10 Ways To Get Deeper Inside Your Partners Vagina

10 Ways To Get Deeper Inside Your Partners Vagina

10 Ways To Get Deeper Inside Your Partner’s Vagina – Do you want to see what it´s like to make your partner scream with pleasure at how deep you just got? It´s never been easier, this really will help you get as deep as you need to and give her that feeling that she´s trying a really big, well hung man. All the advice in here is ideal for people who want to add more to their sex life, sometimes sex can get boring and this will really take it to new places and open up new streams of fun so make sure you give all this a try. – If you want to know more about sex tips then make sure you check the rest of the site out. – Comment below for more advice and make sure you share this as much as you can. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways To Get Deeper Inside Your Partners Vagina


You being on top of her is going to be one of the best ways to get deeper. All you´ve got to do is make sure you either put a pillar under her back, this will make you get deeper or you can get her to wrap her legs around your back, this will make her vagina feel tighter to you and make the sex more fun.
This is one of the easiest ways that you´ll get deeper with a girl and the best thing about it is that you can really do it in so many ways. Just move her legs close together for tightness and further apart if you want to get deeper, this really will help you give her a petrational orgasm. – This is the 10 Ways To Get Deeper Inside Your Partners Vagina.


Doggy style

We all know the power of doggy style and the more you do it the better doggy style will get. The best thing about doggy style is that it can be done in so many ways. If she keeps her back straight then you´ll get deeper and if she wants to stop you getting too deep then she can arch her back and show her butt more.
If you want to get really deep and make her feel incredible then you just have to make her back straight while she´s on all fours and then just insert your penis and make her put her legs as close together as possible. This will really make her tight and will make you feel massive.



The pillow trick is always great and will always help you get deeper, you can either use it while in missionary or if she lays on her tummy and you do laying down doggy style.
The pillow will come in really handy and will help you gain that extra pleasure, this is why so many people do it and it´s why I recommend it so much. – 10 Ways To Get Deeper Inside Your Partners Vagina.


Legs together

If you can get her legs closer together then it will always make you feel bigger and help you get deeper insider her pussy.
This works in lots of positions and it can even work in the positions above, as I explained. Either way, you need to try this and see what you think.


Move your body up

If you want to give her even more pleasure then you can always start in missionary and just move your body up an inch, this will help her orgasm. Your pelvic bone will be rushing against her clit all the time which will make stimulation better and give the feel of you getting deeper every single time you thrust. This is a must try sex tips and you´ll really see her go wild if you do it right.


Go slow at the start

Don´t put all of you inside her, take it slow and just try to really make it last as long as you can before you´re all inside her. If you put all of you inside straight away then she´ll not get that added length a minute or two into the sex that will really make her go wild.


Penis pump, extensions, cock rings.

If you want to get a bigger penis or a stronger boner you could always use a penis pump, it will add permanent size and will make you have a stronger erection. The cock ring will make your boner a lot more intense and the extension will add 3 inches + to your penis size instantly.


Tightening lube

You can now buy tightening lubrication that will tighten your partners vagina, this will help you give her an orgasm and will make sex a lot more exciting. Go and pick some up and see how great it makes your sex feel.


Legs over your shoulders

By putting her legs over your shoulders while in missionary it will help you get deeper and make her feel tighter.
Just put her in that position and you´ll see her go crazy, this is something that you should save till the end of the sex, it will add a little more excitement and will help her orgasm.



Deep thrusting is always a good way to get deep, try to make your penis go all the way in and all the way out, that way you´ll get a lot deeper, it will really help you get her where you want her and nice big thrusts is always hot.

10 Ways To Get Deeper Inside Your Partners Vagina

10 Ways To Get Deeper Inside Your Partners Vagina

10 Ways To Enhance Your Boner For Better Sex – See? These tips really will help you get deeper and are brilliant for getting all them hot spots that no other man will be able to get near. This is great if you want to feel like you´ve got a few more inches on your penis and it will really help you out if you want to make your partner have an orgasm through penetration. – Comment below if you want to have any more advice and if you want to help us out then please just hit the share buttons. – MR Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways To Enhance Your Boner For Better Sex

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