10 Ways To Be The Best She´s Ever Had

10 Ways To Be The Best She´s Ever Had

10 Ways To Be The Best She´s Ever Had – Want to make your women orgasm like never before? Well it´s just became a whole lot easier, this will amaze you with power and change the way that you receive pleasure and give pleasure. Once you unlock the pleasure of your other partner then you´ll be able to drive your women crazy and your sex life will increase to a whole new level. If you need any more help after this then make sure you check out the other articles, if you need any more help then please check out our other articles. – Remember that we love to see you sharing so by hitting the share buttons you make us very happy. Please hit the share buttons!! Comment if you need any more advice and make sure you add more to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways To Be The Best She´s Ever Had

1.Take care of her.

Make her feel like you have full control of her body, women love it when men take care and control of the situation. Impress her with your control and make sure she feels comfortable.
You don´t need to ask her If she´s okay every 5 seconds but just make sure she´s enjoying it, if she wants to stop, stop, if she wants more give her more.
Tease her and make her feel safe.


2. Your needs are important but hers are 10x more important. Make her cum.

A trick I wish I know when I first start having sex was about needs, most men cum first and after that the women won´t get her´s.
Make her cum and you´ll have more sex, a better relationship and more love, so sometimes go without cumming and make her cum.


3.They say the way to a mans heart is through his belly but, girls love food just as much. So, cook her a romantic meal before the loving.

Cooking a lovely meal will mean a lot, it doesn’t have to be fancy just make it nice. It can be as simple as a nice pizza and some home-made chips, even a lovely pasta anything.
Just make it special and do food that you know she likes, you can´t go to wrong with pasta, fajita, pizza, etc.
You can really mix it up however you fancy.


4. make the mood and setting, sexy. Candles, blankets, cushions..don´t just stick the usual romp on your bed. 

Show you´re making effort, even though you may live together you need to make the effort and show her you want her and no one else.
Make her feel amazing, go and get all the cushion you can, light candles, and bring a big cover for the ride.
She´ll be so amazed with how cute it all looks that the sex will be even better.
Mix this with a nice movie and some junk food for the best results.


5. Listen to her body, if she wants it slow then let her have it.

Does she pull you closer, further away, moan, thrust against you? You need to feel her body and match her, if you can see she wants to go slow and take some time then slow it down, if she´s thrusting into you then give it to her quick.
Make sure you push your body against hers and try to stimulate her with every thrust.


6. Use lube, food and toys. Anything different that you know will drive her wild.

Grab some lube maybe get some that tastes nice, then get some sexy food and a toy or two. This will open up her mind and there´s nothing better than sex which involves amazing taste, pleasure and fun.


7. Don’t keep asking for reassurance. She will tell you if you´re doing amazing and even if she doesn´t you will be able to tell.

You´ll know when you’ve done an amazing job so don’t ask, it´s that simple, if you ask all the time then she´ll just start lying. Women aren’t always going to cum so asking if you´re amazing every time is going to end in pain.


Trust me I´ve tried it and eventually I learnt that women just want the pleasure, no questions, you´ll be able to see it all through her body anyway.


8. Satisfy her every need, I don´t always mean sexually. If she wants a back rub, you do it.

Make her feel amazing, don´t try and focus everything on sex, if she needs a relax run her a bath, if she´s hungry make her some food, just do what makes her happy.


9. Be gentle but, if she wants it rough then you know what to do.

Always start gentle and see her body, try something rough but don´t go to rough, girls don´t want to be in pain. It´s not porn, women don´t want to be hurt.
If she doesn’t enjoy it then make sure you stop, some girls hate roughness.


10. Be patient and you will be living proof the best she´s ever had.

Follow this advice while being patient and you´ll do amazing, you really will be the best she’s ever had, just make sure you practice what you preach and perform every time, you don´t have to always make her cum, but make sure you try to give her as much pleasure as possible.
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10 Ways To Be The Best She´s Ever Had – You ready to blow her mind? You should be! Tonight you´ll change the way you have sex forever and that will make you the best man ever for all women so make sure you follow these tips and practice them, remember being open-minded is one of the biggest turn ons for women so make sure you keep that mind open. – Sharing is caring so please share as much as possible. – Comment if you want to add anything to the article, I love to see new things and to add new sex tips to these posts. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways To Be The Best She´s Ever Had

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