10 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life

10 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life

10 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life –Hello fellow sex toy lovers, today I´ve decided to show you 10 ways to make your sex a little more exciting. We do a lot of sexual help articles and with the week being busy I haven´t had much time to create anything amazing, so what I´ve doe is create this guide on 10 ways to improve your sex life, it will show you the steps you need to take to make your sex life more intense, it´s just the way you need to go about doing stuff. The power of this guide is unreal and will really help you take the correct steps in being a better more in touch with sex couple. – Comments are awesome, after you read this please be sure to leave a comment and tell us what you think, it really does make us happy. – Sharing is caring so please share. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life

Let sex toys become a more active part of it

Don’t be shy, go together and buy some. They can do amazing things. It doesn’t have to be all about just one of you, there are hundreds of toys out there that can pleasure the both of you. – 10 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life.


Have sex in a new room, maybe the shower or a friend’s house

It can be so exciting trying a brand new place. Mixing up your surroundings can be a huge breath of fresh air and you might even really enjoy it and make it a regular thing.


Focus on your partner being pleasured first

You will both probably end up coming. So, putting your partners needs before your own and taking care of just them will really change things up.


Don´t think too much about stressful situations

Just relax! You´re not going to have the best sex of your life is all you can think about is work. Make time for your partner and let go of all your worries for a few hours. We can guarantee this will spice things up because your mind will be on them. – 10 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life.


Make time for more sex

You don´t need a schedule nor do you need to keep track but, making time for sex is a great way to improve your sex life. Clean your car later and make time for your partner!


Take time and think about all the fantasies you’ve got and want to try

Try sitting down with your other half and opening up to each other about all your fantasies. Let them know about all the things you want to try to learn about everything they want to try. It could lead to sex there and then or, even lead to you acting out one of your fantasies.


Role Play like never before

Roleplay can be exciting and fun. Don´t let it be awkward and embarrassing. Be that nasty boss you have always wanted to be and make your partner play along. Once you get past the slight awkwardness you can make wonders in the bedroom, only if you want to keep it in the bedroom of course. You can even take it outside, not the sex but, your role play! Pretend you don’t know each other and take each other home.


Bring food to the bedroom and really heat things up

We all love food, especially if it involves sex. So, why not mix the two together?. You don’t even have to go to the effort of buying special food lube! You can use chocolate spread, whipped cream, peanut butter anything! If you´re now worried about being sticky after suggest your partner licks it off. – 10 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life.


Don´t be scared to learn new things about sex life

Research on the internet! You will find new positions that can boost enjoyment, new things you can do with each others bodies and you may even find some really interesting facts about sex…

10 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life

10 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life


10 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life – How´s your sex life feeling now? Any better? It should be! You just need to make your sex follow this article, put a bit of time and effort into each other and really make the time to make each other fee loved and pleasure. – Sharing is amazing, if you want to say thank you then that´s the best way. – Comments are also amazing so please comment as much as you can, have a good day! – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life

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