10 Ways To Have A Strong Gay Relationship

10 Ways To Have A Strong Gay Relationship

10 Ways To Have A Strong Gay Relationship

It’s not hard keeping on top of everything sometimes and we just want to show you the best ways to have a good relationship and stay happy. Happiness is a big part of it and if you follow these little tips then it will help you have a better relationship. I have been doing relationship advice for two years and I really do try to make it as good as possible. You’ve really got to just work out any problems that you can. It’s usually the probably that you both ignore is the one that needs to be sorted the most, remember that and make sure you address it. – Sharing caring so remember to share as much as possible. – Comment below if you want to add anything to the post. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

 10 Ways To Have A Strong Gay Relationship


Trust is very important and will really help you get to grips with everything, if you’re truthful to each other then it will be a lot easier to have a happy relationship.

Just try to think about what you want and what you’d like from them, if you’re too trusting it can also get you hurt and as must people say you get as good as you give.

So make sure you give a lot but not to much that you get hurt.


As they say communication is king when it comes to a good relationship and listing is really important.

Make sure you both talk a lot and say how you feel, don’t brush over things and if you feel happy say it and if you feel sad say it.

Remember the nice things they do and not just the sad, as it helps lower anger and frustration.

Date night

A great idea for all couples is to have a date night, just have a nice glass of wine and make a nice meal, dress nice and plan it. You should do this once a month, it will help you get closer and it will be a great way to lower stress and get yourself back on your feet from an argument.

Just remember what food they like and do their favourite and alternate so the next time they do your favourite.

This really will make your love so much better and help you both out.


Don’t pressure your partner in to sex. If he or she isn’t ‘feeling it’ don’t be persistent. Be caring and understanding. Although it is good not to feel pressured into sex, sex is also nice. You have to make sure you have sex at least once a week, it’s an emotional connection which, strengthens any relationship. You can easily spice it up with toys and try different positions. Sex can be so much fun if it is done properly.


Changing stuff up

Don’t just have the same sex day in, day out. ‘Doggy style’ can get boring so, suggest new positions, lights on, lubes, sex toys! theres millions of ways you can ‘change stuff up’.

Why not try out role play? (if you haven’t already). Sex toys do not even have to be expensive, you can make your own! You can also make your own lube and edible lube from chocolate spread or whipped cream! change things up and we can guarantee it will change you and your partners time in the bedroom. – This is the 10 Ways To Have A Strong Gay Relationship.


Having something to look forward too

Plan a holiday! We know sometimes it can be expensive and looks so far away but, if you can plan it even the summer before you are due to leave you will always have something to look forward too.

It doesn’t have to be holiday it can be a weekend break or even something as simple as a takeout every saturday night. Anticipating seeing your partner, with a DVD and a chinese takeout at the ready will do a million things to your relationship.


Sticking through everything

When times are hard don’t act like a child, you need to be strong for your partner. We know it’s hard when everything you say is wrong but, if you can stick with one another through the rough times, you can stick with each other through anything.

Don’t get agitated if they’re upset and you don’t want them to be anymore, just be understanding and put yourself in their shoes. – 10 Ways To Have A Strong Gay Relationship.


Removing bad people

We all know that negative people do negative things to your life. Surround yourself with loads of positive. Even you can be the negative one so, work to make yourself thinking happy thoughts. Nobody wants a grouchy, negative partner. Be someone you want to know and love and, that way you will find your partner wanting to spend more time with this positive being. We aren’t saying you have to change yourself at all but, one small positive thought a day will change your attitude entirely.


Not going to certain places

If certain places make you uncomfortable then don’t go. So, what do you do if your partner wants to and you don’t? well, you have to be understanding. Compromise. You can’t argue about who is wrong and right all the time. If you’re unhappy let them know. And, if they aren’t happy with that then you have to make sure they compromise to what you want.

Do what makes you both happy.


Understanding what you both want

If you both have completely different outlooks on life then, it’s never going to work. You have to understand and believe in each others dreams.

If your partner wants to travel and you don’t, have some trust, let them go. You can’t drag them down. If you both understand each others needs for it to work and that is how you have a strong relationship.
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10 Ways To Have A Strong Gay Relationship – See if you just follow them tips then it should help you out. Remember that you can fix things by taking time and talking about them. Sometimes there has to be a few fights to get everything said.

10 Ways To Have A Strong Gay Relationship

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