10 Ways Parents Can Have More Orgasmic Sex

10 Ways Parents Can Have More Orgasmic Sex

10 Ways Parents Can Have More Orgasmic Sex – Being a parent can sometimes suck pretty hard, it’s also the most amazing that will ever happen in your life, but when all you want to do is have a sexy time with your partner it can sometimes be the biggest pain in the ass. So, to help you fellow parents out I’m going to show you what you need to do in order to have an orgasmic, filled with sex time that you’ll never forget. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below if you’ve got anything to add to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways Parents Can Have More Orgasmic Sex


#1.Start Creating More Sexual Opportunities

You’ll find that your sex life is as sexual as you decide to make it. You’ll also find that the more sex you have the more fun you can make it.

When I get new parents in I always tell them that they need to work on creating more sexual opportunities. IE: A quickie in the shower is ideal or sex just as you wake up/before bed, anything like this will be amazing for you both.

You’ll be surprised at how much fun you can have creating naughty sexual opportunities.


#2. Make Yourself Feel More Sex

Lots of people stop caring about themselves for the first 2 years of being a parent. This is either from lack of sleep, over working or just the constant attention a baby needs.

So, take sometime for yourself, make yourself look and feel nice and always keep yourself in mind. Don’t let yourself go just because you’ve got a baby, I promise it’s temporary and once you get into a routine you’ll start getting right back to normal.


#3. Get The Naughtiest, Most Badass Sex Toys

You sometimes need a sex toy to help speed up the process of orgasm, you’re going to find it increasingly hard to have an all night of sex, kinda deal.

So, get a bullet vibrator, a vibrating cock ring and a couple sex toy. These three things will give you a completely new outlook on your sex life and will seriously help you reach climax time and time again for both men and women.


#4. Be A Little Bit Selfish

It’s really okay to be a little selfish, you’ll find that unless you put your foot down and start having sex it just won’t happen. So, put your foot down, don’t over think, just have sex, enjoy the time with your partner and don’t ever feel selfish for it.


#5. Get A Monitor

Baby monitors are a life saver, with a baby monitor you can keep an eye on your baby without having to be right next to them. As long as you get a monitor and keep it in use and pay attention to it you’re able to be naughty without breaking any parenting rules.


#6. Lube Is A Life Saver When It Comes To Quick Sex

As a parent I’ve learned that you can’t always include  20 minutes of foreplay, so it’s a great idea to get yourself some lubrication.

It helps speed up the sex and allows you to just be naughty and do things really quickly. Use you get your hands on some lube you’ll realize how much of a life saver it is.

I use this flavored lube and this lube for extra smoothness.


#7. Start Watching Sex Documentaries And Read Erotica

Sexual documentaries are a turn on to most people and erotic stories are a great turn on to many people. Try watching a few sexual documentaries and give erotic reading a try.

This is just an amazing way to boost sex drive and is also really fun and interesting, just start looking into what turns you on as a person.


#8. Hidden Sex Toys You Can Use All The Time

As a parent you don’t want your sex toy to be easy to find. The nightmare is the idea of your kid running round with a sex toy… The embarrassment!!! D:

So, to save that from happening you can get a lipstick vibrator, a rubber duck vibrator and a sex in a can fleshlight, these things are all orgasmic, but look nothing like a sex toy.


#9. Family And Friends Are Great For Somethings

There’s nothing shameful about leaving your kids round your family’s home and going and having some fun. As a parent you’ll sometimes need to just have an empty house for the night just so you can really enjoy your partner without having to feel guilty or worry about it getting ruined.

This is what play days and parents are good for and you’ll learn how important it is for your kid to have a normal social life ;).


#10. Have You Got Any Fantasies? Create A Sexual Bucket List

You can either get this sexual bucket list that’s already made or take a few hours and create your own sexual bucket list. It’s always a good idea to give it a try. Sexual fantasies are amazing and it’s always fun to start ticking them off.

Take a second, both have a think about what turns you on, then make it happen. Both start creating your sexual bucket list and get ready to start ticking things off.

This is a great way to add fun and excitement into your sex life, it’s completely normal and a lot of fun.


10 Ways Parents Can Have More Orgasmic Sex – Just follow some of the things talked about on the list and within no time you’ll start having great, orgasmic sex that will change your boring, lustless lifes. Start putting your sexual dreams and fantasies into real life. It’s not hard, you’ve just got to be strong and sometimes a little selfish, if only for a quick ten minutes in the shower. – Comment below if you’ve got anything to add to this article – Sharing is caring, so if you want to be amazing please share. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways Parents Can Have More Orgasmic Sex

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