantly

Don’t be the person who waits 3 hours to reply, but also don’t be someone who replies instantly, it just doesn’t look cool, once you get talking with them properly, then you can start replying quicker but until then you need to be a little slower than normal.


Don’t be afraid to say bye

Always try to be the first to end the conversation and always try to end it on a high, that way you’ll be able to have fun and make them think you’re amazing, that’s why little bursts of 10 minute conversations will really make you seem amazing. Trust me when I say this, you’ll really understand once you try it a few times.

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10 Tips For Texting Your Crush – So have you learnt how to text your crush properly? You should’ve, it’s all about making a difference and not saying everything in one short amount of time. You’ll need to remember this while you write to them, make sure you keep it cool and if you need any dating help just use the comments below. – Sharing is caring so be sure to hit the share buttons. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Tips For Texting Your Crush

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