10 Ways To Get The Girl Of Your Dreams

10 Ways To Get The Girl Of Your Dreams

10 Ways To Get The Girl Of Your Dreams – There’s a lot of pressure on being perfect and that’s just the way life is, sometimes women have to dell with that a little more than men but either way it can be hard. We’re going to show you exactly what to do to have a much better chance with meeting and pulling the girl of your dreams, this is a really big deal as it will open up new dating doors for you and the advice is really easy to follow and you should hopefully start making a change now and hopefully will start meeting more girls in no time. This is one of the easiest guides online so you should be able to learn from it. – If you do learn some useful tips then please make sure you hit the share buttons and if you want to add something new then just hit share and share it as much as possible. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog
10 Ways To Get The Girl Of Your Dreams

Dress sense

A big part of getting the girl of your dreams is looking the part and to look the part sometimes you need to go on a little shopping trip. Now if you’re like me then you’ll probably see shopping for clothes as a waste of money/time, but if you want to meet a girl who’s out of your league and just damn right amazing then make sure you follow this step.

You need to go and find out what suits you and try to stay away from anything that’s to colorful, women don’t really like things that’ are orange and it’s a little bit of a hit and miss with them so it’s best to stick to dark blue, black, white, grey, colors that look good and look right.

You can get some stripped gear and it’s just down to what suits you best. I once got told a little dressing advice and it was that you need to get stuff that fits you, once you have an outfit that’s the right size it will change the outfit and look so much better on you.

This is a real must follow step for meeting the perfect girl and it’s something that I’ll always recommend you do.



You need to smell good, there’s nothing better than a man that looks smart and smells lovely. Women really love that and that’s why it’s a something you’ve got to do. I always go and buy some nice body spray, deodorant and some aftershave, all that will come together to make you smell brilliant. You need to make sure that you mix it all together and just really clean well.

If you do all this then you’ll have a lot more chance in meeting a nice girl and getting her attention. – This is the 10 Ways To Get The Girl Of Your Dreams hope you’re enjoying.



It matters, if you’re sat there really scared or looking different then you’re doing to get noticed but maybe not for the right reasons, you need to have a little attitude to really shine, you don’t want to be a noob head but just act like you’re who you are and that you don’t take any shit.

This is always something that attracts women for some reason and it’s always something that I recommend you try out. It’s not hard to pull off and you’ll not regret doing it one bit.


Not letting her have everything

Women don’t want everything, if you try to show off and get her everything then you’ll turn into a one night stand or a booty call, that’s not something that you want, you want someone who wants to date you, so don’t get her everything and do everything for her, there’s a time and a place for that and it’s not right at the beginning of the relationship.



You need to want to talk to her, don’t be shy, you need to be brave and have a few conversation topics lined up to talk about with women. When I used to go out I used to have a few things lined up and be able to just whip them out and woo the girl if the convo got a little boring. You need this, it will really help you out.



It’s always good for you to be a real gentleman and have rules you follow, opening a door for a lady and letting her enter the room first is all things that a gentleman will do and making sure you have respect for her and her family is a huge attraction. Sometimes girls just want a bad boy and in honesty they’re the kind of girls who complain when that same bad boy hurts them and then the cycle repeats so sometimes it’s best to never get involved with it. – 10 Ways To Get The Girl Of Your Dreams.


Taking control

Make discussions and give her options, don’t rush things but make sure you take control. You don’t want her having to do all the work so just always give her three options, this can be for dinner and for anything.


Not trying to hard

Don’t try to hard, if you’re running after her and doing everything she needs then she’ll soon know she can have you and get bored, this is never good and can really hurt your relationship so make sure you try hard but not all the time.


Remember things

Remember the things she tells you and repeat them down the line. Just write some special things about her family and bring them up to her.


Don’t be friends at the start

You want to avoid being friend zoned at the start, it’s best for her to just be like she doesn’t like you than to make you become a friend and keep you on a bit of string forever.


10 Ways To Get The Girl Of Your Dreams

10 Ways To Get The Girl Of Your Dreams


10 Ways To Get The Girl Of Your Dreams  – See now hopefully after that you’ll find it a lot easier to meet a women that you really like and have fun with. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways To Get The Girl Of Your Dreams


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