10 Ways To Get A Girls Attention

10 Ways To Get A Girls Attention – The most important thing while pulling women is to get their attention and this can sometimes prove difficult. That´s why I’m going to show you exactly how to get attention from girls at clubs, parties, and even in your group of friends. This is how a lot of the best players meet women and get all the attention. This will help you be better in bed and really give you that added bit of confidence that women look for in a man. – Remember to hit the share buttons and to share it as much as possible. – If you´ve got any questions then please just comment below and I´ll answer them instantly. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways To Get A Girls Attention


Getting a girls attention is always about confidence. I´ve always said that the way you treat yourself is the way people treat you. If you have respect for yourself and how you look, then other people will also have respect too.


It´s the same as “if you never have respect, you´ll never receive respect.” So make sure you´re confident and not afraid. As long as you´re a nice person and get your point across you’ll receive a lot of looks from women and will usually gain a lot of numbers.
All you’ve got to remember is that, everyone is just like you, people often want to speak, help, and get advice but they never do just because they´re scared of you thinking they´re weird.
So if you make the first move you´ll usually see loads of people join you and start a whole new thing off. – 10 Ways To Get A Girls Attention.



Being funny will always help you get attention. The funny guy will always do better with the women than the quiet one, so whats the point in being quiet. I often find that even if you´re not a funny person, as long as you´re yourself and talk and at least try to be funny you´ll do well with the ladies and even if you don´t at least they´ll remember you in some way, not just as the one who was quiet.



Looking clean and having some nice clothes is always a great start when meeting women, it´s always a good idea to wear some nice clothes and look good.
I find a nice pair of clothes and shoes always makes me feel better about myself and it will usually help you feel better about yourself, and that will make you seem more attractive and get some more looks.
Always wear what you feel best In, if you feel great in it, then you´ll come across more attractive to women. This will help you learn 10 ways to get a girls attention.



Smelling good is a great way to get a convocation going, women will aks a man if he´s the one that smells so good when they know he is and it will make you notice them when you walk past.
You´ve got to remember to not go to over the top, just wear something that can be smelt but isn´t too in your face, you don´t want people smelling fumes from the aftershave you´ve put on.



If a women see´s you being a gentleman and opening the door for a lady or being polite they´ll usually warm towards you. Even hard women secretly love it when a man puts a women first and isn’t a nob.
Don´t get me wrong, it really isn´t a good idea to start being a kiss ass to a girl either, but just find the perfect middle and stick with it. – 10 Ways To Get A Girls Attention.



If you want to get her talking to you or see if she likes you, you can always give her a smile, this will usually get you off on the right track.
Just make some eye contact and give them a little smile, it really will help you build up the confidence to go and get them a drink or start talking, this works whether you’re out and about or even if you´re just in a group, eye contact and smiling is the perfect way to flirt.


Don´t be afraid to talk

If you never ask you´ll never know. Just go and see how she is and ask her a few questions, say you recognise her from somewhere and just see if she wants to talk back, if she keeps looking at the door and keeps trying to find her friend, then it´s time to call it a day.
Make sure she´s not with a partner and don´t be a offended if she says that she has a boyfriend, you don´t want to be the kind of guy who gets all annoyed at nothing and looks a fall.


Be different

It won’t hurt you to be a little different women love it when en are different and it´s one of the only ways that you´ll get seen when you´re in a crowded, it´s easy to look the same as everyone else but it takes skill to look different and go with what you look best in.



If you´re a kind person then you´ll attract kind people. This is the way the world works and once you start following that way off life, things will start opening up to you.


Common sense

Don´t be stupid. Stupid is never attractive, be on the ball and act your age, women will always be attracted to men who look older and act older, now sadly you´re not always going to be able to look older but if you just act older than it will help you out.
10 Ways To Get A Girls Attention

10 Ways To Get A Girls Attention – It´s not that hard you really just need tos start taking control, once you start you´ll see how easy it is to get attention and how much better you´ll be at meeting girls. Most men never find out what it´s like to be the centre of attention, make sure you change that and see what you can do. Comment below if you need any help or advice. If you want to help us out then please hit the share buttons.- Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways To Get A Girls Attention

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