10 Ways Not To Ask A Girl Out

10 Ways Not To Ask A Girl Out

10 Ways Not To Ask A Girl Out – A lot for men want to know how to ask a girl out and sometimes I believe that it always depends on the girl. That’s why I wanted to make this post which teaches you how not ask a girl out, it’s the perfect article to use to learn what girls like and what they want, I will try to teach you the biggest date no, no’s and help you see just what suits you best, just remember that if you mix it up and don’t do these things then you’ll be grand. – Remember that sharing is caring and we love to see everyone sharing so make sure you do. If you need any more advice at all then just ask. – Mr Male Sex Toys. 10 Ways Not To Ask A Girl Out

 In front of people

I find it so awkward when you’re sat there and you just see someone asking a girl out and then she either say’s yes with the look of no, or she just say’s no and then you have that awkwardness of being rejected. This is never a good thing and will usually end up going wrong. Now I’m not saying you can’t ask someone out in public I just think that you shouldn’t do it in front of friends/people you know, this just makes it so much more awkward and can sometimes put the pressure on and usually people will either say yes or no on the spot depending on what people are there.

So if you’re going to ask a girl out in a busy place make sure you do it in a restaurant or a little out the way, maybe on a walk or in a car. Try not to do it in a place where there are loads of people watching and you don’t know how to handle it if she say’s no.


While her ex is there

If an ex is present then never ask someone out. This is the quickest way to cause a big fight and it will just get really awkward, you’ll always want to make sure that you really think about it before doing this.

If it goes wrong then you’re going to look like a mug in front of the ex and if it goes right then you’re going to end up hurting someone or getting someone hurt, maybe even yourself. – 10 Ways Not To Ask A Girl Out.


Through a friend

Come on your not 10 years old anymore, if you want to speak to someone and ask them out then you can do it yourself. Now I have met people who this has worked for but honestly unless you’re under 16 don’t try this, you’ll end up looking silly. Take everything into your own hands and just try to be as personal and as true as possible.

Friends will never tell you exactly what happened and sometimes they’ll even ruining it on purpose for you.


Online (if you can avoid it)

Well this is something that so many men do and it will usually be hard because you can never tell how happy someone is. I don’t care what age you are, if you ask someone out online and they start saying they love you then there’s something really wrong and it will be really messed up, you need to avoid this at all costs as it will just get weird really quick.

Just go and do it in person so you can enjoy it and remember it, a Facebook message is never going to mean as much as something spoken.


While she’s dating someone else

This is never a good idea and in all honesty you’ll need to stay well away from this at all times, this will back fire and even if it doesn’t it still will. If you get a girl to say yes who’s with someone else then the sad thing is she’ll probably do the same to you after you start dating. So never ask someone out who’s already dating, unless you want the shit that will follow after. – Hope you’re enjoying the 10 Ways Not To Ask A Girl Out.


In front of her family

Never ask a women out in front of any family members, it’s never a good idea and it’s never cute, no matter what anyone say’s it’s a really silly idea and it will always back fire in some way or quickly become really awkward and not fun.


When it’s obvious she don’t like you

This can’t be helped and sometimes the person just doesn’t know, but if a girl doesn’t like you then it’s going to be really hard to get her to say yes to a date and even if you do get her to say yes, do you really want to have to make a reason why she should come on a date with you?


Without a back up

You should always have a little back up line stored just in case it goes wrong, you don’t want to be left speechless as it really just doesn’t work, so make sure you have a little plan just in case it goes tits up.


Giving her reasons why she should

Never give a girl a reason why she should date you, if she’s about to say no and you can saying well, I’m this and I’m that, then she’ll just think you’re a noob and say no straight away.


While arguing

Why is this becoming a thing? People exposing their love for someone while they’re having a fight on Facebook, it’s really crazy, like I mean so crazy. Don’t do it, :O just wait for things to clear up and then maybe try. – This is the 10 Ways Not To Ask A Girl Out.


10 Ways Not To Ask A Girl Out

10 Ways Not To Ask A Girl Out


10 Ways Not To Ask A Girl Out  – So what do you think? Are you ready to ask a girl out? Well it really isn’t that hard as long as you stick to a clear rule and make sure that you be confident and pick yourself up if it goes wrong. – Sharing is caring so click them share buttons. – Comment below if you want more. – Mr Male Sex Toys.

10 Ways Not To Ask A Girl Out

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