10 Ways To Have Sex With More than One Woman At A Time

10 Ways To Have Sex With More than One Woman At A Time

10 Ways To Have Sex With More than One Woman At A Time – That’s the dream right? Having sex with a few girls at the same time. Getting women fight over you and with the sole purpose of making you cum where ever you want to. What if I told you I could teach you how to have sex with 2, 3, 4, 5, even 6 women at the same time? You’d say it was impossible? Well I’m going to show you why it’s not impossible and all you eed to do is just read this article. I’m going to show you how I managed to have sex with multiple women on a weekly basis and even how I meet a few of the best lays of my life. – Sharing is amazing, so once I tell you the 10 ways to have sex with more than one women please share. – If you want a chat or need any extra advice please use the comments. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways To Have Sex With More than One Woman At A Time


#1.Either Find A Partner Who’ll Allow It Or Bring It Up With Your Current Partner

First you need to find a person who wants to try it too or bring it up with your current partner. Women usually won’t be annoyed if you bring it up properly, saying you want to have sex with someone else will annoy her as if you say you’ve got a fantasy of having sex with two women at once she’s more likely to listen to you. Once you’ve sorted her out you’ll start the next step.

If you’ve not got a partner then it’s not to hard to find some whose open minded, use the internet things like forums, dating sites, adult dating sites, you’ll not find it to hard to find a female, just be careful and be sure to Skype and meet under your rules or i a coffee shop/busy place.


#2. Make A Dissension On Call Girl, Someone At A Bar Or Using Internet To Meet People

IF you’ve got some money and don’t mind you can pay a call girl to join in the fun, this is illegal in certain places, so be careful and do for caution and at your own risk. A call girl is the easiest and some would say the safest way to enjoy a threesome with your partner, it’s all ver professional and you’ll both leave happy.

You can also meet someone at a bar, if you’ve got confidence you can use it to talk someone into trying it, women usually like the idea of a threesome with a man if he’s in a relationship, it’s more of a turn on and if you live it a central place it should be too hard.

You can also use forums, special sites, dating and adult dating to find someone.


#3. Try A Swinging Bar First

If you’re open-minded you can try a swingers bar, it’s a place where couples can go and either watch people have sex, have people watch them have sex, have sex with multiple people and you can have no strings sex, or just chill and have a drink, it’s worth while, you should give it a try you’ll be amazed with what it’s like.


#4. Explain That It’s Not Because You Want Sex With Another Women

You’ve got to make it very clear that it’s not about having sex with another women, make it all about the fantasy, by doing this you’ll make her less threatened also she may even enjoy it.


#5. Let Her Have A Fantasy Too

If you’re going to have your fantasy it’s only fair to let her have a fantasy too, that’s really the way you’ve got to do it. You don’t want to be the kind of guy that has his pleasure but doesn’t let his partner get there’s, so talk about her fantasies too.


#6. Find Women Online, Forums, Adult Dating, Even Normal Dating

As I’ve mentioned before there are loads of sites like Adult dating, POF, and sex forums that make it really easy to find people in your area who’re interested, even things like tinder and other dating apps. If you’re up front and honest people are more kinky then you’d believe.


#7. Never Use Friends

As a personal tip you should never use friends, you’ll just make things awkward and it’ll never be the same again, you want to go and try something new with someone new who’s not connected to you. You also don’t want it leaking to your real life.


#8. Go On Holiday 

A tip that I’d say is to go on holiday with your partner, you can meet someone who’ll have sex and then when you go home you’ll never have to see them again, a much better way of having sex and getting the job done.


#9. There are Loads Of Women Who’ll Try It

You’ll always be amazed by how many open women are around. I’ve experienced a lot of threesome experiences and I’m always shocked to see what asking can get, sometimes you look like a dick and end up not getting laid at all, but sometimes everyone gets the chance to try something new.


#10. Don’t Use Porn As Education 

Threesome’s are never the same as movies make them look, it’s completely different in real life, it’s a lot more sweaty, intense and awkward, it’s not all fun and sometimes it can get awkward, you’ve got to wear protection and be careful about pregnancy.

10 Ways To Have Sex With More than One Woman At A Time

10 Ways To Have Sex With More than One Woman At A Time

10 Ways To Have Sex With More than One Woman At A Time – It’s not as hard as you may think to have sex with loads of women is it? You’ve just got to keep a good attitude, that’s all it really takes to have amazing sex with loads of women. Just try a sex party you really won’t regret it. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to share as much as possible. – Comment below for more advice 🙂 – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways To Have Sex With More than One Woman At A Time

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